Maneater boar

General Info
hp blood echoes Location Drops
2646 1240 Hintertomb Chalice Lethal Bloodstone Gem (2)
physical DEF VS blunt VS thrust --
105 78 105 --
blood DEF arcane DEF fire atk bolt DEF
105 68 45 80
slow poison RES rapid poison RES VS beasts VS kin
250 180 Yes -

Maneater boar is a Boss and an enemy in Bloodborne.


Maneater boar Information





  • Lethal Bloodstone Gem (2)
  • Cursed Radiant Gem: 8% Stamina Down
  • 2 insight is gain when defeated in Chalice


Combat Information

  • When you enter the room, the boar will be in the other end and most likely charge you. Given the narrow space in boss rooms in Chalice Dungeons, it is advisable that you dodge at the last moment and then backstep a couple of more times to avoid further attack.
  • The best approach is to attack from the side and spot a backstab/visceral opportunity.
  • One can infinitely loop a visceral attack chain if you have a fast enough weapon, the boar will not recover fast enough to avoid a follow up strong attack. This method makes the boar extremely easy to beat regardless of it's health or damage, as it is unable to move so long as your timing is relatively quick.
  • The boar can be effectively stunned by heavy attacks.
  • The boss boar may charge again after losing 50% health, even if you are right in front of him.
  • The boss boar may go nuts and kick/swipe his head in all directions.
  • Takes extra damage from righteous (not serrated) and is most vulnerable to Blunt.



Attack Name Attack Description & Counter
Charge Charges at the player if he's far away.
Headswipe Swipes his head from to one side, then the other.
Belly Flop Stands on two legs and drops down onto the player. Right side of it then its left. Can also swipe once to its left.
Breath Breaths onto the player, inducing poison/frenzy.
Butt Smash Smashes with its butt onto the player, used when standing behind.



The boar can be backstabbed easily with Burial Blade charge attack. Once connected, visceral attack and steps back. You can then stagger it again when it's doing butt smash thanks to your scythe's long reach. Rinse and repeat and it should be dead.


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Notes & Trivia

  • Player notes here








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    • Anonymous

      If you have enough arcane you can also use Auger of ebrietas to Visceral loop him.
      However the psychological consequences are far more dire

      • Anonymous

        Trying to clear a false depth dungeon and this guy keeps kicking my ass. I only do measly damage to him per hit and he hits like a dump truck. I can't even cheese him.

        • Anonymous

          The last pig in the Forbidden Woods did a weird scream when I was attacking it, the scream was similar to the ones the fish dogs did in the fishing hamlet. Has anyone experienced this?

          • Anonymous

            Okay but everyone who uses the backstab cheese has to accept they're pretty much committing a war crime, or bestiality, or both

            • Anonymous

              Now I know this might sound funny, but in FRC this mofo killed me more times than both encounters with Ebrietas combined (main + Isz). I died to Ebrietas two times in the main game and four in the Isz dungeon. I died to this pig 21 goddamn times. The main issue is the stupid charge. Sometimes it telegraphs it by roaring, but other times it'll just randomly start charging after an attack. And the latter move is what got me so many times, since it insta kills you and there's no time to react. I brought up Ebrietas specifically because I find it funny that some mutant pig is more threatening than a multidimensional eldritch god who harnesses the power of the universe.

              • Anonymous

                I just fought him and managed to give him a fully charged R2 with a following visceral attacks in his ***hole.... Man, this picture will never leave me head anymore....

                • Anonymous

                  Easy tactic: Get a weapon with a fast charge attack (even untransformed Ludwig's Holy Blade will do), go behind it, and backstab and visceral. You can backstab it again quickly after it gets up, as preparing another charge attack will stun it again, opening another visceral.

                  • Anonymous

                    This *****er is such bull*****he charged me and I dodged behind it and it *****ING STILL KILLED ME EVEN THOUGH I WAS BEHIND IT, I just lost 300 *****in thousand blood echoes...

                    • Anonymous

                      Augur of Ebrietas on its bum works really well, especially with Oedon Writhe equipped. INFINITE BULLETS, BABY!!!! Even without it, though, it should only take about five or six viscerals until it's dead.

                      If you're a Skill user like me, most L1 transformation attacks of light weapons (including even Blade of Mercy) will allow prolonged hitlocking, even if it's a somewhat slow method. In this case, it's best to fight it from the side, as most of its attacks cannot hit you there, and it prevents it from charging. Even standing close to its face could initiate a charge, which is a definite 1HKO in cursed dungeons.

                      • Anonymous

                        I just ran to the back, towards the pit. When he charged, I rolled out of the way, and he fell down. I didn't see the need to actually fight the ***** thing.

                        • It seems to have the same moves as the smaller(relative) pigs. It'a charge can break the pillars in the room, but it can be staggered and visceral attacked just like a regular pig. When you are behind it you can just stun lock it. Charge R2 when behind it, and then visceral. You should be able to start charging again after you finish and still hit it. Rinse, repeat. Moves i've seen. Long distance charge, belly flop, head flail. I imagine it has a poison breath attack too.

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