Bosses are enemies in Bloodborne who feature a larger health bar and may be defeated to consider a stage "cleared". They will usually drop unique items. Players summoned to help defeat a host's Boss will be returned to their own game world after that Boss has been cleared. Bosses listed below are currently known and more will be added when data becomes available. It isn't 100% clear if the Root Chalice Dungeons will pull Bosses at random from the game or if it has its own set of them.

Using a series of glitches and exploits, it is possible to beat the game and enter New Game + while only killing Rom and Mergo’s Wet Nurse

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Bosses are unique Enemies in Bloodborne. There are 11 normal Bosses, 6 Great Ones, 21 Chalice Dungeon Bosses, and 5 DLC Bosses.



Cleric Beast

Location  Central Yharnam
Drops Sword Hunter Badge
Weaknesses Fire and Serration


Darkbeast Paarl

Location Old Yharnam, Lower Loran Chalice
Drops Spark Hunter Badge, Lower Loran Chalice
Weaknesses Arcane, Fire and Serration



Father Gascoigne

Location Central Yharnam
Drops Oedon Tomb Key
Weaknesses Serration


Gehrman, The First Hunter

Location Hunter's Dream
Drops Old Hunter Badge
Weaknesses Arcane, Bolt and Fire



Martyr Logarius

Location Forsaken Cainhurst Castle
Drops Crown of Ilusions

Use The Old Hunter Bone to quicken parry


One Reborn

Location Yahar'gul Chapel
Drops Yellow backbone x3
Weaknesses Bolt and Fire


Shadow of Yharnam

Location Forbidden Woods
Drops Blood Rapture
Weaknesses Arcane and Bolt



Vicar Amelia

Location Cathedral Ward
Drops Gold Pendant
Weaknesses Fire and Serration


Witch of Hemwick

Location Hemwick Charnel Lane
Drops Bloodshot Eyeball x4
Weaknesses None

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    • Anonymous

      Hi, I need help with a boss. I tried to search for it but for some reason there Is no information about it. This boss it's actually 3 bosses, 3 giants, they can cast meteors, the place it's full o flowers and there is like a great rock in the middle, so, can you guys tell me about this one? Or anyone else have ever heard about them?

      • Anonymous

        The bosses in this game are so good, and have the best balance between more unique bosses and bosses that require more skill

        • Anonymous

          A priest played Ludwig theme on a huge church organ and scared the whole town! Google 'bloodborne ost ludwig church organ'

          • Anonymous

            Bunch of comments here talking about how there isn’t the complete boss list, yet there’s a section for other types of bosses on this exact page.

            • Anonymous

              You left out a lot of bosses and completely messed up drop loot seriously I bet you haven’t played Bloodborne wannabe

              • Anonymous

                You forgot half of the bosses... Amygdala, wet nurse, rom, celestial emissary, ebritus, moon presence. This is sad. And darkbeast doesn't drop lower loran chalice goddamn

                • Anonymous

                  The only thing that felt weird about the Hunter bosses is their height. If you happen to notice how much they tower over the player character it feels really off but in Dark Souls 1 this was actually explained by the lore. Berenike knights, black and silver knights you name it they’re all a different species to our human/undead characters and it worked well but in Bloodborne I think they had to do it to make it feel like less of an npc fight and more boss like but damn is it weird when you’re fighting Maria and suddenly notice how tall she is compared to you!

                  • Anonymous

                    damn the treaded cane and fire paper helped out SO much for this fight also lock on doesnt matter did this fight locked on the whole on my second attempt

                    • Anonymous

                      I just concluded my first ever character journey in Bloodborne until NG+6. My build was a vitality/str build with a little of Skill, BL100. I also did Sekiro NG+7 with 14 attack power, and Dark Souls 3 at SL100. The most difficult bosses of these 3 games were in my opinion Orphan of Kos, then Laurence, then Gehrman. 5 days to beat them in NG+6! While it took me 2 days for Isshin the sword Saint NG+7. Or 3 hours for Father the Owl... Dark Souls 3 is the easiest for me. Even if Gael NG+7 can be really tough, but very sensitive to poison or distant weapons, or Prince demons very annoying with their HP.

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