Hemwick Charnel Lane

Lamps 2
Recommended Level
Weapon Upgrade
25 to 35
+4 or +5
Bosses Witch of Hemwick
Secrets Discovery Insight: 4
Timezones: ??
Multiplayer? Yes
Changes in NG+? Yes

Hemwick Charnel Lane is a location in Bloodborne.

Hemwick Charnel Lane Information

Accessed from Cathedral Ward ( Grand Cathedral Lamp), follow the right path exiting the cathedral and go through a tunnel that lands you at a graveyard with many dogs and rifle enemies. You may travel to Cainhurst Castle from here.


NPCs in the area

  • None






Lore Notes

  • None





From the area with the dogs, you will enter Hemwick Charnel and find the lamp. Look right and pick up the ??. Now walk down the stairs towards the hags with polearms and knives, being mindful of their range. Once killed, a cart on the left has a Bloodshot Eyeball. Looking at the guillotine cart, go right and find 2x Twin Blood Stone Shard and notice the steps going up the dilapidated house. A lamp signals an interactable NPC who just screams, and nearby you can pick up a Madman's Knowledge and see the elevator shortcut contraption, inoperable at this time.

Return towards the cart and go up, being mindful of the enemy that rushes you. Ahead, an open area will reveal a hound and a hag, and on the ledge a third hag throwing Molotov Cocktails at you. Make use of the middle blockade to stop the molotovs while you deal with the dog and hag. A tree in this area has Thick Coldblood (4).

Up the stairs, you should deal with the previous molotov hag and an ambushing one, and further ahead another molotov thrower and a Brick Troll. Be careful with the troll's deceptive range on the staircase. After the troll is defeated, note the closed shortcut gate location, and then follow the narrow path without going up to pick up 2x Twin Blood Stone Shard on a corpse. Now you can continue up from the gate, and be mindful of your left for an enemy ambush. Once the ambush is defeated, you will arrive at a small opening with crows. Pebble can be found on the corpses here, and you can open the Elevator shortcut.

Turning around, a narrow edge leads you towards a makeshift wooden bridge. Here a hag wielding a flaming pike will try to ambush you, beware that it can push you off the ledge. Behind her, find 8x Bone Marrow Ash.

Across the narrow bridge, a Brick Troll and a Molotov Hag await you. Once defeated, go into the barn and watch out for a hound and hag ambush. Press on, climb a ladder, and turn around: You will want to backtrack to the second floor of the Barn, across some beams and pass a Wheelchair Mob, to find a Madman's Knowledge and an Adept Blood Gemstone. This area is where the Bell Chime Maiden will spawn if you are attempting to co-op.

Go back towards the initial ladder and continue with the level to find an ambushing beast enemy and a Bloodshot Eyeball, then head towards the outside floors. You should also find an item creature up here if you're quick enough.

Go around the outside passage and defeat the two ambushing hags, then claim a Coldblood Dew from the corpse in the headstones near the cliff. Continue onwards and beware of the troll, hounds and hag that await you. Clever use of Molotovs may save your life. Once they are dealt with, you can pick up 2x Twin Blood Stone Shards before going into the broken circular building and downstairs towards the last bit of the level.

Outside, two Executioners await you. You can sneak past them to start with, so go left to pick up Thick Coldblood and open the Shortcut Gate. From the gate, look back the way you came from and head towards the Executioners to deal with them. Be careful that there is a group of five Hounds and a hag ahead, and can be challenging to evade. Divide and conquer, as well as kiting, works well. Past them, there is a Thick Coldblood, 8x Bone Marrow Ash and very importantly, on the edge of the map right before the cliff the Lake rune.
You may travel to Cainhurst Castle from here.

Return to the fork before the shortcut and this time go up. To your right, there is an Executioner guarding a chest with a Tempering Blood Gemstone. Be careful when engaging him as a group of three hags will come downhill and possibly spot you. One of them has molotovs.

Once they have been defeated, continue towards the structure and note that once you enter a Headless Snatcher (Loot Crawler, Crystal Lizard type) will drop from the ceiling to the left of the stairs going down; it seems you need to pass right under the ripped hole in the ceiling for him to drop down. Defeat it to claim Twin Blood Stone Shard x2. Also on this area, there is a Madman's Knowledge.

Going down the ladder, you will find the boss Witch of Hemwick.

Bell Chime Maiden is located atop the barn with the dead horses, on the second floor after crossing some beams.

Killing the boss unlocks Witch's Abode Lamp.



  • When you have learnt the Password for Forbidden Woods, after killing Vicar Amelia, AND have 15 Insight, the Stalker appears several times throughout the area.
  • In the nest of crows, at the top of the shortcut elevator, one of the crows is "friendly" and will not attack no matter what.
  • On the left hand when entering the area from the lamp, a chariot road lit with lamp posts can be seen coming out of a large tunnel from Cathedral Ward and disappears into another large tunnel at the other end. Possibly a road that once led to Cainhurst.
  • When you have no insight the Stalker will not apear
  • The Scream house npc has different dialogue if you go to her in the morning

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    • Anonymous

      05 Feb 2018 01:21  

      In the house In the house, instead of npc I got patches and he gave me the tonsil stone. Any idea of the requirements to make it happen that way? Later in the house of the forbidden forest a npc came out with a dialogue.

      PD Sorry for my english.

      • Anonymous

        02 Dec 2017 23:50  

        When standing in a specific spot in the boss arena after defeating the witch, I hear a noise that sounds like heavy wind and maybe some sort of engine. The spot is at the base of the broken stairs (turn around after using the lamp that takes you to the arena, go up the stairs on the left, closest to the entrance, stand at the base of the broken stairs in the center of the platform, position camera so you see the closest wall). After reloading the area, it went away.

        • Anonymous

          Npc01 Sep 2016 14:23  

          There is a npc in the little shortcut where you go to take the elevator. it seems it only speaks if you havent turn the day into night after you defeat vicar amelia

          • Anonymous

            Mobs05 Jul 2016 14:48  

            If you roll towards the graveyard hag enemy, They'll be pushed back, so this can come handy if you find yourself surrounded by this lovely ladies.

            • Anonymous

              Daytime difference05 Jul 2016 14:48  

              On my second character i decided to go to hemwick before blood starved beast and amelia and noticed quite a difference besides time of day. The witch summoned enemy doesn't show up at all on the way to the boss and there is also no bell maiden present. Additionally, NPC Dialogue at the first hut after the lamp changed from talking to a man who gives you the tonsil stone to a woman saying its almost time or something along those lines. Thought it was interesting.

              • Anonymous

                Co-op Bell's bugging out?05 Jul 2016 14:48  

                Me and my friend have been trying to summon myself to his charnel lane, i have completed the area and he hasnt, we have been ringing our bells and have had no luck for around 10-15 minutes so far. We were able to co op all day yesterday even when he was ahead of me. Is this is a bug or is charnel lane an exception to co op?

                • Anonymous

                  Hanged bodies make noises!05 Jul 2016 14:48  

                  After defeating rom(or maybe early), if you run towards the witch abode, you can hear a man dying sound near to a hanged body in the left, also inside the house(and it sounds like the sound that makes a hunter when you kill him)

                  • Anonymous

                    there are more items^^05 Jul 2016 14:48  

                    at the area with the dogs you find a twin bloodstoneshard at a body hidden right side before the exit. also you find 4 pebbles and a 4 coldblooddew

                    • Anonymous

                      Hate this place05 Jul 2016 14:48  

                      I hate this area as I died and can't even get my eleven thousand blood echoes back. Also a wonderful glitch where I got 20 blood vials each time I died, is now gone.

                      • Anonymous

                        Im so stupid.05 Jul 2016 14:48  

                        I can't believe I made all my way to Rom without going for the rune workshop tool. So much sufferment I could have avoided. ;-;

                        • Anonymous

                          Favourite Area in the Game05 Jul 2016 14:48  

                          I love the design of this area. The Graveyard Hags are creepy, The setting is well done. I love the strange tower-like structures. Too bad the boss was not that great.

                          • Anonymous

                            Soot monsters05 Jul 2016 14:48  

                            Soot monsters spawn if you have enough insight even during the first playthrough. They aren't exclusive to NG+.

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