Arianna, Woman of Pleasure

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Location Drops
Cathedral Ward 590 Blood Echoes
Arianna's Shoes


Arianna, Woman of Pleasure is a non-player character in Bloodborne.

"But...would you even take a whore's blood?"

Arianna Information

Arianna is a prostitute who resides in the Cathedral Ward. You can speak to her at her home as soon as you reach the area, but she won't seek sanctuary until you have defeated at least one boss from either Cathedral Ward, Old Yharnam, Hemwick Charnel Lane or Yahar' Gul the Unseen Village.


  • Arianna is a survivor who is found in the lower Cathedral Ward. Take the narrow stairs down from the big plaza with the 2 church giants, down the narrow sideway with the lantern enemies, to a street with 4 NPC lamps. It's the left hand door at the dead end.
  • Asks for a safe haven when the players interacts with her after defeating 3 bosses. Tell her about the safe haven at Iosefka's Clinic OR Oedon Chapel..
    • Able to send her to Oedon Chapel after killing at least one boss from either Cathedral Ward, Old Yharnam, Hemwick Charnel Lane or Yahar' Gul the Unseen Village.



  • If sent to the Oedon Chapel:
    • She will teach you the "Curtsy" gesture and offer a Blood of Arianna item when you talk to her.
    • Adella the Nun, if present, will get jealous if the player uses Arianna's blood instead of hers, and may kill Arianna after you've accepted 3 vials of Arianna's Blood while she's present.
    • To stop Adella from killing Arianna, simply remove Arianna's Blood Vial from your inventory and instead take Adella's Blood. If you defeat Rom with Adella's Blood in your inventory, Adella will not kill Arianna. Alternatively, if you never accept Arianna's blood, Adella will have nothing to trigger her jealousy and Arianna will be safe.
    • Killing Adella will also prevent Arianna's death.
    • In order to obtain her gesture and her blood, you must speak to her in Oedon Chapel before the Blood Moon.
    • Like other NPCs, Arianna may be killed by the Suspicious Beggar, so it is not advised to send him to the Chapel if any NPC is present.


  • If sent to Iosefka's Clinic:
    • Iosefka will reward you with 2 Numbing Mist and 1 Insight.
    • If you enter the clinic, Arianna can be found in the main hallway gazing through a window. When killed, she will drop her shoes. Arianna will not be aggressive on her own, the Hunter must strike first.
    • If the Young Yharnam Girl was sent to Iosefka's clinic, she will wander the halls as a Celestial Emissary. She will not be hostile towards the player unless they kill Arianna. At which point, the Young Yharnam Girl will begin to attack you. 


  • If you choose to withhold information:
    • Her shoes can eventually be found in Iosefka's Clinic, suggesting she found her own way there.


  • Can she survive? Yes, if you prevent Adella from killing her and don't kill her yourself after she has given birth to the baby, she will live with the nightmarish baby.
  • Can this NPC be an ally? Yes. After killing three bosses in the game, Arianna will ask you if you know of a safe place. Refer her to Oedon Chapel, and she will be sitting in the Cathedral Ward after the next loading screen.
  • Drops: If killed, will give 590 Blood Echoes and Arianna's Shoes (Drops in all areas, including Iosefka's Clinic.)


Quest Line

Follow these steps to get One Third of Umbilical Cord.

  1. After killing at least three bosses and before the Blood Moon is up, speak to her at her home in the lower Cathedral Ward.
  2. When she asks for a safe place, refer her to the Oedon Chapel.
  3. Once you have defeated Micolash, Host of the Nightmare, she'll move to the aqueduct between the Tomb of Odeon and Cathedral Ward lamps. You must kill both Arianna's newborn and Arianna herself in order to acquire One Third of Umbilical Cord and Arianna's Shoes.




"Oh, my, what a queer scent... But I'd take it over the stench of blood and beasts any day. What is it, then? I'm off during hunts, so if that's what you're here for, I'll leave you to your own devices. If that doesn't do it, come back in the morning, darling." - for male hunter.

"Oh, my, what a queer scent... But I'd take it over the stench of blood and beasts any day. What is it, then? I'm off during hunts, and besides, this is no place for ladies. Wouldn't want to drag you down too..." [laughs] - for female hunter.

"Oh, thank goodness. You're a hunter, right? Might you know of a safe place? The night is long and I've very little of the incense left... Please, there must be some nice place to run off to?" (Gives option of telling her)

"Oh, thank you, darling. Maybe I'll see you there!"

"Oh, hello dear. You weren't lying, this is a safe place. Thank you. I am in your debt." 

"I'd like to tender my thanks, but I haven't much to offer...all I can give is my blood. But would you even take a *****'s blood?"

(If refused, or already carrying special blood): "Oh, you. I'm sorry. I'm afraid I can't help you. Unless you've had a change of heart?"

"Oh, hello. The whole town's turned, has it? Quite a big family, aren't we? Though I'm afraid I seem to be the black sheep... Back for my blood, I presume."

"Oh, hello. Come closer. I'm always happy to help."

(after killing Rom, the Vacuous Spider) [hunched over, clutching herself] "Oh, hello there. Forgive me, I'm a bit out of sorts. So, no blood today, okay?"

"Oh...there's something wrong with me..." [moans]

(After giving birth) "It can't be...this is a nightmare..." [sobs and laughs]



  • Arianna falls under the prophecy that is found in Byrgenwerth, "... And when the Great Ones descend, a womb will be blessed with child."
  • Not only does Arianna give birth to a "Child of Blood", but like the Queen, the Blood of Arianna also has special properties.
  • Arianna wears the Noble Dress found in Castle Cainhurst, insinuating she is a descendant of the nobles that lived there. However, Queen Annalise says there are only two Vilebloods remaining when the Hunter accepts the Vileblood rune. This may imply that Queen Annalise is unaware of Arianna's existence, or that the queen doesn't find her to be a true Vileblood, as she's not fulfilling the purpose of her lineage. 
  • Arianna's Blood has a description alluding to her blood being similar to blood forbidden by the healing church, implying that it may be Vileblood.
  • In the banquet hall where the Noble Dress is found, there is a portrait of a woman in a crown holding a blonde infant, which may suggest a connection between Annalise and Arianna.

Other Notes

  1. Arianna can only be sent to Oedon Chapel before the blood moon is up. When the blood moon is up, you will get a message saying "No response".
  2. If you send Arianna to the clinic, you will no longer be able to acquire the third umbilical cord from her infant. 
  3. Despite being killed by Adella, or by the player after killing her child, positioning the camera correctly will reveal that her character model still blinks.
  4. It takes two Pebbles to kill Arianna's newborn. 



    • Anonymous

      10 Jan 2019 19:10  

      I know this is 4 years too late, but after telling Arianna to go to Odeon Chapel and tricking the old man to go there as well, the old man appears there but she doesn't. What did I do wrong?

      • Anonymous

        02 Sep 2018 23:26  

        I might be interpreting the wikia information differently, but in my case Arianna gets sick (presumably the same for most who have invited her to the Oedon Chapel). I didnt use any of her blood, always refused, neither did I send the beggar to the Oedon Chapel. I've carefully followed every NPC's progression throughout my run, but after beating Mergo's wetnurse Arianna just up and dissapeared on me. Adella is still giggling madly in the corner and the old lady ran into a tombstone and died. I can't seem to find her in Iosefka's clinic either. I'm pretty much running out of ideas regarding where she could've fled towards. Not even the Chapel dude gives me any useful information about her leaving, which he does when it concerns the old crone. Hmmm... welp i'll be looking a bit longer and otherwise I can only say don't wait 'till after Mergo's wetnurse to interact with her once again. I must've probably missed my chance between the last time I spoke to her and killing Mergo's Wetnurse...

        • Anonymous

          30 May 2018 23:01  

          I sent her to Oedon, didn't send anyone else there because I didn't want her killed and after defeating Rom I found her shoes in a pool of blood. Checked everywhere, no demon baby. Came back after Micolash and sure enough, no demon baby. These steps/notes clearly missed something.

          • Anonymous

            04 May 2018 18:47  

            So idk if anyone has ever had this happen but I had beaten all bosses including vicar Amelia, and the guy who gives you the stone to move on was at every home in that lane, anyone else have that happen?

            • Anonymous

              18 Mar 2018 07:26  

              A bit late, but it should be noted you can’t actually talk to her in her home with more than 15 insight.

              • Anonymous

                05 Mar 2018 13:59  

                Ok I’m not sure what I did wrong but i fought and defeated every boss up until Vicar and all she would say is the first quote, I only have the old lady from Yharnam and the priest lady from the Hypogean Gaol at the Church. I assumed since she wouldn’t ask for a safe place o could defeat avocado then maybe she would but apparently all the people go missing after the blood moon. What did I do wrong so I can fix it for next playthrough?

                • Anonymous

                  02 Dec 2017 06:38  

                  I thought I might have discovered something that wasn't on here, but nope. Positioning the camera right and seeing "dead" Arianna blink, was trippy.

                  • Anonymous

                    25 Jul 2017 19:28  

                    If you leave the infant Great One alive (I'm assuming it's a Great One because it drops the One Third Umbilical Cord????) and come back later, Arianna's laugh becomes somewhat lower and more malicious, and she doesn't cry as much...

                    • Anonymous

                      02 Jun 2017 10:40  

                      apparently if she's the first npc u send to oedon chapel, then you later send the rest of the npc's there, she has a new dialogue which will she say only once

                      • Anonymous

                        25 Apr 2017 17:07  

                        I would like to state something that came to mind, rather than the blood being from a vileblood being the reason it contains forbidden properties, I think its just saying that her blood is forbidden because shes a prostitute, like most similar cases in video games things from or done by prostitutes tend to be frowned upon by some church or organization

                        • Anonymous

                          23 Apr 2017 08:37  

                          Did anyone posting in here actually understand what they read above? All problems posed by posters were in fact answered. To the people who are mad at the game for not making the umbilical chords progression more obvious, you have no right. You are reading walkthroughs and still screwed up when others read it and do not...

                          • Anonymous

                            22 Apr 2017 02:48  

                            "The text when picking up her shoes after killing the baby for the umbilical cord (will kills Arianna as well)."
                            What the hell is that supposed to mean?

                            • Anonymous

                              07 Feb 2017 00:28  

                              Someone please uncensor the word *****. Its stupid as hell to censor it in here when it's in the damn game

                              • Anonymous

                                31 Jan 2017 16:38  

                                So I read all this and finally lost whole line. For the first, my inner sense has helped me to keep Arianna alive for whole walkthrough, because I've expected she will reward me with something more than the bottle of her blood. As condition 1: I've met her at Cathedral Ward and she has given me her blood and been there for a while. I find out that she has disappeared only after obtaining the cord from Mergo's Wet Nurse. There is no blood near her chair or the old lady nearby is alive and still giving me sedatives, as condition 2: there was no beast in Cathedral Ward, I guess I have killed it or not triggered. Condition 3: I haven't been in Hypogean Gaol so Adella hasn't been in Cathedral Ward even though I have Arianna's blood in the inventory. Condition 4: just in case, Iosefka has been killed for being unfriendly early in game, so when Arianna asks for a safe place there was only one current option. Condition 5: just in case, Gehrman is idling in Hunter's Dream as the boss of the area. I have this following conditions on the quest, and will be very pleased if someone will tell me where exactly I am in this story and what to do next with it?

                                • Anonymous

                                  24 Jan 2017 12:28  

                                  Can't send arianna to the chapel... have beaten vicar amelia and blood starved beast and ive talked to the oedon chapel dweller and the only option i still have when she asks where to go is "no". any clue whats going on?

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