Tear Blood Gem is a Droplet Blood Gem in Bloodborne. Blood Gems require the Blood Gem Workshop Tool and can be slotted and unslotted at the Workshop.

"A blood gem that fortifies weapons and adds various properties.

Droplet blood gems are special gems that adapt to various weapons and shapes.

Created from a shining silver doll tear, this blood gem is a quiet but unfaltering friend that continually restores HP, the life essence of a hunter. Perhaps the doll's creator had wished for just such a friend, albeit in vain."

Tear Blood Gem Usage

  • Upgrades a Weapon with "HP continues to recover +2", which grants passive health regen
  • This Blood Gem can be slotted in any Blood Gem Imprint Slot




rating.jpgRating HP Continues to Recover HP Continues to Recover Add Physical ATK Adds slow Poison Wpn Durability UP Phys. UP at full HP Charge ATKs UP Reduces stamina costs Phys. UP near death HP continues to recover
9 2 HP per 3 seconds                  


  • This Gem can be slotted to Firearms for continuous health regeneration. Useful if the firearm is primarily used for parries, since the regen rate is too low to be worth sacrificing a main weapon slot for, however, for people who relies on weapons which depletes health (such as Chikage), this can become handy.



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    • Anonymous

      ?05 Jul 2016 14:35  

      I got like 3 of these from doll because of ng++ but they dont show up in my inventory I want to equip them to a weapon, two of these and one +5 regen waning

      • Anonymous

        Health Regen Effect05 Jul 2016 14:35  

        I just went and peaked at the stat screen with the gem slotted in my cane. It appears to regenerate 2 health per 3 seconds, and stacks with additional health regeneration from other gems.

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