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List of missing pages or pages that needs more work and content.
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Missing Information


  • Recently created an "Attire Stats" page to list all the stats on every piece of attire in one place. Needs help with filling out/double-checking the data tables.

-- This seems a bit redundant. if you click on the Attire page, you will see tabs with sortable tables for Chest, hands, etc with sortable function. It may be good to do this for the set values only perhaps? - Fexelea lg Fexelea Dec 5, 2015
-- *facepalm* Oh well, at least I found a few errors in the attire data. Can the Attire page get sortable tables for entire sets as well? That's the only major thing that my new page introduced that the current page doesn't have. -Sully The Stalker

DLC to-do

1. Enemies need pages. For each new enemy's page . . .

    • name the article with what seems to be a commonly-accepted name for that enemy (e.g. for the giants in the Fishing Hamlet: "Frog-Giant, Shark-Giant, Giant Fishman", etc), and make sure it is not easily confusable for describing a different enemy
    • describe in detail any useful strategies you find for dealing with each enemy (e.g. these attacks are easy to dodge, those attacks are easy to parry)
    • list any notable weaknesses (i.e. if you notice one damage type works well against an enemy, make note of it on the article)
    • include the location(s) that the enemy appears in, as well as any items they drop

2. Locations need info on NPCs, summons, items, weapons, and insight. There are no lore notes on the DLC. Need walkthroughs!
3. Messengers page needs added info on what can be bought when and for how much.
4. Items page needs locations and usage of new items, etc. Particularly important for things like Key Items
5. Attire page needs images of the DLC gear, taken at the SAME SPOT as the ones we have. Please unequip weapons to take them.

  • Stats Need more information on what they do
  • Walkthrough needs recommended level, insight, and items/enemies information added per zone
  • All Chalice Dungeon Bosses need nicer images, and pages must be created and drops added.
  • Chalice Dungeon data on bosses present on specific chalices must be added.
  • Some NPCs pages need dialogue, notes, etc.
  • Items images needed! Please take high quality images from the detail
  • Blood Gems need images and tables need filling
  • Caryll Runes need images - See list here.
  • Moon Phases page needs details on what changes to the game happen on each phase, as well as adding in the "Dusk" phase that happens between entering Cathedral Ward and defeating Vicar Amelia.
  • Lore Notes needs information and quotes added.


  1. We need more IMAGES of Enemies. Take a screenshot with the Share button, using the monocular to zoom into the enemy for a good view.
  1. Messengers page needs information on sets and weapons for purchase with badges and such.
  2. In-game IMAGES of weapons.

Needed Pages

  • Any here

Pages needing improvements


Tag usage

Wiki tags are not metadata, but a way to define different properties of for example an item. A tag does nothing on its own, but when many pages share the same tag they can be used to list other items with similar properties. Tags should mostly be single words, and not long unique sentences (like "great weapon to pwn n00bs with").
Example: The Moonlight Greatsword, it's a greatsword, it deals magic damage, and it has a special attack. It should be tagged with something like "Weapon" "Greatsword" "Magic" "Special".

Cluttered pages

If you encounter a particularly cluttered page, but have no time to clean it up at the moment, then tag the page with " cleanup" as a reminder.


Rename Pages

Pages with names that differ from in-game names should be renamed, so please tag them with " rename". Renaming pages also involves fixing all backlinks and redirecting the current page to the new one.

Duplicate Pages

Some items/equipment/npc´s have duplicate pages. Please tag such pages with " duplicate", and someone will eventually merge them.

Unnecessary Pages

If you encounter an unnecessary page, or have a request to delete a page, then tag it with " deleteme" and it should appear in the list below

Done Pages

  • Example 1
  • Example 2
  • Example 3

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    • Anonymous

      Im willing to help with that,i have them all and i can take a picture of them in normal form and transformed. When i have the images where do i post them? And i can take them in the hunter dream because of the clear background

      • I noticed every image has a "fextralife" text on them. How to suggest an image for the wiki and where to get the text? For example many chalice dungeon boss images are poor and I have taken this from the Pthumerian Descendant:

        • I saw a lot of the Blood Gem pages are missing information. I would be willing to help out with item descriptions and pictures and anything else the pages need.

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