Loran Silverbeast

Enemy Type Beast
Health Between 115 and 458 (Depending on location)
Drops Blood Vial, Waning Blood Gems, Bastard of Loran
Weak Fire, Arcane & Blood dmg
Strong Physical (all) & Bolt
Locations Nightmare Frontier, Nightmare of Mensis, Ailing Loran Chalice Dungeons

Silverbeasts are enemies in Bloodborne. Unlike Beast Patients, Silverbeasts do not shrink back at the sight of fire, and are sometimes seen carrying torches. While bipedal, when threatened they will crouch on all fours and lunge unpredictably.


  • Silverbeasts are extremely vulnerable to visceral attacks. Their melee attacks have a distinct wind-up where they extend their claws. Shooting at them when they do this will usually result in a successful stagger, and due to their low maximum health, a single visceral attack will likely kill it.
  • Silverbeasts can often be found sitting down and facing towards a wall. A stealthy hunter can easily exploit this and end the fight before it begins with a charge attack to the back.
  • The torches they carry are powerful weapons that can cause significant fire damage on contact. A silverbeast can also use their torch to breathe fire, which does high damage and covers a fairly large area. They tend to move their torches in front of their faces before performing this technique.
  • Physical attacks do very low damage to silverbeasts. However, they have very low max HP when compared to other enemies in their vicinity, so this is not an insurmountable defense.
  • After losing about half of their health, silverbeasts will change tactics completely and go down on all fours. At this point, they are almost indistinguishable from Wolf Beasts. They are equally vulnerable to parrying.
  • When attacked from close range, silverbeasts will curl up and begin crackling with electricity. After a short delay, they will detonate a lightning nova that does high damage on all sides. It is possible to interrupt the charge, but it is usually safer to simply back away.
  • It's also worth bearing in mind that attacking with Bolt attacks can speed up the charge of the lightning nova, so be quick if you're using the Tonitrus or bolt infused weaponry
  • Silverbeasts found in the Nightmare of Mensis have the ability to spawn Hateful Maggots upon death. However, taking them out with a visceral attack or fire attack will prevent the Hateful Maggots from appearing.
  • They are very weak to fire, and killing them using fire also prevents them from spawning the maggots.
  • Their "vomit attack" deals Arcane damage.



blood gem.png
Nightmare Frontier (Normal)
+ Parasite Attack
+ Crawling
+ Patrol
(1-2) 75%
(1-2) 75%
(1-2) 75%
(1-2) 75%
(1 Random gem based on area) 25%
(1 Random gem based on area) 25%
(1 Random gem based on area) 25%
(1 Random gem based on area) 25%
Nightmare of Mensis (Normal)
+ Parasite Attack
(1-2) 84%
(1-2) 84%
(1 Random gem based on area) 16%
(1 Random gem based on area) 16%
Ailing Loran Chalice Dungeons (Normal)
+ Boss
(2) 41% or (3) 30% or (1 Bastard of Loran) 4%
(1 Random gem based on area) 25%
[Tempering Damp Blood Gem (6)] 100%


Notes & Trivia


  • Their physical appearance and ability to walk on two or four feet matches the creature described in H.P. Lovecraft's "The Beast in the Cave" extremely closely, suggesting that this story inspired their design.
  • In labyrinths, Silverbeasts without maggots have more health.







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    • Anonymous

      22 Feb 2020 04:59  

      In the Dream of Unknown Kaddath by Lovecraft, there are creatures called Gugs that inhabit the dream and have vertical mouths. Silverbeasts also have vertical mouths. I always assumed these were basically Gugs.

      • Anonymous

        29 Jan 2020 02:41  

        I wonder if these are darkbeasts in the making, partially done with their transformation. They have longish hair, electrical abilities, exposed bone, and it seems to me at least darkbeasts come from Loran, which these guys are probably from, or found most often in. They are bipedal, but seem to be very comfortable on all fours, or at least after being hurt, and fear, pain and anger seem to be catalysts for the scourge- Gascoigne halfway through his fight when he is wounded, medusas in the forbidden woods when they see you, or also the shadows of yharnam, and more. hurting them might mentally accelerate the scourge, driving out the remains of humanity where they use torches and stand upright, and begin to use bolt and physical attacks. last but not least, they aren't very canine like, whereas many beasts are similar to canines, in fact, they seem more like felines (for example the smaller flatter, shorter nose.) to me, not dissimilar to the loran darkbeast and paarl.

        • Anonymous

          28 Nov 2019 22:15  

          I always assumed these were Gugs from Lovecraft lore. Gugs are creatures from the Dream that are described as having formidable talons, coarse hair, yellow teeth, and, most notably, vertical mouths. (They are described in The Dreamquest of Unknown Kaddath.)

          • Anonymous

            28 Aug 2018 00:28  

            I can't believe I never noticed this until now, but if you look more closely at the Bastard of Loran, it also seems to have its head twisted to the side, as well as tufts of silver hair or fur in some places and some extra "ribs" that poke out below their rib cage. Loran Silverbeasts drop Bastards of Loran somewhat frequently in Chalice Dungeons, so I'm wondering if either Silverbeasts are matured Bastards of Loran, or if they're the parents of these children?

            • Anonymous

              22 Aug 2018 03:01  

              I noticed, whilst using the Reiterpallasch, a charged thrust attack (even if the blow doesn't kill them) seems to prevent the maggots from spawning. Anyone else? Needs testing or confirmation

              • Anonymous

                22 Aug 2017 14:30  

                weird detail I noticed recently: those ribs poking out of their sides move independently whenever they extend the parasites out of their mouths...

                • Anonymous

                  24 Jan 2017 05:06  

                  Serration + Fire = These Guys Are *****ing TOAST

                  Seriously, it only takes two standard hits to take it out with a flame-tempered saw spear. Plus, the maggots will never appear if they're burned. It's kind of sad that the coffins in the bonus rooms in the Loran Chalice Dungeons are typically guarded by these guys.

                  • Nightmare of Mensis version05 Jul 2016 14:53  

                    Doing a Viscerial Attack still spawns the maggots, so it seems to be flame based attacks stops them from being spawned

                    • Anonymous

                      Name05 Jul 2016 14:53  

                      I think that these should be called darkbeasts. They have electrical powers, which darkbeasts are mentioned to have in the description of bolt paper, and they are skeletal like Darkbeast Paarl. Their face also resembles Paarl, just a weathered-looking skull with sunken eyes. What do you guys think?

                      • Anonymous

                        Inspiriation source?05 Jul 2016 14:53  

                        These enemies could be based on the Gug monsters from the Cthulhu mythos. They have a similar lanky build, light grey fur, and their heads are mostly a massive, sideways mouth

                        • Anonymous

                          The fate of Loran05 Jul 2016 14:53  

                          I think Loran was swallowed by the nightmare realm, like most of the collage of Bergynwerth. Think about it, The Loran silverbeasts are only found in either Loran chalice dungeons, or in the nightmare realm, the nightmare realms are both accessed via the Bergynwerth Lecture hall, and the Loran chalice is acquired from the boss in the Nightmare frontier, Frontier meaning a line or border separating two countries. That's what happened to Loran, and what is happening to Yharnem. The beings of the nightmare realm are engulfing lands in reality, bringing them into the nightmare, and turning the inhabitants into beasts and madmen.

                          • Anonymous

                            Seriously, who in the world?05 Jul 2016 14:53  

                            Who comes up with all this crap posted in the lore section? There is no relation between the Moon Presence and this thing. It just sounds like someone pulling crap out of their arse and smearing it throughout all the enemy pages. One persons far-fetched and frankly, horrendously stupid half-baked thoughts (if you can even call them such) should not be plastered to these pages like some cheap ill written blog constructed by a 10 year old child whose idiot parents let him run wantonly throughout the internet spreading the very idiocy that gave birth just such a miscreant fool.

                            • Anonymous

                              Young Darkbeast?05 Jul 2016 14:53  

                              Considering their appearance, and their ability to use bolt, perhaps silverbeasts are young versions of the Darkbeasts? It would fill a link in the transformation tree of beasts. The link between the Wolf Beast and the Darkbeast.

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