Rom, the Vacuous Spider

General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
5058 36300 Moonside Lake Kin Coldblood (12)
7263 10975 Lower Pthumeru Chalice Lower Pthumeru Root Chalice
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
130 130 130 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
130 80 72 45
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
999 999 No Yes

Rom, the Vacuous Spider (白痴の蜘蛛ロマ Hakuchi no kumo Roma lit. "Roma, the Idiotic Spider") is a Great One Boss in Bloodborne.

Rom, the Vacuous Spider Information



  • Moonside Lake, accessed from the Lunarium in Byrgenwerth College.
  • She can also be found in Lower Pthumeru Chalice.
  • She can also be found in Phtumeru Ihyll Root Chalice: glyph 4j4wp4y8 (all offering, 3rd layer, so it's possible to obtain an abyssal gem, the privacy of the chalice is closed). This is very strange: I've played an enormous number of chalices, but this is my first time with her in a Root. She drops nourishing gems.




Combat Information

  • Shaman Bone Blades are somewhat effective when used on her spiderlings since it will make the rest of the spiderlings and sometimes Rom herself target the turned spiderling.
  • Minor weakness to Arcane and Fire. Very weak to Bolt.
  • Arcane Damage Reduction Attire such as the Tomb Prospectors' or greater are greatly helpful against Rom's Arcane attacks.
  • When battling alone against Rom and her many spiders, kill the lesser enemies carefully and only attack with melee attacks when there is no danger.
  • Hits to the body deal more damage than hits to the head.
  • If you're planning to summon help, keep in mind that the co-operators will be blocked by the fog until the beckoner has started the fight (i.e. the boss's health bar shows in your screen). Even during the first attempt.
  • Rom takes damage during teleportation, so use strong attacks (R2) for additional damage.
  • Boss teleports 2 times after taking enough damage, also kill the smaller spiders first as they have the ability to catch you in a stunlock that will kill you most of the time. After the first teleporting segment, the boss will start using magic like Arcane meteors from raining down from above and from the ground, run toward the boss to avoid the meteor like one and back off the boss to avoid the ones coming from the ground. At the last stage the boss will start doing moves that can hurt your character, also can explode.
  • Run towards the boss with a left slant, and the ice attack will run along side you, missing completely. An easy strategy is to bait the ice attack, run towards the boss and to the left, hit once, run away, and repeat.
  • If you're playing in Co-op, then take a flank each when you come to attack Rom directly and let loose with fire and bolt attacks. If Rom starts to turn and track one of you, the boss' rear is just as weak as the sides. It is only the head that has the high physical resistance.


Attack Name Attack Description & Counter
Ranged Ice Barrage Faces upwards and rains down multiple ice blocks on the player. Run and dodge quickly to avoid these. (Only at <66% HP)
Melee Explosion Points tail in air and wind swirls around it and explodes around her hitting the player in melee range. Move away to avoid this. (Only at <66% HP)
Upward Ice Barrage The boss will curl up and roll on her back, causing giant bricks of ice to come from the water. Evade this attack by running away. You can see exactly where an ice brick will come up, as several blue rings will appear on the water. (Only at <66% HP)
Body Slam Attack The boss will shake her head and her 'tail' once you stand close to it. This attack might be difficult to evade, but if you keep enough distance from Rom's head and 'tail', you can evade the attack more easily. (Only at <33% HP)
?? ??


Strategy 1 (Flamesprayer)

  1. Bring the Flamesprayer.
  2. Buff it with Bone Marrow Ash.
  3. Bring a blunt weapon for the small spiders, such as the Tonitrus.
  4. Run towards boss, kill spiders, then get right on the left side on its head and spam Flamesprayer attack while walking left.
  5. If she teleports, repeat above being mindful of her AOE.


Strategy 2 (Strength Weapons)

  • Items To Bring: Bolt Paper.
  • Suggested Weapon: Ludwig's Holy Blade (Obtained by finding the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge, located at the end of the optional path up the elevator at Cathedral Ward. The door will open once the Blood-starved Beast  has been killed.)
  • Tonitrus leveled to +5 or above is an excellent weapon for this fight. The minion spiders can be killed in one hit when self buffed and a charge attack against Rom with it self buffed can take off ~700hp (recorded with +6 Tonitrus.)
  • Benefits of Ludwig's Holy Blade: The weapon transformation is essentially a ultra greatsword- but the R2 charge attack packs immense damage and the standard mode is aggressive and fast.

Phase One: Rom is rather helpless in round one, summoning a group of spiders who can easily take a third of your health out or one shot you if they flank your back. Never turn your back to the spiders. The spiders can jump at you and land on their heads, exposing their backsides. Hitting them when they're standing on their heads is an instant kill. Flanking spiders is a one to two hit kill. Taking a spider from the front is somewhat safe, but their heads act as a physical guard. A three hit combo will allow two hits to chip their 'masks' and the third strike will deal the final blow. (A moveset to note: If a spider jumps to the side, it will follow up with a jump forward. If spiders raise their legs, back up and avoid their continuous combo) When most of the spiders are dispatched they'll slowly mimic the bodily movements of Rom, allowing you to flank them easily as they panic in their slow movement. When the spiders are dead, pop a bolt paper and switch to greatsword mode. Charge the R2 attack when you have a good shot at her side, and yes you'll have to lead the shot some. Proceed to keep wailing on the boss until she begins to glow and spin, when she does this you can snap in one to two shots before she completely disappears. Pan your camera until you see her drop in with her spiders again- but this time you need to run to it asap.

Phase Two: Rom will have three new tricks up her sleeve- a pair of arcane magic attacks and an area of effect detonation. The first attack is where she will hail crystal/ice chunks at you from a diagonal, aerial angle. This is indicated when she rears up on her hind legs. The best way to avoid this is to watch Rom and dodge once to the left then once to the right. In Phase 3, dodge three times (alternating sides). The second attack is indicated by an eccentric rolling around motion, where the same hunks of ice/crystal will rise from the ground wherever the ground turns blue. This can be easily avoided if you patrol the outside 'border' of the spider formation. You must dispatch the spiders as you have before while calmly pacing your walking around the ground shards. The aerial volley occurs mostly when you're too far away- but it happens at random in close range. The ground volley rises frequently when dispatching the spiders, but stay calm. Three hit the spiders safely while keeping an eye on the boss- don't take the risk of flanking spiders and wait for them to headbutt for free kills. When the spiders are dispatched and you close in, be wary of its area of effect explosion (similar to Paarll but smaller). Use a Bolt Paper and lead a charged R2 into her side. Spam her with light attack with either mode of the weapon you see fit until she disappears again.

Phase 3: The same rules apply- only Rom will now attempt to charge you or flail around in an attempt to stunlock you for the spiders to follow up on. Rinse and repeat, the Bolt Paper is the saving grace.

Basically, just swat the big spider

Strategy 3 (Tonitrus Strategy)

The Tonitrus is extremely effective against the minion spiders and generally kills them in one hit from the side.

  1. Phase 1 spend most of your time avoiding the minions and chipping out their numbers. One they are all dead focus back on Rom. Self-buff the tonitrus and keep swinging, be sure to re-apply the buff every few hits. You should get her to about half health at least this way (I was able to get her to about 25% during phase 1). As Rom begins to fade, be sure to keep swinging to deal as much damage as possible, it is likely you can kill Rom on phase 1 with this strategy depending on blood gems and stat scaling.
  2. Phase 2 the number of spider minions doubles. Be very careful as they do an arcing headbutt attack as it does massive damage, but this gives you free kills on the minions as they stun themselves. Continue to chip away at the minions but keep moving as now Rom is on the aggressive. as long as you keep circling around Rom her arcane boulder missiles shouldn't hit you, but they land pretty close. Once you've cleared out enough minions approach Rom but be careful, for she will do an AoE attack that surrounds her. If you killed all of the minions she will spam this attack. There is a small window between each attack that you have to kill her so watch it for a little bit to figure the timing out and go in for the kill.


Strategy 4 (Old Hunter Bone/ Mobility Strategy)

If you have stamina cost-reduction gems on your weapons (preferably) and have the Old Hunter Bone this will be one of the possible go to strategies. 1st Note: Bring a decent amount of Blood Vials and stock up on quicksilver bullets, Blood of Arianna is recommended but not necessary (just to supplement your stamina regen). 2nd Note: For those who use the Old Hunter Bone, do know that the first note greatly applies to you because it requires a taxing amount of quicksilver bullets to use (6 every cast), so you will most likely need to use your own health to supplement your bullet stock which is why the first note exists. Using the Old Hunter Bone allows you to quick step and bypass most of the spiders that act as her defensive wall by eliminating time between rolls and dashes, because you can bypass this wall with great expense to stamina, you have to make sure you have enough time to regen enough stamina to land a charged heavy attack on Rom, preferably with Ludwig's Holy Blade or the Kirkhammer. Rinse and repeat.

  • Pros: You don't really take much damage if you know the ins and outs of your combos and ranges of these weapons since the spiders move relatively slowly in strafe patterns. Relatively quick, probably a good method to use in NG+ if you are trying to redo the fight at the start when Rom is just static on the first encounter. Rom's arcane barrages will not be able to keep up with you ever (unless you are using vials and emergency quicksilver bullet transfusions immediately after each other). You don't have to waste Paper consumables, but you can if you want to make the process faster than need be.
  • Cons: The mobs of spiders will stack and convene in areas where Rom teleports at over time if you initiate all stages. I've seen it where spiders leap directly to Rom once she spawns the second and even third rounds. They will swarm you if you cannot pull this method off quick enough.


Strategy 5 (Prevent her from attacking through the whole battle)

Items To Bring: Blunt weapon, Bolt Paper (not necessary, but helps a lot)

  • Phase One: Note that Rom can in fact teleport only one single time or not even once if you manage to interrupt her teleport during any attempt. To do so you need to time correctly a R2 charged atack using a blunt weapon. Confirmed with the Hunter Axe on "Halberd mode", but it most likely works with another heavy weapons like Kirkhammer or Logarius' Wheel. By doing so it's possible to prevent her from summoning a whole wave of spiders and to skip the second and/or the third "atack phase" of the boss, making the fight a lot easier. Although sometimes she summons two waves at once when teleporting after being interrupted, it is possible to break her teleport several times in a row, even preventing her from atacking during the whole battle if you start breaking her teleports from the beginning. As demonstrated on a video at the end of this page, I missed only her last teleport attempt (I didn't manage my stamina properly at the end) while fighting her once again on the Lower Pthumeru Chalice (I remade the Chalice to show the basics of the strategy since it's the fastest way to have a rematch with her).
  • No phase two nor three if you manage to break all her teleports in a row.


Strategy 6 (Ranged Bowblade & Monocular)

Items To Bring: Simon's Bowblade, Blood Vials (for Blood Bullet creation), Monocular

  • In all phases the ideal plan is to maneuver to the side of Rom, lock on, and shoot arrows into Rom's side. This will progressively be harder to perform (mini spiders often make locking onto Rom hard). During the later stages, when there are too many spiders to get close you may: 1. Rush in, lock onto Rom, Backstep away and-or to the sides to keep the target lock engaged while shooting arrows (or) 2. Face Rom head on from a distance within a Bowblade's arrow range. Next, use the Monocular to aim just above Rom's head with arrows from your Simon's Bowblade (you can also shoot Rom's belly head on when Rom stands up to do Arcane attacks). This should also work with Monocular + Firearm as well. Keep in mind the mini spiders will be on the move and jump attacking you. Stay alert while using the monocular and dodge mini spider attacks. When using the monocular you can not run, if you see Rom charging up to do an Arcane attack - exit the monocular view and run or roll do dodge these projected attacks.


   Strategy 7 (Beasthood Buildup)

 Items To Bring: Any quick weapon ( Preferably the Saw Cleaver or Spear), Bolt Paper, Beast Blood Pellet, Armor that gives the highest amount of Beasthood.

  •      The strategy is simple yet effective. Do not equip a second weapon on your right hand.  Enter the boss room and finish off Rom's underlings and proceed towards Rom's head. Use a Beast Blood Pellet and your bare hands to build up beasthood by pressing r1 once and spamming the transformation attack. ( E.g. R1>L1>L1>L1 etc.). Once your beasthood meter becomes complete, take out your weapon and buff it with Bolt Paper and begin attacking Rom. This strategy can either allow you at best to defeat Rom before she enters Phase Two or Phase Three if you manage to prevent her from teleporting, or at least to leave her with little health left.




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Notes & Trivia

  • If you die to Rom after her third stage, a glitch which causes her spiderlings to respawn as passive, blinking versions of themselves may occur. Killing these spiderlings will cause Rom to summon fewer when she teleports, making the fight much easier.
  • You can summon Mensis Scholar Damien to help with this fight. However, he occasionally experiences a bug which causes him to become stuck in the building or the nightmare fog, delaying his arrival.
  • In Lower Pthumeru Chalice, you can summon Madman Waller and Tomb Prospector Olek to help with the fight. They serve as a distraction for the spiderlings. However, they have a tendency to attack the spiderlings at the front, and they do not run away from Rom's melee explosion attack.
  • Rom may sometimes become distracted when a player uses either the Music Box or a Shining Coin.
  • During phase 1 there is a brief moment in the music loop where you can hear a young woman giggling.
  • Rom (白痴の蜘蛛ロマ, Roma, the Idiotic Spider) may have been based on the novel "The Idiot" by Fyodor Dostoevsky.
  • Rom looks like a caterpillar - infant form of a butterfly. Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos has  butterfly features and is located near a corpse similar to Rom at the Altar of Despair.








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    • Anonymous

      i ****ing hate this boss, in lake it was not so hard for me, but in chalice i ve had many attepms, and still cant kill her. clearing out minions is boring as ****, and after first phase when rom starts to **** out meteors is just ****ed up. i just love getting one-shoted by ****ing minion despite having >1000hp

      • Anonymous

        Ice Barrage, you say...? *Castle Wars Flashbacks*

        But for real tho, this is the fugliest piece of **** ever and the fight sucks big balls.

        • Anonymous

          I am not sure if this is a legit strategy but here is what I did for my second play-through of this game.

          Items: +6 Tonitrus and Stake Driver, with plenty of bolt paper

          So I did the trick formed charge attack for Stake Driver with bolt paper, and I managed to do 2-3k damage for her first phase. Then I switched to my Tonitrus, batted away the spiderlings and did the charge attack again with the Stake Driver which killed her instantly.

          10/10 Would recommend this strategy again if you got decent skill stats

          • Anonymous

            To all my fellow arachnophobes who were also deathly afraid of snakes and trudged through the Forbidden Woods just to fight this boss, I bless you all.

            Someone who hates snakes and spiders equally

            • Anonymous

              If you summon people for this fight. For the love of Oedin, please stop attacking first phase Rom before killing the adds. It just makes the fight tediously annoying to have to keep a look out for her comets and 30 spiders. The beast pellet strat is the best thing to do. Now imagine 2 people smacking a non-guarded, non-hostile Rom with max breasthood and bolt fused weapons.

              • Anonymous

                Did anyone else have a really hard time w/ Rom? Everyone's experience is so different. I had a HORRIBLE time with her on my first play-through. She was the first bane of my Bloodborne existence. I don't know if I was under-leveled or what but I just cudn't get git gud w/ her for a long time.

                Father Guacamole was a gut check cuz I was still playing cautious Souls-style. I walked through Vicar Amelia on my first try and I know some folks struggle with her. I didn't even know I was approaching a boss. I thought she was an NPC so I held off going near her while cleared out a lot of the level. When I walked in on her, I had like 6 bullets, 5 vials and low health. Then she turned into a giant deer. I was so surprised and worn out, I just assumed I was getting stomped. So I just danced around and laced her up w/ my trusty whip. Hit her w/ a few Oil Urns &amp; Molotovs when she prayed. It took a while but was also one of my favorite boss fights. I don't think I've died to her since.

                I beat Laurence on my first try because once again, I had no idea there was even a boss there (I somehow hadn't even heard of Laurence as a boss at that point). When he climbed down I was just like "WTF?!? I thought I was gonna find a hat or something". Afterwards, when I read about how difficult he is and realized how lucky I'd been, I avoided him on new characters cuz folks seem to HATE him lol.

                Ludwig was by far the hardest boss in the game for me. He CRUSHED me for weeks. He'd smoke me so fast I wouldn't know what'd happened a lot of the time. Just smushed. The first time I got him to phase two where he stands up w/ the sword, I beat him. That first phase tho...

                But Rom got in my head or something. I'd panic the minute she'd warp and started lobbing those spazzballs of ice. I wasn't judging the distance well of when the ice balls triggered. Or I'd get frantic and rush in to try and finish her and get spidered. I came within a speck of killing her so many times. She just had me shook or something.

                Had a hard time w/ that clown Micolash cuz I cudn't figure out what the hell I was supposed to do. I kept running around hitting mirrors. When I'd finally get him face to face, he'd clap that nuclear explosion on me. No problems w/ Ebrietas. Living Failures actually punched me to death a few times (not the meteors but big looping punches to the face haha!).

                Gehrman, Maria, OoK, and Marty were all as hard as I'd heard them to be, but some of the most fun bosses in the game (well, Orphan is an ordeal but I always look forward to getting pummeled by him until I unexpectedly win for reasons I never entirely understand). Some of the Chalice bosses were just cruel (like that second giant wolf-bear w/ the worm sticking out of his frigging neck).

                Oh, and f%ck Lower Loran D-bag Pal.

                And those shark guys. In the well. I still hear their gurgling howls in my dreams sometimes. Eff them forever.

                • Anonymous

                  Seems like the devs were really excessive with the minions on this fight, especially since they do so much damage so you don't really have time to focus on the boss when you're just taking down all the minions to give you time to breath, really is one of the worst fights in the game.

                  Definitely bring friends, or just wait patiently for people to join who aren't going to immediately leave.

                  • Anonymous

                    I was able to pull off strat 5 with the 2H hunter’s axe by killing all of her spiderlings and then spamming her until she died. I may have gotten lucky but no charged attacks were necessary. She never even got the chance to teleport and it trivialized the entire encounter.

                    • Anonymous

                      This boss is at its easiest solo, but if you're having trouble with crowd control and need a summon, use Damien. He can hold his own in NG+1, dish out decent damage, and uses the Choir Bell to heal you when you start to get low on health. He's definitely more effective than the Younger Madaras Twin, Henryk, or even both of them together. The pair of them together raise the boss's health too far for them to be helpful and neither can hold their own in the fight. Idk about Damien and one of the others together, but you'll do alright with just Damien watching your back. [T]/

                      • Anonymous

                        For phase one- Kill the minions, pop a beast blood pellet, de-equip weapon, slap the **** out of it's head until your beasthood meter is full, re-equip weapon, use bolt paper, and spam r1 on it's body. Works best if you've also gotten all the bloodstone chunks you can from cainhurst, forbidden woods, and dlc (if you have it) too.

                        • I got lucky, as I think I have done throughout most of the game. I don't think I'm good at all, but I've made myself a bit of a tank. 50 vit, 39 str and 16 end going into the fight with a +6 hunter's axe. Didn't have much luck killing smaller spiders, didn't try to learn any patterns. I just went nuts and summoned an old hunter which took a lot of aggro from Rom. I used 2 bolt paper during the battle, never having used it before and not knowing if I even should. Used 17 blood vials and somehow dealt the final blow just when I thought I was getting killed.

                          So I guess the point is that if you have a summon pulling Rom's meteor showers, your vit is high enough and you heal often, you don't even need to be gud for this fight.
                          Or maybe I'm slightly good, but I'm pretty sure I'm just reckless and lucky.

                          • Anonymous

                            At first I thought I had glitched the game out, but it turns out I accidentally hit Rom just right at every teleport somehow stumbling ass first into the 7th strat. Lucky me! Hunters Ax, halberd mode, bolt paper.

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