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A Plain Doll
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Plain Doll is a friendly NPC character in Bloodborne who allows you to level up your stats.

"Just a plain doll."


This character can be found at Hunter's Dream, usually in front of the flight of stairs that leads to the house, but sometimes moves to the tombstone right next to the backdoor of the house. She will be positioned by the tombstone if your character is carrying a large amount of blood echoes upon returning to the dream after a long hunt. After beating the game with a certain condition, she can be found in another location.


  • The plain doll comes to life, and can be interacted with after you gain 1 Insight.
    • You get the first insight by entering the Cleric Beast or Father Gascoigne arena, or by consuming a Madman's Knowledge.
    • If your insight drops back down to zero she will turn back into an inanimate doll. You can still level up but not talk to her.
  • If given the Small Hair Ornament the doll will shed a Tear Stone, which may be used to gain a droplet that can fit in any gem slot.
  • The plain doll sometimes falls asleep.
  • She will gesture back if you do a gesture in front of her. Different gestures yield different responses.
  • You can still level up your stats, by interacting with her broken body, if you decide to kill her (she remains docile even when attacked). She will be revived the next time you return to the hunters dream.
    • This is common for speedruns as it only takes a few hits to kill her, making the leveling screen turn up faster as you do not need to skip through the dialogue. (later NG+ cycles add health, so not worth it after NG)
  • The Plain Doll can sometimes be found at two other spots:
    • Near the Hunter's Nightmare gravestone.
      • Will sometimes recite the prose, blessing the hunter, while praying at the gravestone.
    • Near a grave to the right and slightly behind of where you spawn, on a small clearing.
      • Only in NG+ and beyond, if you've submitted to Gehrman and witnessed the Yharnam Sunrise.
      • That grave is the player's grave from a previous NG cycle; the Doll will mention a hunter she previously knew lies there (will say he or she depending on your character's gender).



When Interacted with:

Welcome home, good hunter. What is it you desire?"

Awakened from sleep:

Ahh, Welcome home, good hunter. I must have drifted off... What is it you desire?"

Upon channeling:

Very well, let the echoes become your strength. Let me stand close. Now shut your eyes..."


Farewell, good hunter. May you find your worth in the waking world."

Talk during beginning:

Hello, good hunter. I am a doll, here in this dream to look after you. Honorable hunter, pursue the echoes of blood, and I will channel them into your strength. You will hunt beasts... and I will be here for you, to embolden your sickly spirit."

"Did you speak with Gehrman? He was a hunter long, long ago, but now serves only to advise them. He is obscure, unseen in the dreaming world. Still, he stays here, in this dream... ...such is his purpose..."

"Ahh, the little ones, inhabitants of the dream... They find hunters like yourself, worship, and serve them. Speak words, they do not, but still, aren't they sweet?"

Talk during early-game:

"Over time, countless hunters have visited this dream. The graves here stand in their memory. It all seems so long ago now..."

Talk during mid-game:

"Hunters have told me about the church. About the gods, and their love. But... do the gods love their creations? I am a doll, created by you humans. Would you ever think to love me? Of course... I do love you. Isn't that how you've made me?"

Talk after Yharnam Sunrise ending(At lone gravestone)

This grave stands in memory of a hunter I once knew. Though enchanted by the dream, he/she remain strong, and eventually saw the light of dawn. …I pray you have found meaning, and comfort, in the waking world."

Talk during late-game:

Good hunter... Your presence somehow soothes... I sense the ancient echoes, they course your veins..."

Talk at end-game:

Good hunter, you have come... Dawn will soon break... This night, and this dream, will end. Gehrman awaits you, at the foot of the great tree. Go on, good hunter..."

Gifting a Small Hair Ornament:

What... what is this? I-I can't remember, not a thing, only... I feel... A yearning... something I've never felt before... What's happening to me? Ahh... Tell me hunter, could this be joy? Ahh..."

After defeating Lady Maria (The Old Hunters DLC) after reloading the Hunter's Dream twice:

Good hunter. This may sound strange, but... Have I somehow changed? Moments ago, from some place, perhaps deep within, I sensed a liberation from heavy shackles. Not that I would know... How passing strange... [chuckle]"

After defeating Orphan of Kos (The Old Hunters DLC) but before attacking the black shadow:

Oh, good hunter. I can hear Gehrman sleeping. On any other night, he'd be restless. But on this night, he sounds so very calm. ...perhaps something has eased his suffering"

Yharnam Sunrise:

Farewell, good hunter. May you find your worth in the waking world."

Honouring Wish:

And so, the hunt begins."

Moon Presence:

Are you cold? Oh, Good Hunter."

Hidden message:

The plain doll will sometimes utter a prose that blesses the hunter when they pass by, without being interacted with. This may happen either when she's in front of the house or at the back of the house.

  • If interacted with afterwards, the plain doll will say the very same lines as when she's waked by the hunter, as if she were unconscious while uttering the prose. One can tell since she also makes the noise as when her sleep is disturbed.
  • The criteria for triggering this event is unknown.(Seems like coming back to the Hunter's Dream with a vast amount of echos can help on getting this dialogue)

"O Flora, of the moon, of the dream. O little ones, O fleeting will of the ancients... Let the hunter be safe, let him(her) find comfort. And let this dream, his(her) captor... foretell a pleasant awakening... be, one day, a fond, distant memory..."


  • The plain doll is a man-made contraption void of life, but in the Hunter's Dream she is alive and appears to be inhabited by some kind of eldritch being. She appears to breathe and sleep, yet is built by humans and has man made parts (the most apparent being her hands). She describes herself as "created by humans", this could mean that the body she is inhabiting is man-made but many of her actions suggest that she is a being that posses great power. The Doll cannot be killed and when interacted she has the ability to use blood echoes to strengthen hunters.
  • The doll is the only being in all of Bloodborne that bleeds pure white pale blood. Kin of the Cosmos, such as celestial emissaries and celestial child, bleed gray colored serum blood.
  • Upon gaining one insight and talking to the doll, she tells the hunter that "she is there to embolden your sickly spirit". She may be referring to your beastly curse, and she is there to help guide you in order to conquer this sickness. According to the Clawmark Rune and Beast Roar, the beastly nature resides inside the hearts of all humans. This could mean that the Doll is trying to guide you so that you'll transcend humanity and evolve into a greater being to conquer the beast inside.
  • Later in game, after defeating Rom, the Doll will say "Good Hunter your presence somehow soothes.... I sense the ancient echoes, they course your veins.." Blood Echoes are the will of slain enemies. She finds the hunter's presence soothing after the hunter absorbs Rom's Blood Echoes. The Doll mentions that she senses the "ancient echoes coursing in the hunter's veins". This means that she senses the will of the ancients in the hunter; she senses the will of the Great Ones inside. The doll also finds the hunter's presence soothing which suggests that the hunter is becoming more than human and less beast like.
  • She is the only NPC in all of Bloodborne that takes a kind, loving stance towards hunters. 
  • According to the Small Hair Ornament as well as the Doll Set, her attire was made with great love that borderlines on mania and exudes a slight warmth. The Tear Blood Gem reads, "Perhaps the doll's creator had wished for just such a friend, albeit in vain".It seems that whoever created the doll sought after companionship, to ease the creator's loneliness. Many suspect that Gehrman is the doll's creator, due to the fact that the lifeless doll and small hair ornament are located at the Old Abandoned Workshop.
  • Maria Hunter Set  hints that the Doll, who was made by Gherman, is meant to resemble Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower. Furthermore, the set states Maria held great admiration for Gehrman, but is unaware of his mania.
  • Description of the Caryll rune Moon: "The Great Ones that inhabit the nightmare are sympathetic in spirit, and often answer when called upon." From this description, we can speculate that Moon Presence gave life to the doll or even some other cosmic being inhabited the doll to ease Gehrman's loneliness out of sympathy. The One third of Umbilical cord from the Old Abandoned Workshop states that it is the catalyst that was used to summon the pale moon and form the Hunter's Dream. A note found in the lecture building states: "The nameless moon presence beckoned by Laurence and his associates. Paleblood." This note suggests that there were more than one person involved with the use of the umbilical cord to summon the moon and give rise to the Hunter's Dream. The Plain Doll most likely became alive during the rise of The Hunter's Dream.
  • It is speculated that Maria, the Cainhurst Hunter who was once Gehrman's student could be the inspiration behind her creation. This was later confirmed in The Old Hunters DLC.





  • Fromsoftware's game Deracine features an easter egg where the doll performs the "Make Contact" gesture. This was first reported by user Amazing_Komaru.
  • The plain doll's voice actress, Evetta Muradasilova, also provided the voice for the Maiden in Black in Demon's Souls.
  • She asks the hunter to "shut your eyes" when requested to level up, but the hunter's eyes would actually remain open in the level up screen.
  • She seems to glow dimly with moonlight when she bows to the hunter. It is unclear whether this is a visual glitch or is intended.
  • Unlike other npcs she actually has facial expressions, or at least one. She will move her lips slightly if yo do a gesture that makes her reply with applause.
  • While inanimate, she will patiently tap her finger (zoom in with monocular).
  • The Doll in the real world (Old Abandoned Workshop) also taps her finger, as if alive...
  • If you skip her intro dialogue with perfect timing, it will sound like she says "Well, what is it?"
  • Killing her will revert her dialogue back to her initial greeting, as if it's the first time you meet. This only applies up until you trigger the endgame.
  • When attacked, the plain doll bleeds white "blood".
  • The Plain Doll is immune to Rally.
  • In the story trailer we see a picture of the doll sitting in what appears to be a wheelchair, perhaps implying that she was initially created to be the host of the hunter's dream; a position now held by Gehrman.
  • If you position the camera inside her head you will see that the back of her eyeballs have eyes on it and other shapes. This could be a Berserk reference to Behelits. In Berserk, Behelits are egg shape objects with eyes and facial features on them. They allow humans to transcend humanity and become something else.
  • The Doll (more properly her voice actress) has an eastern european/ Czech accent.

    • Anonymous

      12 May 2020 20:49  

      Hold up. We keep talking about just what the hell "paleblood" is that the hunter is searching for to cure their unspecified illness. The doll has "pure white, pale blood". Could this mean that the direction to "seek paleblood" is telling you to seek the Plain Doll and by extension the Hunter's Dream? By seeking the paleblood and finding the Plain Doll, who has the "pure white, pale blood", you are able to become stronger using blood echoes to "embolden your sickly spirit", as the Doll says. So...."Seek Paleblood" = "Find the Plain Doll and level up"?

      • Anonymous

        21 Apr 2020 18:27  

        For the secret dialogue I realised the main thing that prevented me from getting it was activating the dlc gravestone as soon as I could which stops her praying at it. Another thing I found out or might have just gotten lucky with is that going into the house and coming out the middle door which leads to the insight bath triggered the dialogue for both of my recent characters who failed to get it by approaching her from the other directions. Last thing to mention is that I only got it when I walked my character over to her as you would when sneaking up on enemies but I doubt this is necessary.

        • Anonymous

          24 Feb 2020 09:54  

          quick question. If the doll takes care of the hunter when they turn into the eldritch squid thingy that would make the doll a mom figure , so then is the doll a milf?

          • Anonymous

            20 Dec 2019 16:50  

            I think it's called a "plain doll" because it's supposedly an imitation of Maria but seems to have no strong personality or real characterization, she's basically a transparent yes-man to you and Gehrman, which lore-wise is nothing like the real Maria

            • Anonymous

              11 Sep 2019 14:59  

              I got the hidden dialogue to trigger after giving her the Small Hair Ornament (without any Blood echoes, despite what the page says). This was after killing Rom, but I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

              • Anonymous

                29 Jul 2019 16:43  

                I fat fingered the square button, and used beast roar when passing by her in the hunter's dream, and sent her careening to the ground, she got up but I felt. (A Little) bad.

                • Anonymous

                  05 Apr 2019 00:06  

                  That "O flora, of the moon" dialogue is the strangest thing I've experienced in bloodborne. I have gone through dozens upon dozens of characters since 2016 some characters even made on new PSN accounts and I never knew this dialogue existed until it triggered on a single character I made recently and that same character triggered it over 6 times in a play through but I never got it before even on characters who reached ng+ cycles up to seven playthroughs. This same character who got the dialogue also got a 23.6% nourishing gem on the 3rd ever isz watcher kill, a gem I never seen before over 100s of kills on previous characters although I know this gem its extremely rare. It sounds crazy but I'm starting to believe from software implemented some kind of hidden mechanic that lets random charactrers have more rare finds (not item discovery) without the player having any idea. Multiple triggers on one character, zero on every other character I ever made, either very suspicious or extremely unlucky.

                  • Anonymous

                    25 Jan 2019 06:35  

                    After 550 hours of playing this game, I finally got the Doll to say her prayer at the gravestone. I recorded it, exited the game to check my recordings, loaded my game and got her to do it again.

                    • Anonymous

                      20 Jun 2018 16:24  

                      Thank god it’s pale blood. I was disgusted for a second. Either way, I barely go near the doll. I usually kill it to level up.

                      • Anonymous

                        29 May 2018 15:05  

                        I cant help but wonder if the Doll (or whatever is inside her) isn't actually creator of the Hunter's dream and the Moon Presence only a jailer made by her?
                        At the begining of the game we are suposed to find the Pale blood. Later we start encountering beings closer and closer to gods closest being Rom and Ebrietas both having white blood with brown tint. The Doll is the only one with pure white/pale blood. Doll is alo the only one connected to Hunter's dream, Yharnam and Hunter's nightmare.
                        Also after killing Moon Presence why doesn't the dream disappear even Mergo needs wet nurseto protect him so I don't think you could do it yourself.
                        It seems to me that the purpose of the dream is only to create substitute for the Doll's child.

                        • Anonymous

                          16 May 2018 15:13  

                          I might have mentioned this on another page, but I wonder if when the Doll channels your blood echoes, is this how the Moon Presence gains its power? The whole concept of blood echoes is very mysterious... We kill any enemy in the game, we suck up a purple light known as "echoes" (NOT the blood itself!), and we transfer that into the Doll who in turn "emboldens our sickly spirit..." When we fight Moon Presence, it has the ability to turn purplish-white clouds of mist into blood, somewhat similarly to what the Doll is doing with our echoes, though the effect is quite the opposite, in which the blood that Moon Presence generates temporarily nullifies our ability to heal ourselves.

                          My second speculation, was Maria's goal in the Research Hall similar to the Doll's roll in the Hunter's Dream? All the Research Hall patients seem to pray to Maria for salvation, and we find out that Maria had become their "caretaker." When we fight Maria, we quickly learn that she has the ability to channel blood into a source of power--and seemingly not just her own, as we see during her second-to-third phase transformation when she appears to be sucking in blood from seemingly nowhere. (She starts floating during this animation, and her posture is highly reminiscent of the Moon Presence's appearance when it appears in the sky of the Hunter's Dream. No other characters in the game are able to levitate like this except for Gehrman and the Orphan of Kos...)

                          What's more, the Doll can rarely be found praying to an enigmatic being known as "Flora." Whether this refers to the Moon Presence or not, it seems to have a strong connection to the colossal Lumenflowers outside the Astral Clocktower. The flowers appear to grow from the remains of countless creatures, and the Living Failures are constantly reborn from this decay, perhaps a parallel to the use of blood echoes to strengthen the Hunters. Maria once gave Adeline the key to the balcony, which leads to the Lumenflower Garden that we see in the Celestial Emissary boss fight. The patients here appear to be... gardening? Searching through the flowers? Either way, something in these flowers grants the patients powerful arcane abilities--perhaps because Lumenwood is used for "feeding phantasms in its luscious bed?"

                          It's a lot to figure out...

                          • Anonymous

                            10 May 2018 02:52  

                            I killed her accidentally :c, i can not live with this, its good that she revives, i saw it now. I was going to start a new game

                            • 04 Apr 2018 04:33  

                              If you aim the camera right, to can upskirt, or updress The Doll. Sadly, she's wearing shorts underneath... I don't see how this is possible because with The Dolls clothes on you aren't wearing any shorts.

                              • Anonymous

                                15 Mar 2018 15:49  

                                so i know probably no one wants to hear this, but it seems to me that the Doll was also frequently used for sexual interactions by Gehrmann. the way he whispers that you may "even use the doll if it pleases you". on top of that she resembles Maria, who Gehrmann had a thing for. i just imagine she's been cleaned just before you arrive in the hunter's dream the 1st time.

                                • Anonymous

                                  08 Feb 2018 13:26  

                                  "If you position the camera inside her head you will see that the back of her eyeballs have eyes on it and other shapes. "
                                  It's less berserk and more reference to umbilical cord.
                                  "Use to gain Insight and, so they say, eyes on the inside, although no one remembers what that truly entails."

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