Small pebbles found throughout Yharnam.

Can be thrown at foes.

Quite thrilling."

Pebble is a consumable Item in Bloodborne.


Pebble Usage

  • Used to get the attention of a single enemy.



  • 10 Blood Echoes (Base Price)





  • Price of the Pebble does not go up in price
  • It deals 1-2 damage
  • It takes one or two hits to kill Arianna's Celestial Child, and one hit to kill Old Hunter Yamamura and Brador in his cell.
  • Excellent for holding in your active inventory slot to prevent accidental use of a valuable consumable during battles
  • Can be used to ground a flying Carrion Crow, hanging spider or hanging Blood Gel
  • Quite thrilling.



  • They resemble the shape of petrified Bloodshot Eyeballs, this explained why the eye-collecting women carry the pebbles.
  • When buying them it shows that they scale in strength with an A.




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    • Anonymous

      You can also use these to break the smokey kettles in chalice dungeons, and the machine gun traps in the DLC.

      • Anonymous

        Holy crap... that's the spitting image of a tiny Mimias moon around Saturn! The moon has a crater that looks like an eye.

        • Anonymous

          Fun alternative uses:

          1. Initiating fight with Ebrietas
          2. “Killing” Brador in his cell
          3. Savagely punishing Moon Presence after it casts Gaze of the Moon

          • Anonymous

            Kirito- "My god, I've stumbled across the most powerful weapon in the game!"

            Balls- "Stop"

            Kirito- "The Mithril Pebble of Pig Smiting!"

            Balls- "Please stop"

            Kirito- "For you see, long ago, this pebble was forged in the fiery pits of Tartarus, by the grand blacksmith of Lucifer himself, in a time before the world began…"

            *much MUCH later*

            Kirito- "…and thus Marjosa, guardian of the pebble, fell to his knees and passed from this world. Leaving behind the mighty weapon, for he knew that one day its power would be required once more."

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