Altar of Despair

Bosses Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
Co op Allowed? Yes
PvP Allowed? Yes
Changes in NG+? Yes/No

Altar of Despair is a location in Bloodborne. It hosts the most terrible secret of the Healing Church - a Great One named Ebrietas.

Altar of Despair Information

The Altar of Despair is reached by breaking a window next to the Lumenflower Gardens lamp.


There is currently no official lore mentioning Altar of Despair.

NPCs in the area

Mensis Scholar Damian - a summon for Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos boss fight.




  1. A Call Beyond





Once you drop out of the window into the area you kill the two blue aliens and then proceed down the elevator which leads to Ebrietas Daughter of the Cosmos.
For information on the boss fight, go to Ebrietas' page.
This is an optional area.


If Annalise is slain (either by the player or by Alfred) and queenly flesh is acquired, interacting with the altar allows you to resurrect her. She would appear in her normal position in Cainhurst Castle afterwards.

Video Walkthrough

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Rom's corpse is found here for some reason.

It is hinted in the official artwork that the Altar of Despair is the entrance to the land of Isz, where Ebrietas is also found.

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    • Anonymous

      I'm having some weird **** happen with this location. I clearly remember going here in earlier playthroughs and seeing an Amygdala here, caged head, gangly arms, and all. Went back today, saw Rom there instead. I'd chalk this up to Mandela Effect, but I remember it vividly and clearly. Maybe I'm just losing it.

      • Anonymous

        While many believe the corpse of Rom is in this room, I think it is the empty shell of what Ebrietas was before brought to the Altar. How else would the Church have relocated her in the first place, unless she was in a helpless pupae stage.

        • Anonymous

          Rom, Ebrietas, the Celestial Emmissary, and the infantile Kin all appear to be some meaningful form of Great Ones. Elsewhere in descriptions, you may find the phrase "left-behind Great Ones." These Kin would have been abandoned in Yharnam, possibly without warning or explanation, steering the Choir toward observing the cosmos for signs as opposed to ongoing contact with a lesser/vassal species of the Great Ones. I postulate that she does understand that Rom is dead, and brought its remains to the altar in a desperate bid to restore life to the last of her left-behind Kin. Though the altar reverses the effects of time, as demonstrated with the Queenly Flesh, Ebrietas lacked the secrets/materials to affect this reversal upon Rom, and could only mourn in her absolute misery. Hence, why she ignores you entirely at first; too depressed to care.

          • Anonymous

            I think this is actually Rom’s husk when she/he ascended. The body has been laying their so long, blood moss has grown and starting to blossom. I think Ebritas is more or looking after the husk in someway and unaware Rom is dead via the dream plane.

            • Anonymous

              Roms body is there because Ebritas wants to ressurect rom, keep in mind you can resurrect the queen from here.

              • Anonymous

                It literally explains why the altar is there and everyone is asking why it says for nothing. If you kill the queen of the vilebloods at cainhurst and get the queenly flesh I believe you take it there to resurrect her and she will be at cainhurst.

                • Anonymous

                  The elevator leading to Ebrietas is broken on one of my characters. It happened when I got summoned while riding the elevator

                  • Anonymous

                    the actual altar is likely a reference to nausicaa of the valley of the wind by hayoa miyazaki, and its not the first one by FROM, ash lake also strongly resembled a location from nausicaa.... director Hidetaka Miyazaki obviously has a great deal of admiration for his namesake

                    • Anonymous

                      So question : Lets say you kill Annalise and get her flesh, get to new game+ Do you still have the flesh and if so what happens when you put it on the Altar when that games Annalise is still alive?

                      • Anonymous

                        just had a thought about using Iosefka's blood vial might revive her, but cannot test this cause I've used it

                        • Anonymous

                          Do you have to kill ebrietas to use the alter on annalise? Or could I ignore the boss fight altogether and revive her anyway?

                          • Anonymous

                            "Apparently Ebrietas is especially familiar to one of these servants, and bestowed her profound understanding of time to him(her). Unfortunately the human body is too frail to withstand such bombardment of knowledge, and the servant was eventually transformed into a vacuous spider like Rom, whose remains has the capability to reverse time (although the process would kill any normal living things)." If you look at the Altar itself it looks like Rom so I assume that is the corpse of the servant Ebrietas was fond of which not only explains why she's looking at the altar when you arrive and pays no attention to you but also why it can bring Analise back. Also despair because it makes Ebrietas sad? Sorry if everyone worked that out already or already has a theory that puts myn to shame but I wanted to share it after I thought it up

                            • Anonymous

                              why is ebrietas looking at rom's corpse before you start the fight and after beating ebrietas how can you speak with rom's corpse ?

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