Cainhurst Servant

Enemy Type Neither Kin nor Beast
Health 560 ~ 910
Drops Blood Vial, Quicksilver Bullets, Numbing Mist, Blood Stone Chunk (in NG+), 560 ~910 Blood Echoes
Weak Minor weakness to Bolt
Strong No notable weaknesses or strengths
Locations Forsaken Cainhurst Castle

Cainhurst Servants are enemies in Bloodborne.

Cainhurst Servants are enemies that can be found in the Forsaken Cainhurst Castle in Bloodborne. They attend to their duties and are mostly not hostile. Part knight and part servant, many will be scrubbing furiously when the Hunter arrives. Be mindful, however, as in an instant they can pull out their strange weapons and spill blood.

Some servants carry golden canes that double as blowguns. Others carry elegant rapiers which they wield with frightening ease.

Combat information

Servants are divided into 3 types.

  1. Cleaning: Will be armed with a golden Threaded Cane and favors close range combat.
  2. Rapier: A little stronger than the cleaning Servants, he wears a cape and wields a rapier.
  3. Chandelier + Cane: They're in charge of respawning Silver Ladies. They shoot darts from their cane and there are two variants
    • First Floor Chandelier: Marks with Corruption rune but deals no serious dmg.
    • The mark will increase damage taken and attract Bound Widows.
    • Second Floor Chandelier: Deals regular damage with his darts, does not mark you with the Corruption rune.



  • Blood dmg will knock them down.
  • Using a Blue Elixir will save you from being marked by a red glyph.
  • It's easy to sneak up on a cleaning servant. Hitting them while cleaning guarantees counter dmg.
  • They are generally unremarkable in close range combat and are most dangerous shooting darts from long range.

Moveset (Cane Only)

Attack Name Attack Description
Cane Swings Will swing his cane right and left.
Advance and Lunge Takes a run up and attempts a thrust attack on the player.
Back Step Simply steps backward after an attack.


Moveset (Cane & Candelabra)

Attack Name Attack Description
Red Glyph Can shoot darts at the player through a blowgun, and mark the player with a red glyph. The glyph means increased damage for all enemies nearby. Others just deal damage and don't mark you with a glyph.
Cane Swings Same as the previous variant.



Moveset (Rapier)

Attack Name Attack Description
Slash and Flick Will slash the rapier in a diagonal arc, and end with a flick of the wrist.
Advance and Lunge Takes a run up and attempts a thrust attack on the player.
Fast Combo Two or Three rapid hits, ending with a flick of the wrist.


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Cain's Servant (Cane Only)


Forsaken Cainhurst Castle 595 560 (1x) 22%




Cain's Servant (Cane & Candelabra)

Forsaken Cainhurst Castle 595 560 (2x) 22%




Cain's Servant (Rapier)

Forsaken Cainhurst Castle 993 910 (2x) 95% (1x) 5%





  • ??




Cainhurst Servant Cowering 2.jpg


Cainhurst Servant Cleaning Crop.png


Cainhurst Servant Poised Crop 2.png


Cainhurst Servant Corpse 1.png


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    • Anonymous

      06 Jul 2018 16:50  

      I was almost 10-12 feet away from one with a rapier and it was dealing damage to me still.... wtf happened?

      • Anonymous

        Some of them don't attack?05 Jul 2016 14:34  

        I've noticed that many of these creatures will simply focus on scrubbing the floors and leave you alone completely, as long as you don't attack them. I've even engaged Bound Widows in relatively close proximity to them without seeing them aggro. I'm making it a point to leave them alone unless they attack me first.

        • Anonymous

          Symbol Of Corruption05 Jul 2016 14:34  

          The Red symbol that appears on the player when hit with a blow dart seems to me to indeed act as a beacon to the bound widows. whenever i get hit and have that symbol, the bound widows seem to scream far more often, though i have never been stunned by the scream wih the symbol in me.

          • Anonymous

            one of them05 Jul 2016 14:34  

            One of them in a long corridor with a rapier was hard as nails and couldn't be hit with a sword. Shooting him did good damage though. Anyone else encountered him?

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