Charred Hunter Set

physical DEF 230 bolt DEF 140
VS blunt 200 slow poison RES 61
VS thrust 160 rapid poison RES 78
blood DEF 210 frenzy RES 96
arcane DEF 120 beasthood 121
fire DEF 290  

Charred Hunter Set is an Attire or Armor in Bloodborne.


Charred Hunter Set Information

"One of the staple articles of hunter attire, fashioned at the workshop.

A product of the scourge of the beast that once plagued Old Yharnam and culminated in the town's fiery cleansing.

Designed to be highly resistant to fire. Wearers of this attire hunted down victims of the scourge who survived the raging flames and stench of singed blood"



Charred Hunter Set Location

  • On the top floor of a hidden building in Old Yharnam. From the area you fight the first NPC (not Djura), drop down where the railing is missing in a corner and land on the ledges below.




  • The Charred set is the what the player character is wearing in the 'Project Beast' trailers.
  • It is believed the set belongs to Powder Kegs members, as suggested by the note left by Djura.
  • Features incredibly high Fire Defense (as the description suggests), and is the most fire resistant attire available as well as having only slightly lower frenzy resistance than the ashen hunter set. However, the set has low Thrust, Arcane, and Bolt defense.



Charred Hunter Set Pieces

physical DEF
VS blunt
VS thrust
blood DEF
arcane DEF
fire DEF
bolt DEF
slow poison RES
rapid poison RES
frenzy RES
charred hunter garb
Charred Hunter Garb 110 100 70 100 40 140 60 29 37 45 58
charred hunter gloves
Charred Hunter Gloves 60 40 40 50 40 70 40 15 20 24 30
charred hunter boots
Charred Hunter Trousers 60 60 50 60 40 80 40 17 21 27 33
  Totals 230 200 160 210 120 290 140 61 78 96 121


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    • Anonymous

      I love the gloves, they're so ornate. Makes me wish even more that they'd give this game a PS4 Pro or PS5 patch to play in a higher resolution, it's tough to appreciate how beautiful a lot of these little details are.

      • Anonymous

        I think it would've been a fun little reference to give this set very low poison resists, because back in the day fireproof coats were literally made with asbestos lol. Ur hunter isn't burning to death but they are getting mesothelioma and are definitely entitled to blood echo compensation

        • Anonymous

          This combined with the hunter mask and the chikage makes you feel anime AF. A Rouge hunter with a heart of gold. Like ninja Gaiden

          • So I may have found the absolute worst way to get this set.

            I had already killed Djura since he didn't offer me peace (badass fight btw), and went back up to the top of the building where you go down the ladder to fight the other hunter. Lining myself up with the wall, I jumped onto it and edged down until I was in the dip with the explosive pots on the left. From there, I dropped down onto the railing in front of the hole where you usually come out of after getting the set, backed up a bit, and rolled into it.

            At the time, I had no idea the other way existed because I never bothered to go get this set (and because I'd never killed Djura before and didn't wanna aggro him on the off chance a beast hit me). Looking at the normal way now, it definitely looks like a fall you shouldn't be able to survive lol.

            • Anonymous

              If you're looking for a 'canon' head piece to wear with this since it doesn't come with one; Djura wears this set in the concept art with his eye patch hat. Djura's ally also wears this set with the black hood and goes good with it.

              • Anonymous

                Djura was stated to have three companions. One attacks you beneath his tower. The second carries the Gatling Gun in the Hunter's Nightmare. The corpse upon which you find this set must be the third. That being said, is this set the standard issue garb of the Powder Kegs?

                • Anonymous

                  If you use the black hood with this set, it's djura's friends outfit, also the same as the gattling gun hunter in the dlc

                  • Anonymous

                    Anyone notice that some of the Hunter corpses with loot on them wear this set minus the cape and left metal glove, in addition to the Yharnam Hunter's Cap? Thought it was neat, but makes me with I could have a capeless one. A good one to see this on is the corpse that holds the Choir set.

                    • Anonymous

                      When wearing the chestpiece of this set, enemy villagers will occasionally say "You're better off dead!" while attacking you.

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