Yharnam Hunter Set

yarnham hunter set
physical DEF 250 bolt DEF 250
VS blunt 230 slow poison RES 116
VS thrust 250 rapid poison RES 98
blood DEF 220 frenzy RES 101
arcane DEF 230 beasthood 116
fire DEF 270  

Yharnam Hunter Set is an Attire or Armor in Bloodborne.



Yharnam Hunter Set

"Ludwig, the first hunter of the Healing Church, once recruited Yharnamites to serve as hunters.
This hunter's attire was made for new recruits, and has excellent straightforward defense.
But not nearly enough to allow an ordinary man to stand any real chance against the beasts."



Yharnam Hunter Set Location




  • This Attire looks different on male and female hunters.





Yharnam Hunter Set Pieces

physical DEF
VS blunt
VS thrust
blood DEF
arcane DEF
fire DEF
bolt DEF
slow poison RES
rapid poison RES
frenzy RES
yarnham hunter cap
Yharnam Hunter Cap 50 40 40 40 50 50 50 16 13 14 16
yarnham hunter garb
Yharnam Hunter Garb 110 80 90 90 80 100 90 48 40 41 48
yarnham hunter gloves
Yharnam Hunter Gloves 40 50 60 40 50 60 50 25 22 22 25
yarnham hunter trousers
Yharnam Hunter Trousers 50 60 60 50 50 60 60 27 23 24 27
  Totals 250 230 250 220 230 270 250 116 98 101 116


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    • Anonymous

      The female version of this set is one of the best looking outfits in the entire game, especially if you pair it with the withered cap from the standard Hunter set.
      The male version of this set is one of the dumbest looking outfits I have ever seen FromSoft produce.

      • Anonymous

        Supposedly, the last sentence in the description is meant to imply that the Healing Church fully expected the majority of Hunters to be killed, regardless of their equipment quality.

        This further suggets that:

        - Ludwig and the Church recruited Hunters cynically, as glorified cannon fodder, overstating their chances of individual survival

        - The Church didn't actually want too many Hunters to survive too many Hunts, because the Church secretly knew Hunters would be prone to transforming into Beasts themselves as a consequence of their work, with the most effective Hunters becoming the most dangerous Beasts of all

        • Anonymous

          Looks like a professional monster slayer. Goes especially well with Henryk’s cap, most gloves, and most leggings. All the parts of this set are quite conductive to adding a good bit of particular resistances without sacrificing too much of others AND still looking fashionable.

          • Anonymous

            This is literally the only thing in the entire game that will make me play a female character. The male version of this set looks stupid, but that female version is so *****ing cool. Use the Hunter's Cap instead for maximum badass.

            • Anonymous

              Both gender versions of this are top notch fashion souls, although the female version in particular is amazing imo.

              • Anonymous

                "But not nearly enough to allow an ordinary man to stand any real chance against the beasts."

                Has arguably the best overall defense of any set of Attire in the game.

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