Armor, or Attire is protective equipment for the player character in Bloodborne. Characters can equip protective gear in four different body slots: Head, Chest, Arms and Legs. Attire or Armor is often comprised of "Sets", with a uniform, matching look and similar protective characteristics.

    • Anonymous

      17 Jun 2020 02:27  

      If you want to look badass just put the old hunter hat, charred hunter garb, charred hunter gloves and old hunter trousers.

      • Anonymous

        26 Dec 2019 08:45  

        Man, i love the knight helm with crow chest, but i hate being associated with the bloody crow of cainhurst

        • Anonymous

          30 Nov 2019 01:17  

          Old Hunter Cap, Old Hunter Garb, Hunter Gloves, Black Church Trousers, and a male character for easy and satisfying fashion.

          • Anonymous

            01 Jan 2019 00:55  

            okay wtf, why does the female outfit for "old hunter set" have a top hat and the male doesnt 2018 is *****ed and I hope 2019 is gonna be better

            • Anonymous

              30 Jul 2018 07:05  

              Some of my favorite fashion combos:

              { Female and male characters }
              - Spooky crow reaper: Beak mask, Madman garb, Henryk's gloves, Yharnam leggings
              - Dumbass: Enlarged head, Choir garb, Graveguard manchettes, Graveguard kilt (wearing Graveguard kilt with the Choir garb removes the kilt and reveals over-sized, floppy moccasins)
              - The breadwinner: Top hat/Maria hat/Yamamura hat, Foreign garb, Knight gloves, Gehrman's trousers
              - Dignified hunter: Maria hat, Hunter garb B, Old Hunter gloves, Maria leggings
              - Scarecrow (AKA "Hunter of Hunters of Hunters"): Bone Ash mask, Gehrman's garb, Henryk's gloves, Henryk's leggings
              - Nasty beast: (Equip "Beast's Embrace" Oath) Any hat and gloves will do since they'll be hidden, no top, Bone Ash leggings. Some tops make it look like your chest is still normal when in beast form, but removing your top altogether reveals the rest of your malformities.

              { Female characters }
              - Historically-accurate plague doctor: Beak mask, Black Church garb, Choir gloves, Black Church skirt (best with Threaded Cane)
              - "The Raven": Beak mask, Black Church garb, Choir gloves, Knight skirt
              - A pirate: Maria hat, White Church garb, Harrowed gloves, Maria leggings
              - My grandma, Maude: Black Church hat, Tomb Prospector garb, Constable's gloves, Black Church skirt (equip Gatling Gun for full effect)

              { Male characters }
              - None because male-specific clothes mostly suck with the exception of the Knight set but it can be paired with a lot of stuff so I'm not gonna bother listing all the options

              • Anonymous

                22 Apr 2018 03:52  

                Why does armor always look better on the male character model? Do game devs seriously not think girls play these games and would like to have outfits that don't look like complete garbage?

                • Anonymous

                  06 Apr 2017 16:24  

                  Literally, half of the girls' pics aren't showing up at all. It just has an "x" in a square. It's been this way for moths. Can someone seriously fix this? It's been asked before but there has been no change. I'm going to start spamming these if they aren't fixed soon...

                  • Anonymous

                    The Charred Hunter Set problem26 Jul 2016 15:39  

                    I go to the location of where the Charred hunter set is but its not there, the rifle spear was there and the dead body on the chair but nothing to loot from the body. Help?

                    • Anonymous

                      Spoilers05 Jul 2016 14:36  

                      I get that having a burning building in the background makes for a dramatic photo but that's kind of a spoiler for those who haven't gotten to that point in the game.

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