Merged with Gel.

    • Anonymous

      "Encountered as a boss" "Few pokes of torch" "DkS1 wiki link"05 Jul 2016 14:51  

      Really? Who put this stuff on here? Is there proof of this? How much Arcane for the "easy" torch kills? Where's screenshots of it being a boss, including health bar? And just simply saying "lol, it's just a DkS1 enemy, just look here instead" is just plain lazy.

      • Anonymous

        False info and page doubleup05 Jul 2016 14:51  

        "This enemy is EXTREMELY weak to fire. Just a few pokes with the Hunter's Torch will kill them, even in high level dungeons. One Molotov Cocktail will almost certainly kill them." I can confirm this information is false, took me much, much longer to kill them with my hunters torch than with my +6 hunters axe. There is already a page for this enemy too, the Gel page.

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