Beast-possessed Soul

Beast possessed Soul
Enemy Type Beast
Health 635 or 656
Drops Blood Vials, Beast Blood Pellets, Blood Gem, Beast Caryll Rune, 276 or 759 Blood Echoes
Weak Fire & Serration
(Boss version is NOT weak to Fire)
Strong Nothing
Locations Healing Church Workshop & Chalice Dungeons

Beast-possessed Soul is an enemy in Bloodborne.


Beast-Possessed Soul Information

The Beast-possessed Soul is an enemy which is encountered at the bottom of the Healing Church Workshop, and in Chalice dungeons both as a regular mob and a boss. This beast is rather large and can seem overwhelming, particularly to inexperienced hunters.

This enemy has both melee and some pyromancer abilities. It will cast a selection of fire attacks and will use its claws in various combinations. The Beast-possessed Soul  isn't particularly fast, and most players should be able to either counter its move-set, or simply move behind it and use a charged R2 attack.

Most of the attacks can be triggered and countered as they are "telegraphed", and when it is casting fire the player can simply move behind it and keep hacking away. Like most beasts, it is extremely weak to fire.

At 50% health, some of its attacks will gain additional fire effects, such as the jump attack causing an AoE flame burst and its Lunge ending with a fiery explosion.

If it lands its Lunge attack on a player, it will chomp down on the player and become Blood-Drunk. In this state, its eyes will glow red and its attacks gain a significant damage boost. He'll also start using more pyromancy.

Beast-Possessed Souls that are found as enemies in a Chalice Dungeon will attack any living thing they come across, not just the hunter. It is possible to lure one through the whole layer and have it kill everything else for you. If you let it use its Lunge on you and become Blood-Drunk, the power boost will let it go toe-to-toe against even a Merciless Watcher.



  • Pungent Blood cocktails are useful in distracting it.
  • As mentioned, it is weak to fire attacks of any kind, from Molotovs to a simple torch.
  • The beast can be poisoned; using poison knives will work.
  • Most melee attacks can be parried, but fire magic can't.
  • When he swings his arms he almost always strikes 5 times. Though this is predictable it is still dangerous as one hit can stunlock you long enough for him to land another.
  • Stunning him generally triggers a backdash.



Attack Name Attack Description
Claw Swipes Swipes at player with claws, can be up to 5 swipes in total.
Battering Ram Will take a run up and attempt to hit the player with its horns.
Flame Wave Casts a horizontal flame wave from left to right.
Lunge Lunges at the player ending with a punch.
Grab Attempts to grab the player. If this attack connects, the enemy will enter an enraged state.
Bite Attempts to bite the player.

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Beast-possessed Soul Information

Its preset dungeon locations are: Central Pthumerian Labyrinth and Ailing Loran.

Blood Gems dropped are based entirely on the type of labyrinth.

The Healing Church Workshop contains the only maingame version. This version drops the first tier Beast Caryll Rune



Beast-possessed Soul

blood echoes
blood vial
beast blood pellet
Healing Church Workshop 656 759 - - (1x) 100% -
Chalice Dungeons 635 276 (4x) 25%, (3x) 45% (1x) 25% - (1x) 5%


Notes & Trivia

  • The Beast-possessed soul is hostile to most other labyrinth inhabitants.
  • You can bring it into a boss room provided you haven't opened the boss room's door.
  • BPS has 5 fingers on each hand and 3 toes on each foot.
  • It can be healed with Choir Bell.



Beast possessed Soul Screaming Front Beast possessed Soul Pyromancy Front Beast possessed Soul Bridge Battle Front


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    • Anonymous

      wish this guy and all the other chalice enemies and bosses had gotten some real representation in the main game. fck the dungeons they suck wish they had just made one good dungeon instead with all these guys in it instead

      • Anonymous

        So bizarre that you can heal this guy and no other enemy. I wonder if there's any significance there, or if it was a programming oversight.

        • Anonymous

          This thing can drop a dark beast! Let that tell you about it’s power, there’s a YouTube video of a player who got one to follow him into a battle with the dark beast.

          • Anonymous

            Does anyone know what happens if you heal a beast possessed soul? I've never done it, and haven't found the choir bell, I just wanted to know

            • Anonymous

              So many of these enemies have completely made up descriptions that are neither found in the game nor in the official strategy guide. "Old Yharnam Limerick" who the hell is that? It's okay to create ideas, but when these ideas detract from factual lore within this game you're misleading new comers.

              • Anonymous

                I don't think they are based on area. In both a pthumeru and Loran chalice dungeons, the beasts only dropped triangles. Maybe it's referring to effect, not shape.

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