Pthumeru Chalice

pthumeru chalice

Ritual chalice found in the Church of the Good Chalice.

Use in a ritual at the tomb altar in the Hunter's Dream to break the seal of the old underground labyrinth.

Let the chalice reveal the tomb of the gods; let blood be the hunter's nourishment.

...And let ye partake in communion...

Pthumeru Chalice is a Chalice Item in Bloodborne. Combining the Materials listed below in the Chalice will create a Chalice Dungeon. You must be at one of the Tomb Altars in Hunter's Dream to do this. This dungeon is static and never changes Bosses, design, or loot.


Pthumeru Chalice Information





  1. Undead Giant
  2. Merciless Watchers and Chieftain
  3. Watchdog of the Old Lords







 Lucians sword lg



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    • Anonymous

      Im replaying bloodborne for the nth time rn and I thought this dungeon was randomized, because it was so challenging, but turns out this is how it was always? I thought i remembered the bosses being really easy for the first one like the fat pig and smaller beasts lol

      • Anonymous

        Fuckin' celestial chalice, I was farming for some insight and I stumbled onto the weird enviroment.
        I got 2 triangles from the bloodsuckers in the first layer, and it's better to keep this chalice until level 120.

        • Anonymous

          So I'm extremely new to the soulsborne series and would like to know if it's a good idea to do this chalice after having beat the BSB or if it would be too challenging for me

          • Anonymous

            In the area with the lever to unlock the first door, if you time it right, without raising aggro directly from the child maiden, if you sit at the top after killing everything, the maiden's spawns go off and die, in 7 second-9second repeating pattern, 27 echoes each. Ended up leaving mine for a couple of hours, netted 33000 echoes, has anyone else had a similar thing?

            • Anonymous

              I didn't get the chalice when I beat the BSB. Could explain why I didn't get it or if I missed something?

              • Anonymous

                You should edit these chalice posts and write how many layers there are. I believe there are 3 on this chalice. Since ive beat the last boss and cant seem to find a door to go anywhere else.

                • Anonymous

                  Before new game plus i do get the chalice, but after i started new game plus i lost all my chalice and after i defeated the boss i get no chalice too, anybody have this issue?

                  • Anonymous

                    I am just getting back into Bloodborne again and I can't find my Pthumeru chalice or ritual. I killed the B.L.B. and remembered getting the chalice then, but I didn't want to use it yet so I put it in the box at Hunter's dream for later. Now I get back into playing it with the new DLC and I can't find it. WTF! Am I just screwed now, or is there something I can do besides restarting my whole game? I'm too far ahead to want to start over.

                    • Anonymous

                      There is a switch on the floor just to the right of the last boss gate switch. If facing the gate switch, it is about two steps backwards and two step to the right. Anyone know what it does?

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