Enemy Type Not Beast Nor Kin
Health ??
Drops Oil Urns, Shining Coins, Pebbles
Weak Arcane, Fire, Bolt
Strong Physical, Thrust, Blunt & Blood

Gels are an enemy in Bloodborne that can be found in Chalice Dungeons.


Gels hide in grimy pools and the dark, earthy hallways of Loran and Pthumeru. They fall from above to swallow careless hunters whole and rapidly subsume soft tissue. Bones of former prey can be seen in a gel's tar-like body.


  • Weak to Bolt, Arcane and Fire
  • Very strong against physical based attacks.
  • Cannot be staggered.
  • This type of enemy also exists in Dark Souls 1 (as well as many other western RPGs, and JRPGs for that matter. Slimes are a staple in dungeon and cave environments)



  • Watch the ceilings in dark, earthy hallways. They can be difficult to spot while hiding, and their grab is unavoidable if the player moves directly beneath them.
  • Attacks slowly. Elemental damage can dispatch them before they can react. The Hunter's Torch is effective as a last resort.
  • Weak to arcane and bolt damage, and exceptionally weak to fire.



Pthumeru HP Echoes (1) Drop% (2) Drop% (1-2) Drop%
Loran HP Echoes (1) Drop% (2) Drop% (1-2) Drop%


Notes & Trivia

  • Lore theories exist under Blood Lore - Black Blood Theory.



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    • Anonymous

      Unlike Dark Souls variants these guys pose a serious threat in the dungeons and they also have a little DS easter egg about them too ... if you’re killed by one you actually play out one of the death animations from DS (the most common one where you fall to one knee then the other) but you can only really see it by watching the tombstone deaths of other players when they have been killed by one so it’s pretty rare to witness

      • Anonymous

        The blacksky eye will one shot these guys regardless of your arcane level, aslong as you can use the item, so I would say aquiring 16 arcane so you can use is worth it if you feel like these are too much of a bother.

        • Anonymous

          These living blob enemies have been present throughout the Soulsbourne franchise. Out of all the enemies, these things freak me out the most. I remember the first time one dropped onto my head in DS1 and it freaked me the ***** out to see my character digested alive.

          • Anonymous

            Actually, from what I've seen they're really weak to bolt, not fire. Completely obliterate them with a Tonitrus.

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