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8/19/19 Haydeez8419

Level 524 and counting. Can mic. Happy and willing to help wherever but especially bosses. Favorites are Orphan of Kos, Shadows of Yharnam, Gascoigne, Vicar Amelia, etc.

7/6/19 Tashki27

Lv's around 160, aiming for highest / Skill/Bloodtinge Build | As an old legend and a vet for Bloodborne, my purpose nowadays is to help everyone whom are in need of help through main campaign and dlcs of the game, including all bosses within. Having all knowledge for the main campaign though, I'll still need to pierce through the Chalice Dungeons in time. Full communication via mic will be required, give a holler if you need help, be it new or experienced with Bloodborne. ^^

4/27/19 vaporwaive

Level 230ish (Skill build), Language: English, love helping fight any boss or dungeon, especially the Orphan. Can mic to chat.



Update: 5/4/19


 Language: English (I have mic if you want to talk in party)

Level 169, currently need help with Mensis willing to help with anything you are having trouble with. Also have Dark Souls II & III, and Nioh.

Update: Am now level 205 (Took a break for a while) about to be putting more time into the game, almost finished with NG+3 (I think, could be +4 not 100% sure) But I am going to be spending more time on the game and welcome help and am willling to assist as needed.

 9/6/2017 Karnage1979 LVL 160 just looking to help and play with others. Chalice Dungeons...bosses etc hit me up. I ojnly speak English



8/14/2017 Youre-Punny

Language-English Mic-Preferred but not required

Currently getting rick rolled by Lawrence, the first vicar. Would appreciate a fellow hunters help, Im level 179 on NG+4. Would love to assist in anything you need as well. I also have DS3 for anyone who needs help on that as well im pretty overleveled for ng+5 on that game as well. Best of luck, and remember: Fear the old Blood.

30/7/2017 Quite-Secret

Language: English / Mic: Yes

I always up for some Jolly Cooperation \|T|/ to help anyone. I'm planning to make a new character to playthrough the game again. So anyone who want to join give me a message.

Europe UTC+2

2/8/2017 sky185

Level 70-something. I am working on the DLC, "The Old Hunters," at the moment, but I am available for Cooperative play. I know that the cumminity is thining out, so give me hollar and I will provide support. ok?


27/1/2017 ID:nikospower2 

Level 170.Can help with any area boss or chalice dungeon.Im on ng+5.If u want help or want to pvp me add and send me a message when im online OK?

Europe.Greece UTC+2

01/25/2017 CootSmack

Currently level 63 looking for help on rom currently first time playing the game.  Am available most evenings eastern time.  My online id is bigcootluvr69 so add me so we can arrange plays. ok?


01/03/17 N7forsakensnake
























/English/  Intrested in co-op play, currently on NG+ , lvl 115



01/25/17 Decimus__ Age - 21 / English / co-op, PVP, shenanigans / currently leveling new character so anywhere from lvl 70-170, NG or NG+ EST 
01/18/17 Kirk_Durden

Age:24 /English/Russian Co-op and fun ;) ,  lvl 42

UTC +03:00
11/20/16  Splintershot95

Age:21/English/Mic if you'd like

I'm down to play both PvP and co-op. I'm currently on like NG+2 or 3 so my level is in the 170s. I can play mostly on the weekend but other days might work as well. Also available to play the DLC.

Eastern Timezone (ET) 
Jan/2/2017 McMick96


Available for co-op and would like to co-op the full game with mic (if possible),and have fun.Also DLC.Time for playing adjustable so that it fits both of us.Also able to pvp

9/9/16 NoctisSanguinem

Age: 22/Language: English/I do not have a Microphone/PS4.

Level: 90, STR Build/Kirkhammer + Cannon.

I have beaten the game, and the the majority of the DLC and have just started my first NG+ run.
I'm still fairly new to the game in that sense, but I would consider myself reliable nonetheless. 
My schedule varies, but if you add my PSN (NoctisSanguinem) and see me playing, feel free to bug me.

PSN: NoctisSanguinem

Pacific Standard Time
       PST (UCT -8)
9/9/16 Glowy3 Age: 21
Language: German, English
Mic : Yes but not necessarily.

Ich habe Bloodborne & eine PS4 erst seit kurzem aber bin trotzdem eine Hilfe beim Kämpfen.
Habe meistens abends ab 18:00 Uhr (GMT+2 DST) Zeit.
I just bought my PS4 & Bloodborne but I'm still helpful in fights.
I am mostly available around 6 PM (GMT+2 DST).

LvL: ~55.
I own The Old Hunters DLC | Besitze The Old Hunters DLC.

PSN: Glowy_3

 EU - West
12/24/16 Kingsora01

Age: 22


Always ready for the hunt on weekends.....ALWAYS.I'm up for PvP and PvE and i've beaten about 9 out 21 bosses so far and just started dlc but no chalices.I'm still NG but experienced, So i'll ring my bell and you ring yours then we'll chop 'til we drop.XD(PM for pass)

7/22/16 Facelessfury Password



7/27/16 N661PP


usually : bloodborne


7/11/16 jeycyBA    
5/31/16 ILxCAPO   EU (BE)
5/19/16 gixelz   US
9/19/16 RosariesBlade20

Age: 32

Language: English

Mic: Yes

1st Build: 125 Beast Claw/Hunter's Axe & Hunter's Blunderbuss/Gatling/Cannon. Quality build with lots of health and full stamina. Build focuses on aggressive tactics with the beast claws to give PVP and PVE enemies little time to breathe. 

2nd Build: 121 Stake Driver/Beast Hunter's Saif & Gratia's Fist/Repeating Pistol. Acane builld with good health and stamina. Uses fire and bolt on weapons and makes use of various hunter tools to do massive damage from range and melee with the arcane stats. 

Hoping to do chalice dungeons but don't mind playing through the main game. 1st character is NG+ and 2nd is NG. Usually on after 6pm if not playing League. Prefer to play with mature gamers and no ragers or whiners. It's a game and it's meant to be fun. Cheers!

US/Eastern Time Zone
5/23/16 Reniru   EU
4/21/16 Demyx306   US - NW
3/31/15 BinaryPickles   US - Central
3/4/15 Bosslugger   North American (West Coast)
3/3/15 Castielle101    
3/24/15 Cesar0300   EU (SWE)
3/29/15 Chiborino    
3/25/15 Cl0ud_Stl2ife   US
4/8/15 Cmd9372    
12/17/15 Colsus    
3/4/15 Crbngville    
3/4/15 Cruzadel   US - West
3/24/15 DaBarrelz    
3/23/15 Dark_Jedi_Nikos    
2/16/16 DemonQueeEn   US: Eastern Time zone
But just message me whenever
3/25/15 DivineBeanpole   East US
3/04/15 Draven_Crowe    
4/1/15 FaLLeNSiN2000    
3/25/15 FeistMode    
Always Here! Fexelea Fextra  
3/04/15 First_Rule_Is    
4/9/15 French
(search:"Kevin French" if on PS4)
  US - California
1/23/15 FrozenChaos7    
3/24/15 GewoonHetzelfde   EU
3/5/15 GrinTwist    
3/17/15 Guccikebab   EU
3/23/15 InnocentArachnid   US-W
9/5/15 ItsShadesy    
3/26/15 IxMaGiCkZxI    
3/24/15 Jack_Randall    
2/28/15 KDyeehaa    
2/3/16 Kalevra2788 PM to Set Eastern US
3/24/15 Lich180   US
6/16/15 LilPrinzeAKA 29    
23/3/15 Lord_p100   EU
2/5/15 MaverickSEY    
3/9/15 Myztyrio    
  Name:Darth plagus   US
12/27/15 Nhilim   EU
3/17/15 NicholasH49   US
3/6/15 Nine-Inch-Nick-    
  NyteDreams (Nyte Alex)    
27/4/15 Omen36Damien    
3/4/15 P_Chris_Tim    
25/9/15 Poliisimies
Player ID
Richter Ornitier
  EU (FIN)
8/19/15 PrimeraEspada91   US East Coast
23/3/15 Rafahil   EU
4/8/15 RyukuTamashi   US
3/4/15 Scarecrow--    
12/24/15 Shade_Chaser   EU
2/20/15 Shadeon    
3/23/15 Sideras   EU
4/1/15 Suchitunia   US
3/20/15 THETheKleen    
9/16/15 Tank238   US - Central
4/18/15 The_Sixth_Scribe   UK
3/29/15 Tubbn   EU
16/3/15 UK-Tactics    
3/6/15 UnluckyIngrimm    
3/1/16 WikkSiva   GB
Always Here Wulf_Flow   US
I'll be here.   ArchL EU, NOR
4/16/15 blankomega64   US
3/27/15 bubba7474    
4/9/15 dirtpoordogman   US
17/3/15 gc_dude    
3/29/15 gigadash   EU
3/31/15 jittycoconut   US - Eastern
4/13/15 jurge92   EU
3/25/15 meeauo   EU (GER)
3/27/15 mincedmeat425   US
23/3/15 naibaf93   EU
4/4/15 ryoko1255   US
4/6/15 tearlach2   US -Central
Any xXPoEtlcAbYsSXx    
12/23/15 zentensu   US
4/8/16 afancydragon    
2/11/16 cosmopod Level: 182 and counting EU


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