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Wandering Madness

Scurrying Beast.jpg
Enemy Type Neither Beast nor Kin
Health 46 ~ 153
Drops Blood Stone Shard, Twin Blood Stone Shard, Blood Stone Chunk
11 ~ 70 Blood Echoes
Weak Arcane, Fire & Bolt
Strong Physical
Locations Most Locations
NG+? Yes

The Wandering Madness is a valuable type of enemy in Bloodborne that will flee as soon as it notices the Hunter, disappearing if it goes too long without taking damage. If killed, the Wandering Madness is guaranteed to drop upgrade materials.
Wandering Madness of varying sizes can be found all throughout the world, and while larger ones will drop more valuable materials, they are not so timid or harmless as their smaller kin.

  • These enemies run away and will disappear unless you hit them. Hitting them stops them from running away even mid-vanishing.
  • If you miss killing one before it vanishes, reloading (via lamp or exit game) the area will cause it to appear again.
  • If the enemy falls and dies away from your reach it will re-spawn the next time you visit the area
  • Once the upgrade materials are collected, the enemy does not respawn until New Game Plus, with the exception of those in Chalice Dungeon.
  • Note: Equivalent to Crystal Lizards from other Souls games.



Cathedral Ward:

  • Next to a giant swinging an iron ball after two brick trolls.
  • On the narrow side between the staircase leading to the two hunters and the building with the carrion crows.
  • Down from the area with the two hostile hunters, towards two executioners.
  • By the two executioners after you face the two NPC hunters.
  • Turn left after and go around the first building in Healing Church Workshop.


Old Yharnam:

  • From the lamp, after opening the sealed door with a note, directly ahead. It will fall to some rooftops downstairs.
  • To the right of the chapel near the shortcut ladder.
  • End of town with the bigger wolfs, before descending the stairs.


Hemwick Charnel Lane:

  • In the same house with Hemwick witch, right before descending to the boss fight.
  • Inside the Barn on the 2nd floor, right before exiting onto the rooftops.


Hypogean Gaol:

  • Hypogean Gaol, right after the lamp, take the right stairs down.
  • Exit to the open area from the lamp and turn left into the corridor.


Forbidden Woods:

  • Forbidden Woods, after the area with the mob with bonfires, stick to the right.


Cainhurst Castle:

  • The highest part of the library, run to the far end (drops 2 chunks).


Upper Cathedral Ward:

  • Leftmost corridor on the first floor (2 chunks).


Yahar'gul Chapel:

  • Just as you spawn on the lamp, he will run from you.
  • The passage between the elevator ride, down the stairs.


Nightmare Frontier:

  • Descending to an area with the two werewolves.
  • Past the second werewolf on the lower ledge.
  • Central area, in the plateau.
  • In the tunnel leading to the three giants (behind the werewolf).
  • Near the entrance to the bell maiden, in the toxic water.
  • In the three boulder giants area, behind the first one.
  • run straight up from the lamp, on the lower ledge,
  • High area, right before the first shortcut (falling tombstone).
  • High area, right after leaving the three giants area.
  • High area, shortcut back to the poison area.
  • Toxic water, ledge below one of the giants.
  • Toxic water, hallway the spider throws you out into.
  • Toxic water, between the three boulder giants (4 beasts clustered together).
  • On the ledge leading to the lone giant on top of the toxic water.
  • At the end of the ledge, where the brain trust roams.
  • At the second toxic water, behind the two lesser slimy squids.
  • At the second toxic area, below one of the pillars.
  • Right before descending to the second toxic area, there are 2 beasts there.
  • Second toxic water area, between middle pillars.


Nightmare of Mensis:

  • From the lamp, backtrack to the descending trail (before the beast).
  • Where you fight Micolash, transition area between the phases, go down the stairs.
  • Side alley before the pigs, on the way to the second chime maiden.

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    • Anonymous

      Level 36 with OK vitality (16 or 17 I think) got hit it this thing twice in the poison swamp in the nightmare frontier... Omg I never thought it would be able to kill my character.

      • Anonymous

        For the Scurrying Beast before the Witches of Hemwick, you need to break the barrels in the room to make it hop down from the ceiling. Otherwise, it'll never appear.

        • Anonymous

          One very important detail which the page forgets to mention is that they are extremely weak to elemental damage. Fire works great in particular, and since they tend to run off edges or into groups of enemies you seldom have the time to land 8 consecutive hits to take one down before it runs off. Try fire paper if you lack the appropriate weapon or something like Simon's Bow.

          • Anonymous

            For the DLC there are 2 in the area before the 1st boss; one near the 2nd lantern (past the stairs) and one at the end of the blood river near the gattling hunter. In the 2nd area there are two around the central pool at the base of the rotating staircase

            • Anonymous

              "At the end of the ledge, where the brain trust roams" There are 2x here "By the two executioners after you face the two NPC hunters" There are 2x here as well

              • Anonymous

                "run straight up from the lamp, on the lower ledge" Should be moved to the 1st position under Nightmare Frontier, since it is the very first one you will see in the area

                • Anonymous

                  I've never under stood why they drop bloodborne shards, the lowest level bloodstones, in nightmare frontier. It's an end game location unreachable until after you've defeated Rom, in stark contrast you start getting twin bloodstones at Forbidden Forest and even first visit to the unseen village, likely before Amelia is even dead.

                  What the he'll? As if we already didn't have 50+ bloodstones shards stored up by end game. A real headscratcher that one, more so since chunks are so rare.

                  • Anonymous

                    Sometimes I feel bad for killing the little ones. They're kind of cute, in the same pitiful way as the Messengers. I wouldn't mind giving these guys a top hat or a ribbon, if they would just give me their damn loot in return.

                    • Anonymous

                      Haven't killed the final one in the list, and it's not spawning. I knew it was there and got invaded my first time in this area on this new character and we wound up fighting in that causeway along with one of the pigs. I never would have thought that an invader or another monster would kill these...

                      • Anonymous

                        In Upper Cathedral Ward, I died during the beasts' disappearing animation and now it respawns but it doesn't drop the materials. So far, no fix that I can find. Turning off the game didn't help, reloading the area didn't help. If anyone knows how to fix it, I'd appreciate it.

                        • Anonymous

                          I counted 25 Scurrying Beasts at Nightmare Frontier, the videos above only list 23. The ones that are missing: in the "On the ledge leading to the lone giant" video there is another one on the right. The last one is near the aforementioned area: next to the cave there is a corpse holding a Madman Knowledge and directly behind this there is a monument with a small grassy area where the last beast spawns.

                          • Anonymous

                            Where did this name come from? I was under the impression that they were the "Malformed thing", because their existence is just as vague as this phrase. It's covered in skulls, writhing, not agile, non-hostile, and found primarily in the nightmare. Nothing about this creature suggests that it has succumbed to the plague of beasts.

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