Undead Giant

General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
3175 1425 Pthumeru Chalice Adept Blood Gemstone (2)
12768 11267 Lower Pthumeru Chalice Adept Blood Gemstone (3)
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
132/170 158 92 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
132 160 120 70
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
300 180 No No

Undead Giant (死体の巨人 lit. "Corpse Giant") is a Chalice Dungeon Boss in Bloodborne.

Undead Giant Information

The boss comes in multiple varieties. All varieties have the same standard shape, with a torso, head, two arms and two legs.

  1. Variant 1: Two blades in place of the lower half of its arms.
  2. Variant 2: A large cannon on the left arm, and a blade on the right. This one is so far unique, in that it has a ranged attack.
  3. Variant 3: A large club for smashing on the right arm, and a large scythe like blade on the right. Also has several ball and chains attached to its back.






Combat Information

  • He is weak to fire, so Molotovs not only do good damage but stagger him, allowing for free attacks.
  • He is also weak to bolt, Tiny Tonitrus with high Arcane stat will do a very high damage to him.
  • Beast Roar occasionally protects you from the direct hit of cannon by deflecting it, it immediate explodes when it's caught by the roar and you can still get hurt by the explosion, however.
  • The boss has a kind of lump on his right leg (Melee), left shoulder (Cannon), or left leg (Chain) if you hit it multiple times it will explode taking a huge chunk of his HP.
  • His attacks do very high damage and are AoE. Because of this, the best dodging strategy is to dodge through his attack and get behind him. He can't hit you behind him unless he does a telegraphed spin attack or a AoE ground pound to get you, which are both easily dodged.
  • Be mindful of only attacking after having dodged an attack from him, attacking him from behind is key. You should get at least two hits on him before backing off, rinse and repeat this strategy and he should go down without much trouble.
  • The hammer fist variant with the ball and chains is capable of instantly killing the player with his hammer fist, but is extremely slow and predictable. Approach with extreme caution, and play the fight very safe and cautiously. In low health this variant gives a very few safe openings to attack him so consider finishing him off with poison knives as he can be poisoned.
  • The cannon variant shoots the cannon at long range twice in a row, run directly at him during this to get in some free hits and then back out. Watch out at mid range, as he can shoot the ground in front of him.



Attack Name Attack Description
Scythe Swings Swings the weapon once or twice. (Melee)
Kick Kick or stomps the hunter once or repeatedly. (All)
Axe Swing Swings the axe horizontally or vertically once or twice. (Cannon)
Strong Axe Swing Swings the axe with a timed delay. (Cannon, 50% health or below)
Cannon Fires cannon for 1-4 times (Cannon, will fire within melee range at 50% health or below)
180 degree swing  
Smash with 2 arms AoE wave slam, does that when they reach 50% health. (Melee & Chain)
Jump attack Leaps toward the hunter. (Melee)
Lunging Swing Lunges toward the player with the sickle on its left arm. Causes the chains on its back to flail around. (Chain)
360 degree spin Spins himself along with the chains, has very wide range. (Chain)


Video Strategies

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Strategy 1 (General Tips)

The Undead Giant's attacks are generally slow and telegraphed, but deal extremely high damage if they connect.

While the attacks differ slightly for each form, there are many consistencies when fighting each. His attacks normally have good forward range and sweep around to his sides, so the safest way to avoid them are to dodge towards in order to get behind him to attack.

This will only provide a brief opening however, as all three giants utilize a quick spin attack when the player gets behind them.

The spin attack has very short range however, and simply dodging away will allow the player to avoid damage. Each giant will also utilize a slam AOE attack when below 50 percent life. It deals high damage, but the AOE is very small behind the giant.

Should you be at the giants feet when he initiates the attack, the safest thing to do is run/dodge behind him.

Each giant also has a huge deformed bulbous growth somewhere on their body. Attacking it repeatedly will cause it to burst, dealing high damage and stunning the giant.

It is recommended to attack the growth once the giant falls below 50 percent health as he becomes much more dangerous then, and the burst damage can help finish him off. He is fairly resistant to elements, but bolt works the best if utilizing paper or elemental weapons.

The left shoulder growth of the Cannon Giant can he directly hit with Burial Blade vertical slam once he swings his axe horizontally for the second time. Always bait the giant to swing his weapon twice so you can hit him without problem. at 50% health, his horizontal swing is occasionally replaced by a timed horizontal powerswing which doesn't swing twice.

The hammer giant has a deadly lunge attack when below 50 percent life that has a teleprahed wind up and should be sprinted directly away from to avoid the swipe and ball and chains connected to his back.

The cannon giant wil sometimes shoot the ground in front of him for high damage with nearly no wind up, and this attack can be difficult to avoid. Once he goes below 50 percent life stay close to him, utilize pillars to approach him, or circle him as you approach to discourage use of the cannon.

Finally, the scythe giant is fairly straightforward, just beware his jump attack when he falls below 50 percent life. Like the cannon giant, staying close to him can discourage use of this attack.

Strategy 2 (Ranged Arcane + Bloodtinge)

For Hunters with high Bloodtinge and Arcane (preferably 40), Tiny Tonitrus combined with the use of Bloodbullet will make the fight completely trivial, not only it deals high damage, it has chance to stagger and even parry the Giant, allowing Visceral Attack to be executed (Oedon Writhe can be extremely useful as it allows Quicksilver Bullets to be replenished with Visceral Attack). Should it be still alive, one can shoot him with Bone Ash Evelyn, and if 10 shots weren't enough, use Oil Urn and Molotov to bring him down.

Strategy 3 (for the Chains variant)

The variant with the club and sickle is possibly the hardest and most frustrating variant to fight due to the chains on its back flailing around with some of its heavier attacks. These chains can deal heavy damage on their own, and often catch players off-guard by swinging immediately after the Giant's arm-attacks. This variant also has a spin attack which has a small telegraph time and can one-shot most players.

1.) For the 1st stage (>50% health), bait the Giant into using its chain spin attack by sticking to its sides and rear. T rain yourself to recognize the tell it does before the attack. The chains usually cover more than a 360-degree range, which means that dodging to the side or under the Giant can cause you to get hit immediately after your dodge, so dodge directly away from the giant (or back-step) when the chains come swinging in. Follow up your dodge with an attack immediately afterwards, and make sure you're using a quick enough weapon to let yourself dodge the next attack (R1 with transformed Whirligig Saw worked for me).

Repeat this until the Giant gets down to 50% health, which it telegraphs with a double-arm smash that unleashes a powerful shock wave, knocking back players in the immediate vicinity.

2.) For the 2nd stage, the Giant gains a few more nasty attacks, one of which is the aforementioned shock wave slam. This attack can be countered in the same manner as the spin attack in phase 1. Another attack to watch out for is when the Giant reels back its sickle arm while moving forward, and finishes with a heavy lunge attack. The nasty part is that it also sends its back-chains flying around its left flank. Dodging forward directly under its sickle arm as it swings should cause the chains to fly safely over your head, allowing for a follow-up to the Giant's back.

Keep these 3 heavy attacks in mind, and if it raises its club, be careful not too dodge to early as this move has good tracking. After recognizing this strategy and adjusting to it over the course of a couple attempts, I was able to go from using all my vials and getting killed before it had 25% health left to using 5 at most and killing it without many problems.


Notes & Trivia

  • Cannon variant and two blade variant can be encountered as a rare regular enemy in chalice dungeons. More often in high difficulty root chalice dungeons and if additional rites are used to create the dungeon.



    • Anonymous

      30 Nov 2018 14:39  

      God this game is f*****g many luck based bosses do they have? Abhorrent beast, Descendant, Darkbeast, and now this dude? As cool as some bosses are, this game is one of the worst I played. The hitboxes are awful, you can pretty much do nothing to reduce any damage ( runes give MAX 7% at a SINGLE type of damage ) and the bosses combos are literally never ending with the most insane range. The club version is one of the worst bosses of all time. You lose around 90% of your health ( even if slightly overleveled, and spending a bunch on vitality) with EVERY attack, it hits you all around it, it can almost never be dodged, and worst of all is the freaking chain 360 attack. Unless you are really far away, you will NO MATTER WHAT die, ecause it is an instant kill with insane reach in a 360 degree. And of course, there’s pretty much no opening to attack it Fromsoftware: F**k you!!! The trolls of game developers right here...

      • Anonymous

        26 Nov 2018 05:10  

        I defeated the canon variant in a cursed rotted fettid chalice, at first it was very frustrating as he just kept nearly one shotting me with the canon hit box or when i got him to second phase with his bs smash. My strategy was to use the bloodletter bait the canon, hit two times, dodge, get close, hit two times and repeat, didn't hit the disgusting thing on his shoulder untill second phase, then burst that thing spam some nice r1 and my nightmare was over

        • Anonymous

          28 Jul 2018 19:20  

          For the cannon variants, I suggest keeping a distance to bait their cannonballs, then dash toward them and slightly toward the left as they ready the cannon and strike. It's fairly easy to clear the distance before they even fire the cannonball, and if you're far enough to the side, the cannonball should fly right past you without effect even if you're not quite close enough yet. Back up again and repeat. The other reason to keep your distance is to avoid those damn close-range cannon blasts, where he shoots the ground in front of him with no warning, likely killing you on the spot in cursed dungeons. This method makes him the easiest version of the boss, and almost always opens him up for a visceral.

          As for the others... I got nothing. Maybe throw some oil at them? They're a real test of patience...

          • Anonymous

            29 Jun 2018 11:22  

            After 700+ hours between all the souls games I didn't think there could possibly be a boss to make me this frustrated and salty. And on the first fucking level of the first fucking chalice dungeon I made. These hitboxes would be comical if I wasn't so fucking mad. Maybe I'm just bad I don't know I cheesed him with firebombs ask me if I give a fuck I dont

            • Anonymous

              27 Jun 2018 22:22  

              I had to get help with the beckoning bell, but he was extremely damaged and stayed back the whole fight, blunt weapons along with fire paper should be effective, i used the transformed kirk hammer, and he took a good amount of damage

              • Anonymous

                05 Jun 2018 04:19  

                Simons Bowblade on a decent Skill/BT build can make this fight a cakewalk. Pepper him with arrows and keep your distance.

                • Anonymous

                  28 May 2018 19:55  

                  400 blood vials later and I beat the one in the third Pthumerian labyrinth. I’m a level 54 with 26 skill and 25 arcane. I’m using a +6 Threaded Cane and a +6 Flamesprayer. I had the cane in cane form, not whip form, for the majority of the fight. I attacked his right leg repeatedly, and dodged right for every attack. If I ever found myself behind him, I’d roll away to avoid the chain attack. Eventually, I damaged the right leg enough for him to fall down and allow a visceral. I then proceeded to do the same to his left leg, and continued dodging right. After getting the visceral from his left leg, I transformed the cane into whip form so I could work on popping his boil. Once the boil was popped, he was going berserk. I consumed one Bone Marrow Ash, and finished him off with the Flamesprayer. I had to dodge once, which cancelled the bone marrow ash, but he was low enough health that it didn’t really matter. I hope this helps someone.

                  • Anonymous

                    20 May 2018 05:06  

                    What worked for me, after screwing around with several different strats on the third chalice, second level boss (club/scythe variant):

                    +5 Ludwig's Holy Blade (20 STR), transformed with 10 bone marrow ashes on a +6 repeating pistol. Save the ashes for the end of the fight.

                    This strat is mostly about learning the range of the boss's attacks--especially the scythe and chains in the second phase--and patience. The giant has a HUGE recovery time after all attacks, particularly after the second phase chain swing and any 270-degree scythe swipes. Bait his attacks, jump back, and when he's in recovery do a running jump attack or, if you have time, a charged R2. Enough hits, especially overhand hits to the head, will stagger him and leave him open for at least one visceral--more if you've been consistent.

                    With this strat you stay in front of him and basically have to lead him in circles around the arena, being mindful of your perimeter and how much space there is between him and you. The major thing, like with most Soulsborne bosses, is not getting greedy/impatient; because you're in the line of his attacks, you need to get in your hit(s) and get out as quickly as possible, then go back to leading him around and baiting him to a big attack you can avoid and then dart in to punish. Even though he gains the chain spin attack in phase two, he doesn't increase his pace to chase after you--it's a very slow and steady fight that gets ugly if you try to speed through it.

                    • Anonymous

                      08 May 2018 01:42  

                      Took me an hour to beat this asshole in cursed Ilhyl chalice. Shits 1 shots you with chains on cub smash. So frustrating.

                      • Anonymous

                        29 Apr 2018 05:39  

                        The poison comment is inaccurate. The Layer Two variant, at least, can be "poisoned" (as in he'll show the poison aura effect), but will not lose health for it.

                        • Anonymous

                          21 Apr 2018 01:02  

                          This boss isn't THAT bad if you make use of the puss bag/boil on his right butt cheek. The key though is to wait to pop it after his first phase, preferably when his health is to around one third so that you can basically one-shot him when you finally hit it. Then the fight doesn't take 20 minutes.

                          • Anonymous

                            08 Apr 2018 10:29  

                            I just shot him into nirvana. Give him hitboxes that makes sense then I will bother killing him close combat some day maybe.

                            • Anonymous

                              01 Apr 2018 21:47  

                              This boss is fucking cheap on cursed dungeon
                              Pretty much as soon as i entered the room,this asshole killed me with one hit from jumping attack.

                              • Anonymous

                                31 Mar 2018 14:30  

                                Easily one of the worst of the soulsborne bosses. Not only can he constantly one shot you, but the best way to fight him requires you to only hit him once every 10 seconds. So broken, so boring, definitely one of the worst parts of the already terrible chalice dungeons.

                                • Anonymous

                                  17 Mar 2018 05:03  

                                  5+ Ludwig holy blade transforme d fully charged r2 somehow did half of his health. Was it a critical hit? Because I had never seen that happen before.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    11 Mar 2018 09:29  

                                    Here are a few tips for the third chalice layer two boss: always keep your distance, bait him to do the scythe+chainball combo and hit him ONLY ONCE. I evaded to his left (your right) during the club attack and he always missed. Always keep your health full, I had 35 VIG and got one shotted 6 times. Finally killed him last night with LHB +8, transformed mode, BL 90. Hope this helps fellow hunters

                                    • Anonymous

                                      23 Feb 2018 14:33  

                                      On third chalice, this boss is annoying. After reach third phase you get so little opening, he spam spinning chain attack and slamming ground which can be instant kill. You either try poke it slowly or throw poison dagger / cocktail. It's just boring boss to fight.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        13 Feb 2018 05:47  

                                        I’d rather face the orphan of kos with a broken weapon, no healing, no ammo then face one of these things!

                                        Aside from the fight being BORING as heck due to his one shot kills and constantly needing to jump in and out all the time, it’s just annoys me I have such a hard time with these monsters outside of my arcane build. With an arcane build i have no problem. Just DSE him to death or hit him with a well timed accursed brew. Dose way more damage at 2 bullets then a cannon with 12.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          24 Jan 2018 05:12  

                                          Every time I think I'm doing well against the cannon variant, it *****ing blasts the ground right in front of itself with absolutely no warning, killing me instantly...

                                          I will say this: transformation attacks, transformation attacks, transformation attacks.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            08 Jan 2018 02:24  

                                            For the chains variant in Lower Pthumeru: +7 Holy Blade (transformed mode) with 25/25 Skill/Bloodtinge, along with ten Bone Marrow Ash (I used six) and the Repeating Pistol +6. For the first half of the fight, learn the range of his hook attacks and the club slam. He has extremely slow recovery, especially from the hook swipe; if you're just out of his range, you have enough time to step a bit closer and R2 him for good damage. If you can save hitting the swollen wound thing on his right thigh for later, you can push him almost all the way through his second phase. Once he enters the second phase, switch to the pistol (buffed with ash), staying as close to the outside of the chains as you can.

                                            • 25 Nov 2017 07:10  

                                              so I see alot of people are still having problems with this boss, so I would like to add something I learned, to hopefully help any other hunters out.wait for him to finish his attack, dash forward and attack once, then start walking backwards after you attack, and then dodge (alot of times you dont need to dodge unless he tries to kick you or use his vertical hammer slam). this might seem like its over simple, but pretty much all of the undead giants moves are aimed right at were you would be if you just dodge backwards. the chain spin move only activates if you pop the boil, or you are right behind him, and if you notice, he does a 180 degree turn. the safe zone of his spin move is right in front of him, which is where he will be if you walk back wards and wait patiently for him to spin. his wind up spin move that moves forward can be dodged by dashing backwards and letting him come to you. his horizontal scythe and vertical club move can all be dodged by dashing to the right and attacking. with the vertical hammer move, make sure to dodge twice before attacking and be prepared for a horzontal scythe move to follow his vertical hammer. his vertical scythe can be dodged by walking backwards and waiting to dash forwards and attack. you can probably get more than one hit on him at a time, but that is how he gets you. alot of his moves are timed to give you just enough time to get one hit in and to safely retreat. using this strategy: I was hit four times, I got two visceral attacks, and it took me four mins to complete. while it's slow, any build with any amount of health can use it and beat him no problem. hopefully this helped, and I'm not coming off as being condescending, but walking backwards is the true weakness of this boss. I really struggled with this boss and considered giving up on the chalice dungeons before I figured this out, so hopefully this helps any hunters that might be struggling with this boss too. good luck good hunters, and send me a response if this helped in any way.

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