Beast Patient

Enemy Type Beast
Health 158 ~ 190
Drops Blood Vials, Blood Gems
81 ~ 141 Blood Echoes
Weak Fire & Serrated
Strong Poison?
Locations Old Yharnam, Chalice Dungeons

Beast Patients are enemies in Bloodborne.


Beast Patient Information

"The things you hunt, they're not beasts. They're people."

The Beast Patient is an enemy in Bloodborne that can be encountered in Old Yharnam or in Chalice Dungeons. They are the more completely transformed beasts of a previous hunt, and lie under the protection of Djura, a retired Hunter. These beasts suffered a purge at the hands of the Healing Church, which led to the burning of Old Yharnam. As a result, they have a crippling fear of flame.

Beast Patients are nimble due to their small size and can be quite dangerous, particularly in packs. They usually employ clever ambush tactis and will hide behind walls, pillars, smoke and more. It is wise to approach areas where they are found with caution; one patient will usually mean another, and engaging too many will add another hunter to the ever growing pile of bones.

Their damage output is not high, but since there are always more than one it can add up. Fire is incredibly effective, such as a single Molotov, fire imbued weapons or simply a torch waved menacingly.

Be especially wary when a large Cloaked Beast is nearby, as their screams can buff a pack of Beast Patients to make them stronger, tougher, and more aggressive. This can quickly spell death for even a full team of hunters.



  • Use fire, as even torch hits can dispatch them fairly quickly in an NG playthrough.
  • Pungent Blood cocktails can distract them, allowing hunters to finish them off.
  • These enemies can be very fast, so it is advisable to look out for their swarm when traversing Old Yharnam.
  • They can be parried and back-stabbed, and visceral attacks are effective.
  • The torch side-arm can scare them, causing them to keep their distance from you. The white and black church set has the same effect.


Beast Patient Information

  • There is only one type of male beast patient found in the game.
  • They can be baited to attack Djura when he's friendly. undefined will refuse to attack them, and die.
  • Blood gems dropped are entirely based on area.
  • Its preset dungeon locations are: Ailing Loran, Lower Loran.


Beast Patient

Blood gem.png
Old Yharnam 190 141 (x1) 8% (x1) 4%
Chalice Dungeons 158 81 (x1) 8% (x1) 2%



  1. Djura seems quite protective of these beasts, and will attack the Hunter from atop a tower with a gatling gun if they do not heed the signs to stay out of Old Yharnam. If the Hunter becomes allies with Djura, this peace will be broken if the Hunter attacks any of the beasts. Oddly enough, Djura doesn't retaliate if the beasts attacked him.
  2. In the chapel area with the strung-up, large, dead beast, several of these beasts have glowing red eyes and can inflict poison. This is caused by a buff given by a nearby Greater Cloaked Beast.
  3. Gilbert becomes a Beast Patient after the moon turns red.
  4. Beast Patients have 3 toes.
  5. If you have a torch wielded in your off-handed they will still recoil in fear when it disappears due to Trick Weapon transformed modes i.e Hunter Axe, Kirkhammer.
  6. Lore theories can be found under Blood Lore.



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    • Anonymous

      05 Oct 2017 08:21  

      so...on the list of all enemies ( ) is this the description of this beast as followed:

      "The *****ed remnants of a Hunt from long ago."...

      da fuq wiki?

      • Anonymous

        lovecrafte05 Jul 2016 14:35  

        Does anyon think thiere fear of light(fire) and gloweing red eyes reminde anyone of the monsters from "the lurking fear".

        • Anonymous

          Step lightly05 Jul 2016 14:35  

          Unless they were scripted to run up to you, you can quietly walk right up next to the sleeping ones. They're actually sort of cute all curled up. Was able to take some pictures safely that way

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