New Game Plus is the beginning of a new hunt in Bloodborne. Once you have defeated Mergo's Wet Nurse the Hunter's Dream will change and the Plain Doll will inform you that morning is almost here. Talking to Gehrman after the fire starts is the point of no return for triggering Endings. You may return to the Hunter's Dream, but you'll need specific conditions (dying or using a Bold or Normal Hunter's Mark). Following, once you go through any of the three endings you will automatically be sent into NG+. The second playthrough is referred to as "NG+," the third "NG++," etc., going all the way to "NG++++++" (NG+6, there is no difficulty increase beyond this point.) . Advancing into the next playthrough will cause the entire game to essentially 'revert' to the beginning. The player will begin in Iosefka's Clinic with all lamps deactivated and all bosses, NPCs, and items respawned. However, the player will still retain their levels, blood echoes and all items, with the exception of certain Key Items.

Changes to the game

  • Enemies deal increased damage and have more health.
    • The percentage increase of damage and health of enemies is greatest in the earlier areas, with enemies in later areas receiving a smaller percentage increase.
    • This scaling does not apply to enemies in Chalice Dungeons.
  • Enemies will drop a greater number of blood echoes.
  • Even when you go to NG+, you can still be summoned by people from NG or summon people from NG, as long as they meet matchmaking requirements.
  • Some shop item prices increase.
  • If you have the DLC, you will not be able to access it until you defeat Vicar Amelia and are whisked away in Cathedral Ward.
  • If you have already found unique items in the first playthrough such as Hunter Tools and Runes, they will be replaced with common items such as Madman's Knowledge or Coldblood in NG+.


What will carry over to NG+

  • Player Level
  • Blood echoes
  • Insight
  • Most consumable items, and all projectiles
  • All your weapons and armor, including 'Item Box' items
  • All Caryll Runes (runes already obtained will be replaced by Madman's Knowledge at their locations in NG+)
  • Covenant and covenant level
  • All badges and unlocked items (messengers will still sell all the items they did in NG)
  • Armor Sets bought from the Insight Messengers are refreshed: You keep the ones you have, but you can buy copies.
  • Chalice dungeons and their progress
  • Workshop tools (Rune, Gemstone upgrades). The locations where you picked up these tools in NG will now have Kin Coldblood of varying levels.
  • All unlocked Messenger Skins


What doesn't carry over


Preparing for NG+

  • If you have bought the DLC, play it and complete it. It is not advisable to do your first runthrough of the DLC on NG+. If you don't, you will have to redo the first section of the game (up to and including defeating Amelia) to be able to even access the DLC, and the DLC bosses are known for being extremely difficult on NG+ (they are very tough on NG anyway). If you have already entered your NG+, it is worth considering making a second save file so that you can play the DLC in NG.
  • Buy any items you want from merchants. (Items tied to badges will still be available, but will immediately be more expensive upon transitioning from NG to NG+. This excludes most weapons in the first cycle change)
  • Farm for Materials and any other items you might need in your favorite spot, as you might have to trek through the game to reach it again
  • Upgrade all your main weapons to max level, since enemies in NG+ have more health and hit for more damage.
  • Find the Blood Rock in your world. (2 if you own the DLC)
  • Visit optional areas such as Upper Cathedral Ward, Forsaken Castle Cainhurst, Nightmare Frontier.
  • Join and rank up a Covenant (this will still be available after you transition to NG+ with no loss of progress during the transition)
  • Find all possible Badges so that they're available in the Messenger Shops forever.
  • Send all possible NPC characters to Cathedral Ward safely, and be sure to talk to the Oedon Chapel Dweller for the "Triumph" Gestures after saving one NPC.
  • Find all Hunter tools (or spells)
  • Defeat the Mother Brain in order to obtain Living String required for Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice Ritual


Rakuyo's Boss stats for NG+(max) and Depth 5

Details below

When going up in NG cycles the defenses of enemies change.

They go up but they don't go up symmetrically.

Sometimes a stat will build up a lot per NG cycle and the enemy develops a new strength.

The balance between stats also tends to change.

What is a clear weakness on the first NG may not be a clear weakness on NG+7.

For instance it is typical for a boss to gradually lose its elemental weaknesses.

It is assumed that defenses change gradually to match NG+7, this is an assumption.

My system is based on how damage changes relative to the median for that damage type.

For instance the median damage I deal with my Bolt weapon is 480.

If I hit an enemy for 400 then damage has gone down about 17%.

You may expect similar rates warranting your base dmg isn't unnaturally low.

At the moment only a few bosses have exact reduction rates.

The other bosses and enemies' notable aspects are phrased like this:

-Above average: Notably more damage, corresponds with increases of around 10%

-Weaknesses: A lot more damage, corresponds with around 20% damage increase

Elemental weaknesses are often more dramatic than physical weaknesses.

Elemental weaknesses can reach +50% increase and strengths over 50% reduction.

The term weakness can also be used if the enemy has very high defense stats.

If there is then a damage type that can deal normal dmg, it is considered a weakness.

Cleric Beast
The Cleric Beast most notable weakness is Serration.
He is especially strong against Arcane.
He has above average defenses against Physical & Blunt.
He is not especially strong to Bolt nor especially weak to Fire.

Father Gascoigne
Gascoigne has above average resistance to Arcane and Bolt
In his beast form he takes additional damage from serrated weapons
(tested with Church Pick)
He takes more damage from Fire but t's not a true weakness in either form.

Blood-starved Beast
Her most notable weakness is Serration.
She is strong against Arcane & Bolt.
She is not especially weak to fire (+8%)

Darkbeast Paarl
Paarl's most notable weakness is Serration.
Paarl has above average defenses against Physical, Blunt & Arcane.
He takes relatively normal damage from Thrust, Blood & Fire.
He is of course strong to Bolt.

Shadows of Yharnam
They have slightly above average defenses against Fire & Arcane.
They take normal damage from Bolt.
They have slightly below average defenses against Physical, Thrust, Blunt & Blood.

Vicar Amelia
Vicar Amelia's primary weakness is Serration.
She is strong to Arcane, Bolt and very strong to Blood.
She has above average defenses against Blunt & Physical.
She takes relatively normal damage from Thrust & Fire.

Above average against Physical, Thrust, Blood & Arcane
Takes more damage from Blunt & Bolt
Normal damage from Fire

Rom Babies
Above average to Physical, Thrust, Blunt, Blood & Arcane
Normal damage from Fire
Weak to Bolt.

One Reborn
Very strong to Arcane (61% reduction)
Normal damage from Physical, Thrust, Blunt, Blood & Fire
Slightly below average defenses against Bolt (+9%)

Witch of Hemwick
Slightly above average against Arcane, Bolt & Blood
Normal damage from Fire.
Takes slightly more damage from Physical, Thrust & Blunt

Martyr Logarius
Very strong to Arcane (61% reduction)
Strong to Bolt (24% reduction)
Above average against Fire (11% reduction)
Normal damage from Physical, Thrust, Blunt & Blood

Celestial Emissary
Strong to Arcane (30% reduction)
Strong to Phys (32% reduction)
Strong to Blunt (24% reduction)
Above average against Blood (11% reduction)
Normal damage from Thrust
Below average defenses against Fire +8% and Bolt +9%

Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
Ebrietas has many strengths, particularly Phys, Blunt & Arcane (27%, 33%, 30% reduction respectively)
Her Blood defense is above average (16% reduction)
But Thrust, Fire & Bolt deal relatively normal damage.

Ludwig, the Accursed
Ludwig is above average against Arcane (16% reduction) and Bolt (13% reduction)
Ludwig takes normal damage from Phys, Thrust, Blunt, Blood & Fire.
Ludwig is NOT vulnerable to Serration.

The Living Failures
The Failures are strong against Phys (24% reduction), Blunt (24% reduction) & Arcane (33%)
They are above average against Blood (16% reduction)
They have a slight resist to Thrust (6% reduction) and a slight weakness to Bolt +6%.
They take normal damage from Fire.

Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower
She is strong against Blood (30% reduction)
She is above average against Arcane (10% reduction) and Fire (12% reduction)
Lady Maria takes normal damage Phys, Thrust, Blunt & Bolt

Laurence, The First Vicar
Laurence is strong against all magical damage, especially Fire.
Arcane (25% reduction),
Fire (66% reduction)
Bolt (21% reduction)
He takes normal damage from all physical damage types
Laurence is weak to Serration.

Orphan of Kos
Strong to Arcane (33% reduction)
Above average against Fire (15% reduction) and Bolt (18% reduction)
Slight reductions for Phys, Thrust, Blunt, Blood (-8%, -8%, -5%, -6%)

Undead Giant (depth 5)
Strong to Arcane (24% reduction)
Above average against Fire (9% reduction)
Normal damage from Physical, Thrust, Blunt & Blood
Slightly below average against Bolt (+7%)

Bloodletting Beast (depth 5) (No difference for Headless)
Weak to Serrated (+20%)
Strong to Bolt (17% reduction)
Normal damage from Physical Thrust, Blunt, Blood & Arcane

Pthumerian Descendant
Above average against Bolt (11% reduction)
Slightly below average against Fire +7%
He takes normal damage from Phys, Thrust, Blunt, Blood & Arcane.

Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen
Yharnam is strong against Arcane (31% reduction) and Bolt (24% reduction)
She takes normal damage from Fire.
Her defenses are below average against all physical types, Phys +9%, Thrust +11%, Blunt +9% Blood +11%

Amygdala (Arms)
Amygdala's arms takes normal damage from everything.
Only Arcane has a reduction of 9%.

Amygdala (Head)
Attacks to the head deal almost double the damage.
Phys +90%
Thrust +91%
Blunt +87%
Blood +95%
Arcane +78%
Fire +98%
Bolt +99%

Amygdala (Legs)
Damage is almost nullified for all types.

All values are between 96 % reduction and 97% reduction.

Micolash is strong to all damage types, especially Arcane.

Phys (29% reduction)
Thrust (26% reduction)
Blunt (24% reduction)
Blood (29% reduction)
Arcane (51% reduction
Fire (30% reduction)
Bolt (33% reduction)

Skeletal Puppet (Micolash Minion)
Skeletal Puppets have below average physical defenses and have a slight resistance to Arcane (9% reduction)
Bonusses for physical types are: Phys +9%, Thrust +10%, Blunt +12%, Blood +10%.

Mergo's Wet Nurse
Mergo's Wet Nurse is above average against Arcane (12% reduction)
She takes normal damage from Phys, Thrust, Blunt, Blood, Fire & Bolt

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    • Anonymous

      I finished the game in 2016, now I will play again but I'm stucked in Hunters Dream, everything is completed. I made the final that we fight against Moon Presence. How am I start a NG+??

      • Anonymous

        i'm extremely late to finishing the game but do the chalice dungeons become twice as hard? i wanna fight gerhman but i wonder if i should fight queen yharnam first so my victory with her is at all feasible

        • Anonymous

          What happens if I had weapons/ armour/ tools and sold them, will they reappear in NG+ or are they lost for good?

          • Anonymous

            I think the most disappointing thing about Bloodbornes NG+ cycle is lack of new enemy placements :( DS2 did a great job changing things up for NG+ and ++, +++, etc would have been nice for here too but oh well.

            • Anonymous

              If I've consumed all three umbilical cords before ng+, do I have to fight Moon Presence every time after defeating Gehrman?

              • Anonymous

                Is there a mod that makes it so if you beat the game and get the "squid ending" the. You'll just have to beat the game as a squid-great one- thing?

                • Anonymous

                  I'm wrapping up my NG+6 playthrough now. I spedran +4 and +5 but, am doing a complete run at 6 (including DLC and all weapons/items)... quite possibly my favorite game. Happy hoonting everyone.

                  • Anonymous

                    I think Chalice dungeons do scale with NG.

                    I started doing the Chalices in NG, but I only did very few of them.
                    I distincly remember the Undead Giant hitting like a truck back then.
                    When I entered the same Depth 1 Chalice again (this time in NG+2), this thing is sitll packing a puch, taking of OVER HALF MY HEALTH with some attacks. This shouldn't be because I am level 210ish and have pretty mch maxed out my health (50 Vit. + 3 health runes)!
                    His health bar is also much larger and it took my more than a couple of hits to take him down (his health shoukld be only 3175, according to the Wiki) but it mus have been at least 10 k.

                    • Anonymous

                      I beat the game it automatically sent me into new game plus but all of my headstones and lamps did not reset. I can still access the dlc and just beat the orphan. Thought maybe that was why everything didn't fully reset but nothing changed. Does anyone have any idea what happened or what I am missing?!?!

                      • Anonymous

                        Compared to Dark Souls 3 or Sekiro, Bloodborne in max NG is way more difficult.
                        Laurence, Orphan of Kos, even Mergo's Wet Nurse become nightmares.

                        • Anonymous

                          How do i make a new save file? By entering New Game? Because i don't wanna risk losing my current character

                          • Anonymous

                            Planning to go into NG+ and want to adapt build to it, anyone know the recommended end level (for NG being 120)?

                            • Anonymous

                              This may be super late but can I obtain blood rocks after NG +7? I plan to play about 20 play throughs on my main character. And wondered if I am able to collect 40 blood rocks. (Included with the dlc blood rock)

                              • Anonymous

                                Started NG+4 and maybe it's just my imagination but the bosses' health pools seem dramatically increased over NG+3.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Haven't a clue what's happened to my game ive completed it im back in hunters dream and I cannot begin ng+ all lamps are still available and no bosses spawn..

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I started NG+ and so far it isnt hard at all, my Ludwig's Holy Blade being at 10+ plus awesome blood gems and my stats being 40 vitality and 35 endurance and 40 skills with 30 bloodtinge and arcane, this makes NG+ for the first time look like Easy XD get these stats and weapon and you just basically exploited easy mode XD

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Do the Cords youve already consumed carry over to NG+? Aka if I eat 3 in NG, will I be locked out from the regular Gherman fight ending in any NG+ after that because the Moon Presence boss triggers? I dont want to miss an ending if thats the case.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Do i have to find new ways in order to have a different ending? I'm starging new game plus i'm afraid to play in the same areas and end up not seeing nothing new

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Ng+12 and yarnamites are now taking two hits from my weapon. they died in one r2 my last 3 play through witch means this is inaccurate

                                          • Anonymous

                                            I don't think ng+6 or 7 is Max difficulty given I'm past +10 and now being one shot by attacks that didn't last game(and no I did not change armor)

                                            • Anonymous

                                              I was thinking, well I will kill german and do the rest of the game like dark soul 3 but the game say f** you, now play ng+.. too bad, I was quite enjoying the game until this *****ery.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                You forgot to mention that the item cap for blood vials and quicksilver bullets increases from 99 to a higher number. I'm on NG+ and I have 198 blood vials and 249 quicksilver bullets.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  DON'T FIGHT GEHRMAN IF YOU'RE PLANNING ON DOING THE DLC. I *****ed up immeasurably and started NG+ before doing the DLC, and it's too goddamn hard. It's doable, but not enjoyable, because you're sweating and holding your breath and wishing you could carry 50 vials and bullets and god *****ING DAMMIT

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    I have missed the Blood Rock in the NG. So thats it for me? The only was to gain +10 lvl is to buy with Insight or finish the game again?

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      As of 2016/2017 is there any possible way to change your character facial appearance to a saved favorite While In Mid Game Without Starting a New?

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Do the Damage and health increases for foes keep increasing with every NG+? I'm on NG+7 and I can't help but to feel there is no difference between NG+2 and NG+7.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          if i get the true ending on my fist time then play NG+ does that mean if i kill old man again i will get the ture ending again or would have to get the cords again??

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            Though it won't be so bad, as long as you have everything received before endgame, the difficulty however, will continue if you progress with more new game plus....I think. I don't know if they remain in the same percentage of each newgame+, cause there'll be times when I can never tell the difference. The small percentages later in the game are at least more forgiving while progressing though.And the better part is, you get more blood echoes, the more you keep going through newgame+s.

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