Secrets in Bloodborne include hidden paths and items that you can only access by careful observation and interaction with the environment. This page lists discoveries and such made by players. You should also visit our New Game Plus and Lore pages for further unlockables and lore theories.

  • Scurrying Beasts are non-aggressive enemies that drop special materials if you can defeat them before they run away and vanish.
  • Illusory Walls that will reveal a path when hit with your weapon or rolled into.
  • Rare Items are weapons and armor that are harder to come by and rare enemy drops.
  • Unused Content also exists for this game, including items that once were included but are only accessible in the game files not through normal methods of play.
  • Shortcuts are for those who seek speed running or just an easy game, or even to trick their invaders.
  • Traps and other environmental hazards can often be used against your enemies.
  • Insight has the power to reveal unseen creatures and other secretive things.
  • NPCs sometimes have different responses based on your Attire or if you Gesture with them.

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    • Anonymous

      Mimics05 Jul 2016 14:44  

      I'm about halfway through NG+ and haven't seen a single mimic, are they just in chalice dungeons or gone altogether?

      • Anonymous

        What's up with characters in the game05 Jul 2016 14:44  

        Hey guys I was wondering What's up with characters that asks you to bring human for them saying that they would help them what should we do with them ?

        • Anonymous

          A few secrets05 Jul 2016 14:44  

          1 - roll off of the ramp in cathedral ward 2 - roll off of broken elevator in mensis nightmare 3 - die to a death dealer to get to the prison early 4 - get picked up by the giant hand to get to lecture hall early

          • Anonymous

            Church Bell in central yharnam05 Jul 2016 14:44  

            I don't know if anyone posted this or not,but every now and then i hear church bells in yharnam. I think everytime someone enters the cathedral ward and the cut scene bell rings it plays it rings for everyone, like the gargoyle's in Darksouls. My buddy and i were playing in the same area and he heard the bells as the cut scene played on my game. Still not sure if I'm right but if someone can test this theory I'd appreciate it. Good hunting.

            • mimic05 Jul 2016 14:44  

              so i see that mimic is in the secrets of the world list. has anyone ever found a mimic?im pretty sure they are not in game unless their only in the very very high level chalice dungeons

              • Anonymous

                Dialoge with someone else instead of the girl05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                Basically I created a new character and I made her "waste of skin". I make my first run, i dont die or anything... I got a different dialoge from the window of the girl with the music box and instead it was a guy with the tossil stone and told me to head to the right of the right of the cathedral to obtain great power. I got there through the normal route opened the first shortcut to lofeskas clinic and headed to the hunters aperal jumped down climed up and talk through the window. Email me for any images or confirmation of this at:

                • Anonymous

                  Illusory wall at the lower pthumerian labyrinth05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                  so you guys may be already know this but it is many Illusory walls at the lower pthumerian labyrinth but for you that never seen one of these then check this video to see what ist like

                  • Anonymous

                    Secret Path near Executioner in Central Yharnam05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                    Is there a secret path near the Executioner in Central Yharnam? I have messengers claiming it, but I can't find it.

                    • Anonymous

                      Lower pthumerian labyrinth layer I can't find this chalice does anyone knows how to find it05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                      Please help lower pthumerian labyrinth layer

                      • Anonymous

                        All enemies defeated secret?05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                        Has anybody killed all enemies within the world without dying or returning to hunter's dream? And if so, does anything happen with all those safe areas?

                        • Anonymous

                          Really?05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                          Why even build a wiki if it's not going to be complete? You know this doesn't negate the existence of Google right?

                          • Anonymous

                            Illusory Walls that will reveal a path when "action" is pressed near them05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                            Found many fake walls in Chalice dungeons. (some kind of treasurerooms behind most of them) Important point is : You need to hit the wall with your weapon , you can keep on pressing x ("action"), nothing will happen. You need to beat them open, they make a certain sound when they vanish ;)

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