Noble Dress

Armor Type Chest
Set N/A
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
50 60 40 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_DEF.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
130 60 40 70
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg frenzy_RES.jpg beasthood.jpg
23 31 27 38

Noble Dress is a Chest Armor (Attire) in Bloodborne.


Noble Dress Information

" A finely tailored bordeaux dress.
Worn by the nobles of the old bloodline that traces back to the forsaken Castle Cainhurst."



Noble Dress Information

  • Can be sold to the Bath Messengers for 1200 Blood Echoes




  • Chest at cainhurst castle behind the first door up the stairs to the left next to the tables



Player Notes

  • This is the dress worn by Arianna
  • Player notes
  • ???










    • Anonymous

      Plan05 Jul 2016 14:45  

      Step 1: Equip this dress. Step 2: Put on Arianna's Shoes. Step 3: Surgical Long Gloves. Step 4: Knight's Wig (It goes with my girl character's silver hair) Step 5: Have the Threaded Cane and the Evelyn Gun as weapons. Step 6: Be the most refined, well-dressed Hunter who ever lived. ...Step 7: drench self in blood. (Repeat 7)

      • Anonymous

        Wtf am i doing....05 Jul 2016 14:45  

        Step 1: wear dress Step 2: kill wheelchair dude Step 3: stand in front of now dead wheelchair dude Step 4: pray gesture Step 5: screenshot

        • Anonymous

          No knees05 Jul 2016 14:45  

          I noticed that when I wore this dress with any leggings and attacked that when the dress lifted up the leggings were there but not connected to anything.

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