Celestial Child

Enemy Type Kin
Health 88 or 345
Drops Madman's Knowledge, 21 or 131 Blood Echoes
Weak Thrust, Fire, Bolt & Blood
Strong Arcane, Physical & Blunt
Locations Upper Cathedral Ward, Chalice Dungeons

Celestial Children are an enemy in Bloodborne.

The Celestial Child is an enemy that can be found in Bloodborne. These tiny larvae, which dwell in the upper regions of the Cathedral Ward, are quite weak. They will attack the player with small bites or acid when engaged at close-range, but should prove to be little more than bothersome to most low or mid-level players.

They move slowly and have extremely short range, so long-ranged weapons are effective. The only problem with these larvae is that they inflict frenzy buildup with each attack, therefore it is wise not to let them hit you at all. If hit, players can always use sedatives and the frenzy effects should quickly clear up.



  • Don't get hit, as their attacks cause very fast frenzy buildup, particularly the acid.
  • They vomit acid at the player, so it's wise to move behind them.
  • They are generally slow and can't turn very fast, so it should be easy to kill them.
  • Molotovs and throwing knives are useful, since it moves at snail pace.



Attack Name Attack Description
Acid Pool Will vomit a pool of acid.
Acid Spray Will spit a spray of acid at the player.
Bites When the player approaches, it will attempt to bite him/her very slowly.



- Pvt_Booger Pvt_Booger -

Celestial Child


Upper Cathedral Ward 345 131 (1x) 0.1%
Chalice Dungeons 88 21 (1x) 0.1%



Notes & Trivia

  • All of the Celestial Children in the location will stare up at the Grand Cathedral which is later revealed to also be the location of a Great One hidden by the Church - Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos.
  • Arianna, Woman of Pleasure gives birth to one of these creatures if she is sent to Oedon Chapel and survives past the killing of Micolash, Host of the Nightmare. Killing the creature will yield a Third of Umbilical Cord.
  • Because of the fact that they exclusively appear in the area opened by the "Orphanage Key," given that Arianna gives birth to one, and the general stereotypes surrounding Victorian orphanages, which were traditionally run by the church, there's a very good chance that either they were once children, or their conception (likely via cross-breeding with Great Ones) was endorsed by the church.
  • Several dead or mummified Celestial Children can be found in cages in Byrgenwerth and the Lecture Building.
  • The Celestial Children much resemble The Demonic Child from Berserk, which Casca gave birth to after being impreganted by Griffith.
  • Celestial Larvae have a cross shaped mouth with 4 flaps flexing when about to bite. They do in fact have teeth.
  • The 4 suction cups on their head serve as eyes, which is revealed if they manage to absorb your Blood Echoes.






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    • Anonymous

      28 Jan 2021 05:47  

      Awww, they are absolutely adorable. Look at them tiny wiggly butts they have! Gog, how i wish i could have this cute wriggler as pet and have my character take them everywhere with him!

      • Anonymous

        21 Jan 2020 11:04  

        If your discovery is almost and over 200 you can kinda farm them for madman's knowledge if you reallyyyyyy need it.

        • Anonymous

          26 Apr 2019 17:55  

          I only recently realized that the ones staring towards Ebrietas are praying, so I like doing the pray gesture with them

          • Anonymous

            01 Aug 2018 23:26  

            Like all celestials, they're very weak to thrust attacks. With Kirk's Hammer in blade mode, I was able to one-shot them with a simple, uncharged R2.

            • Anonymous

              29 Jun 2018 00:35  

              I'm confused. there's like, two characters in this game that get pregnant and go into labor (To my knowledge) and one doesn't seem to know they're pregnant, and the other gives birth to a larvae-like creature... I WANT ANSWERS

              • Anonymous

                16 Jul 2017 10:04  

                The dead fetal shapes don't look quite like the celestial larvae. It looks like they had plenty more eyes, and the shape of the head looks similar to Rom's. This would make sense considering Rom shouldn't be able to produce children on its own, and maybe like with Ebrietas, some form of host was required to carry Rom's children... ewwwwww lol

                • Anonymous

                  20 Jun 2017 02:09  

                  I like how there's a Berserk spoiler on this page. I know it's like 20 years old but are all of the details really necessary?

                  • Anonymous

                    07 Jun 2017 10:45  

                    Huh, I just realized how strange it is that the majority of these things are mere Kin, but Arianna's child is regarded as a legitimate Great One. And Arianna isn't the only one to give birth to one of these things, either. If you knock on the doors in the alley where Arianna and the Skeptical Man live at night, but prior to defeating Rom, a woman can be heard crying hysterically, "My baby! My precious baby! ...Stay away from us! Stay away!" It's hard to tell if she's telling YOU to stay away, or if she's talking about her newborn. After defeating Rom, of course, knocking on the same door will be met with silence.

                    Do all the women of the Cathedral Ward end up giving birth to these children on the night of the Hunt? If so, wouldn't there be plenty more One Third Umbilicals lying around? I guess this means that only a Vileblood, or the descendants of the Cainhurst nobility, can give birth to a true Great One, probably due to their connection with the Pthumerians. Arianna's child is also slightly more pale compared to the other children, albeit bloodstained from birth. And unlike the other celestial children, this one faces Arianna, not the Altar of Despair, which is strange even considering Arianna is its mother (in which case, is Ebrietas the child's "father?" Snails are hermaphodites, after all. Not that the Great Ones need to PHYSICALLY copulate, and thank god for that lmfao).

                    • Anonymous

                      05 Jul 2016 08:56  

                      I found out that, they take lots of damage if you use the cane whip R1 attack then L1, tried the other way around, cane R1 attack into L1 no where near the same damage. Tried with Blade of Mercy both ways, it only did "normal damage", is this just for that cane whip combo or has anyone else tried other weapons?

                      • Anonymous

                        05 Jul 2016 08:56  

                        Arianna gave birth in my game before I did the Wet Nurse. So perhaps there's a different trigger for that event?

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