Garden of Eyes

Enemy Type Kin (confirmed)
Health 910
Drops 945 Blood Echoes, Quicksilver Bullets x4 [10%], Quicksilver Bullets x3 [15%], Sedatives x1 [5%]
Weak Fire & Bolt
Strong Above average defenses against Physical & Blunt

Garden of Eyes are an enemy in Bloodborne that can be found in Byrgenwerth.

Garden of Eyes

These enemies are quick and deadly. They seem to have wings that enable them to perform a grab move where they fly above and latch on to the player, dealing little to no damage but building the frenzy status meter.


  • Wait for the Garden of Eyes to jump into the air and then roll away, quickly following with attacks before the enemy can recover. (NOTE: You can combo in a shot for a VERY easy and reliable parry.)
  • Use a bolt infused weapon if you can. The Tonitrus can take huge amounts of health off when it is self-buffed.



Byrgenwerth 910 945 (x3/x4) 15/10% (x1) 5%


Notes & Trivia

  • In their left hand they are holding what appears to be a black stone of some kind with eyes and a spider symbol.
  • They have 27 eyes on their head.
  • They have 10 limbs total, not counting their wings. The spider on their orb also has 10 limbs.
  • Mi-Go are creatures from H.P. Lovecrafts Cthulhu mythos. The name Mi-Go is Himalayan and means "abominable snow-men".





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    • Anonymous

      "Garden of Eyes" huh? Yeah, I'm gonna guess that is more literal than any of us would want to think about.

      • Anonymous

        when it jumps just roll towards it, under and behind it. it can't land backwards, it will always land safely right behind you, exposed for butt stab.
        ez, works every time.

        • Anonymous

          ***** these things! They hurt my ears so much and I feel like they could make you go deaf! I don’t know what fromsoft was thinking when they decided to put that in the game. I worry for all cats and dogs who have to be in the same room with someone who gets grabbed by these

          • Can we get a rename of this page already? Get off your ass Organizers. They are officially called Garden of Eyes, Mi-Go Zombies aren't a thing that exist.

            • Anonymous

              The rags they wear remind me of the rags worn by the patients in the Research Hall. The size and shape of their head looks the same as well. As if the failed experiments turned into these kin and made their way to Byrngenwerth while the successful experiments turn into celestials.

              • Anonymous

                I was so sad to learn that you were originally supposed to be able to wear their heads, but it got scrapped and left in background files...

                • Anonymous

                  Page says the grab attack inflicts frenzy AND high damage but every time I've been grab by them I just frenzy build up. Is this a bug?

                  • Anonymous

                    Also worth noting that these things seem to be entirely deaf. I've literally RAN up from behind and got easy backstabs.

                    • Anonymous

                      Mi-go? It's name and appearance is obviously a reference to HP Lovecraft's Mi-go, also known as the Fungi from Yuggoth, first appearing in the story Whisperer in Darkness.

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