Pthumerian Undead

Pthumerian Undead You Died Thumb
Enemy Type Neither Kin Nor Beast
Health ??
Drops Blood Vials, Poison Knife, Blood gem
Weak Arcane
Strong Nothing
Locations Chalice Dungeons

The Pthumerian Undead is an enemy in Bloodborne. They are only found in Chalice dungeons and are greatly varied. They are easily the weakest mob in dungeons, along with critters, and getting rid of them should be fairly easy.

There are however "rotted" variants (red aura) with greatly increased damage that you do not want to get hit by.

Ritekeepers can temporarily grant this buff to a whole band of undead.


  • Weapons with good speed and/or range are advised.


Pthumerian Undead

As mentioned, there are quite a lot of variations:

Servants: Servants are naked and don't carry true weapons. As they went mad they seem to have picked up broken knives, cleavers and dangerous flasks and vials.

Servants have the lowest health among the undead but they can still stunlock you and the buffed ones (red aura) are still very dangerous.

Unlike soldiers they do use ranged attacks. There are 3 variations of ranged attackers.

-Molotov Thrower: They deal fire dmg and are mostly dangerous because they can throw two vials in quick succession.

Wounds caused by fire singe shut quickly. This greatly reduces the time window in which you can use rally potential.

-Acid Thrower: I don't know what kind of dmg this one does but their moveset is identical to that of the Molotov Thrower.

-Poison Knife Thrower: Their attacks build up poison but their attack speed is two times slower than the flask throwers.

-Cannoneer: Basically they function like a deadly trap, though the undead can slightly adjust the trajectory of the shots.

Sometimes a servant will spawn which has several times the health of normal ones, this event is quite rare.

Soldiers: soldiers can be identified by their hoods and different weapons. They have more health than servants They come in 4 varieties.

-Pick-Wielder: They have better range than servants. Their weapon is very similar to what Logarius and The Pthumerian Elder use.

-Dual Axe-Wielder: Somewhat deadlier at close range. Their axes seem gilded, they might have been designed for ceremony.

-Knife-Wielder: uncommon but not especially stronger. They fight just like the knife servants.

-Lantern Scout: Their main function is to call in other enemies to your position. They also wield a cleaver.

Both the Pick-Wielder and the Dual Axe-Wielder have a variant with flaming weapons. Typically these are found in a Loran Dungeon and they wear brighter colors.





Notes & Trivia

  • Sometimes servants can be found wailing and praying while looking upwards. Typically in a dungeon-pit beneath an elevator.
  • Servants can be found sitting about apathetically and soldiers can be found lying about as if dead.
  • Both types do not have hollow eye sockets. Instead they have pitch-black eyes.



Pthumerian Undead Concept Art FrontPthumerian Undead With A Cannon FrontPthumerian Undead Twosome FrontPthumerian Undead Shady Cloaked Front 

Pthumerian Undead Lantern Scout FrontPthumerian Undead Ghastly Trio FrontPthumerian Undead Legion FrontPthumerian Undead You Died Front


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    • Anonymous

      Aren't these enemies referred to as "the Watchers?" I know there's the "Merciless Watchers," but I'm pretty sure the Pthumeru chalice descriptions are hinting that all of these pale Pthumerian servants are employed to protect the Great Ones--or maybe now they've forgotten their role and are foot soldiers serving the Pthumerian monarchs.

      • I'm trying to find good pictures of these enemies' faces. Trying to make my character look pthumerian but it's fairly difficult to find non blurred photos of them close up.

        • Anyone know what's up with the guy who can't hit you? I think it's a version of this enemy found in a chalice dungeon who can't hit you, all his attacks go straight through you without dealing damage. He wields a long hook and a cleaver of some sort and he has a red glow/buff. His aggro range is about two feet, and he will stop attacking once you move out of his reach. I think I encountered him behind a bonus door in a lower hintertomb fixed dungeon, in a small room above a wooden walkway overlooking a big poison swamp guarded by two cannon wielding giants.

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