Blood of Arianna

Blood taken from Arianna, Cathedral Ward woman of
pleasure. The sweet blood of Arianna restores HP,
and temporarily speeds stamina recovery.

A member of the old Healing Church would know
that her blood is similar indeed, to precisely what
was once forbidden.

Blood of Arianna is a Consumable Item in Bloodborne.


Arianna's Blood Usage

  • Heals HP and boosts stamina recovery for 20 seconds.



  • Given by Arianna once she moves to the Cathedral Ward lantern.
  • Can only carry 1 at a time, but if you speak to Arianna after using the item, she will give you another.



  • Having the Blood of Adella in your inventory will also prevent you from receiving Arianna's blood.
  • Due to the buff to stamina recovery, it is impossible to use this item while a Beast Blood Pellet is active and vice versa.



  • The reference to her blood being similar to what was once forbidden may imply that Arianna is a Vileblood.





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    • Anonymous

      Taking the blood also has an eerie sound effect! Sounds like small bells, or something like that, until the status effect wears off. Adella's blood, however, doesn't seem to have such a sound effect, even though it gives a boost as well.

      • Anonymous

        Can someone remind me what this means, and what the healing church was all about? There has to be some significance, what with Good blood, Pale blood, Old Blood, Kin Blood, this has to mean this is one of them right? Perhaps consuming a special type of blood frequently has an effect over the course of time?

        • Anonymous

          Is there a certain number of times you can get blood from her? Readon im asking is, i was having a slight diffuculty with the shadow of yharnam boss, so i kept going back to her cuz her blood was helpful during this battle. Well i went back to get more and she was dead! I was wondering if maybe i bled her dry ir if somehow a beast got in there and killed her? Everyone else was still alive though. Im sad shes gone, i liked her lol

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