Hamlet Fishmen

Enemy Type neutral
Health ??
Drops Blood Vials, Quick Silver Bullets
Weak Fire
Strong ??
Locations Fishing Hamlet

Hamlet Fishmen are enemies in The Old hunters DLC

Hamlet Fishmen

The fishmen serve as basic enemy grunts in the last area of the DLC. They're not very dangerous individually but they do appear in large numbers and alongside other enemies.
Fishmen posses traits of sea creatures but also those of the undead. They are hunched and have twisted skulls, specifically the jaw which is more fishlike than human. Some have dorsal fins and webbed toes and fingers. On top of that they seem to be covered in barnacles. They're very reminiscent of Davy Jones' crew from the Pirates of the Caribbean films.
Fishmen can be found crafting green lanterns (explodable) and harvesting something near empty shells, probably eggs.
They come in 5 variaties
-Spearman: You'll run into these first, they have a very predictably charge and stab and aren't too difficult to kill.
-Javelin Thrower: Somewhat harder than the spearman but they clearly signal their attacks and their spears are not too hard to dodge. When up close, a Javelin Thrower will resort to fighting like a spearman.
-Forkwielder (Harvester): They dual wield small rakes and can be found harvesting something near empty shells. Their attack pattern is similar to that of enlarged head patients.
-Cleaver: This one is probably the most dangerous, they have a grab attack where they repeatedly smash their cleaver into the player's face. With enough health/defenses the player can survive this attack. They are also capable of normal slashes. They are only found in the village where you first encounter Brador.
-Molotov thrower: Fishmen that are often found in higher ground or behind a group of fishmen. They toss fire damage molotovs that damage the hunter. Rolling and quickstep is effective. Beware, if these fiery molotovs land near the glowing orange, explosive glass spheres, these will trigger them, causing fire damage to anything nearby, even other fishmen. Shooting these explosives will also trigger them.


  • Very weak to fire.
  • Avoid getting grabbed by fishermen with cleavers, this attack deadly. Cleaver Fishmen can only be found in the village where you first encounter Brador.
  • Struggling if grabbed by cleaver fishmen, or most bosses, moving the movement sticks, spamming r1, r2, l1, l2, not really sure, will make the hunter stop the final cut with his hand and push it off. Note that its a lot of work as you have to press and fiddle an awful lot. However you take less damage.
  • Many of them deal thrust dmg.


Insert Location HP Echoes (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%
Insert Location HP Echoes (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%

Notes & Trivia

  • They have red human blood and slimy green blood.

  1. Amygdala
  2. Beast Claw Hunter
  3. Beast Cutter Hunter
  4. Beast-possessed Soul
  5. Beast-possessed Soul (Mob)
  6. Bell Holder
  7. Black Widow
  8. Blood Dobermann
  9. Blood Gel
  10. Blood-Starved Beast
  11. Bloodletting Beast
  12. Bloodsucking Beast
  13. Bloody Crow of Cainhurst
  14. Bone Ash Hunter
  15. Boom Hammer Hunter
  16. Bosses
  17. Brador
  18. Brain of Mensis
  19. Brain Trust
  20. Brainsucker
  21. Brick Troll
  22. Cainhurst Hunter
  23. Carrion Crow
  24. Celestial Centipede
  25. Celestial Emissary
  26. Chapel Giant
  27. Chime Maiden
  28. Church Doctor
  29. Cleric Beast
  30. Crawler
  31. Darkbeast Paarl
  32. Deep Sea Hound
  33. Djura
  34. Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
  35. Enlarged Head Giant
  36. Enlarged Head Patients
  37. Ethereal Walker
  38. Executioner
  39. Eye Collector
  40. Father Gascoigne
  41. Fishwitch
  42. Gel
  43. Gravekeeper Scorpion
  44. Graveyard Hags
  45. Greater Viper Pit
  46. Hamlet Fishmen
  47. Henryk
  48. Hostile Choir Hunter
  49. Hostile Hunters
  50. Hunter Mob
  51. Hunting Dog
  52. Keeper of the Old Lords
  53. Keeper's Hunting Dog
  54. Labyrinth Mole
  55. Labyrinth Rat
  56. Large Huntsman
  57. Lightning Summoner
  58. Loran Cleric
  59. Mad One
  60. Madman
  61. Maneater Boar (Mob)
  62. Mannequin
  63. Martyr Logarius
  64. Merciless Watcher
  65. Merciless Watcher (Mob)
  66. Mergo's Attendant
  67. Mergo's Wet Nurse
  68. Mi-Go Zombie
  69. Micolash, Host of the Nightmare
  70. Moon Presence
  71. Nightmare Huntsman
  72. Old Yharnam Beast
  73. Old Yharnam Hunter (Mob)
  74. One Reborn
  75. Piercing Rifle Hunter
  76. Pthumerian Descendant
  77. Pthumerian Undead
  78. Rat
  79. Reaper
  80. Ritual Master
  81. Rom, the Vacuous Spider
  82. Saif Hunter
  83. Shadow of Yharnam
  84. Shadow of Yharnam (Mob)
  85. Shark-Giant
  86. Silver Lady
  87. Silverbeast
  88. Slime Scholar
  89. Slug
  90. Snail Woman
  91. Snatcher
  92. Sorrowful Emissary
  93. Tomb Guardian
  94. Tomb Inspector Hunter
  95. Tormented Nanny
  96. Undead Amalgam
  97. Undead Giant
  98. Undead Giant (Mob)
  99. Vengeful Specter
  100. Vermin Host

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    • Anonymous

      Two of the cleaver fishmen also appear in the hut where you find the Harrowed set, not just in the latter half of the village. I'd argue the most dangerous one of all is found in this hut, because if you don't know he's there, he'll drop down from the rafters and use his momentum to instantly pin you down and initiate the grab attack. The other is casually hacking away at the corpse of the Hunter that grants the Harrowed set.

      Also keep in mind that they appear to gain hyper armor when they reach out to grab you, so instead of trying to disrupt the attack, just dodge backwards.

      • Read the accursed brew item description. The raid at the fishing hamlet also involved searching for eyes inside their skulls. Line our eyes with brains was Master Willems advice on how to ascend and Kin are ascended humans, closer to great one status, but not quite there. I think the many parasites from the corpse of Kos converted the people into fishmen kin. There are many slugs and obviously alien creepy crawlies everywhere. As food in barrels and on corpses. Ive also tried visceral attacking one, no red blood, just a discolored liquid similar to Kin blood.

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