Carrion Crows in Bloodborne are bird-like creatures that appear in flocks and usually swarm the player. They appear to have fallen victim to the plague as well and so attack anything that comes near. They are highly aggressive and are attracted by the smell of blood. They will attack humans if they get close, so that those that live will become carrion for them to eat.

These enemies always lie on the ground, flawlessly blending into whatever environment they are in. As such, they are often only noticed once the player is near a tight cluster. This means that players will be ambushed and likely pecked numerous times. Beware as some carrion crows perch on higher ground or wooden beams above the hunter, and will drop down and attempt to ambush unsuspecting prey.

Carrion crows can be lethal particularly when performing their air attacks, as it's likely more than one will attack the player. Luckily, more situationally aware players can kill these enemies with fast attacks, particularly with one-handed weapons.



  • To avoid taking damage, either kill them quickly before they have a chance to strike, or approach them to bait out the lengthy flight attack before dodging and attacking from their open flank.
  • If you find yourself mauled by their savage peckings, do note that it would be unwise to free yourself from stunlocking by hitting it back. It pecks very fast. Better to quickstep or roll out of the way then strike.
  • Using a jump attack (forward with L stick + R2) will allow you to close the distance before they can take flight.
  • Throwing knives can be effective to either kill them from a distance, or draw them one by one.
  • Molotov cocktails can quickly get rid of clusters of crows.
  • Weapons with horizontal swings, such as the axe, can prove particularly effective.
  • When fighing the crows without locking on them tilting the camera down can help you hit them if they're on the ground.



Attack Name Attack Description
Lunge Peck While on the ground, pulls its head back and lunges with its beek.
3 Pecks On the ground, it pecks the player thrice. The first peck is slow, the last two quicker.
Flying Attack It flies off suddenly and attacks while in the air.

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Carrion Crow Information

These enemies come in two variations, though they share exactly the same attacks.

Carrion Crow


antidote small.png beast_blood_pellet.png
Central Yharnam 70 29 (x1) 6%, (x2) 3% (x1) 1% -
Cathedral Ward 123 110 (x1) 6%, (x2) 3% (x1) 1% -
Old Yharnam 121 64 (x1) 6% (x1) 3%, (x2) 1% -
Healing Church Workshop 127 85 (x1) 6%, (x2) 3% (x1) 1% -
Hemwick Charnel Lane 152 199 (x1) 6%, (x2) 3% (x1) 1% -
Forbidden Woods 179 284 (x1) 6%, (x2) 3% - (x1) 0.5%
Iosefka's Clinic 179 284 (x1) 6%, (x2) 3% - (x1) 0.5%
Upper Cathedral Ward 483 435 (x1) 6%, (x2) 3% (x1) 1% -
Nightmare of Mensis (Dog-headed variant) 547 831 (x1) 6%, (x2) 3% (x1) 1% -

Notes & Trivia


  • The crows in the Cathedral Ward during night-time have 125 HP and 128 Blood Echoes.
  • These enemies share some sounds with Dark Souls enemies.
  • There exists a crow in Hemwick Charnel Lane who will never attack you even when attacked. This is most likely a glitch.
  • Their freakish size and increased weight( caused by mutations that come along with the beast scourge) is probably why they can't fly very long.
  • (theoretical) Carrion Crows started as regular birds, feeding upon the left behind corpses of Yharnam. As they kept eating, the infection built up inside of them and the crows grew to monstrous sizes. Eventually, their weight prevented flight. Though overfed, they still drag their fat bodies to an easy meal.




Carrion Crow Extra corbeaux.png


Carrion Crow Extra Perch.jpg


Carrion Crow Beak 2.png


Carrion Crow Bum 2.png


Carrion Crow Bums.png



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