Numbing Mist

numbing mist

Throw to create a mist cloud that numbs a hunter's life essence and prevents restoration of HP.

Said to be used by the blood hunters of Cainhurst, its recipe is a secret closely guarded by the line of nobles inhabiting the castle."

Numbing Mist is a projectile Item in Bloodborne.



Numbing Mist Usage

  • Targets hit cannot restore HP with blood vial for 30 seconds.







  • Prevents Hunters, including other players such as in PvP, from healing.
  • Stops Vicar Amelia from healing.
  • Certain hostile NPC hunters (most notably the Bloody Crow of Cainhurst) will use this item against the player.
  • While the player is affected by numbing mist, they can still heal with the Choir Bell.
  • Especially helpful if you are having trouble with NPC Hunters in high level (cursed) chalice dungeons. Usually they have their back to you at first, so back-stab and riposte, and while they're getting up, hit them with a Numbing Mist. If they're facing you but haven't seen you yet, use a Blue Elixir to get behind them and use the above tactic.



  • Similar to Lloyd's Talisman from Dark Souls




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    • Anonymous

      The Numbing Mist do sound like Arsenic, which has a vaporization point of 615 °C, they both share a pale/silver color, both causes peripheral neuropathy, which causes numbness.

      • Anonymous

        Weird. I got hit with this and the only thing that happened was linkin park started playing in the background

        • Anonymous

          o you actually have to get the cainhurst hunter badge for it to become available in the insight shop? ´cause I can`t seem to unlock it with a second char of mine, only difference i see is that i havent become part of the vilebloods and i d rather not kneel in front of that pinky pulp of undead queen flesh on those throne room walls ...

          • Anonymous

            got invaded by a player who constantly healed. He had a lot of HP so instead of taking the riposte after parrying him I tossed a bottle on him. The effects are long lasting and when they try to heal the animation is a lot longer allowing you to punish them for trying to heal. Easy kills

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