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    • Anonymous

      I find this a great farming area for blood Echoes, blood vials, some gems and shards. If you equip 2 x visceral attack gain more echos and Slain enemy’s drop more echos runes. From lamp where you killed Witch, turn around, get blood bullets, run up stairs, waste 3 enemy’s, run down the hill and you can visceral attack the 3 executioners in the area, each one will drop over 5000 BE and several blood vials or a gem on death. Run back to the lamp, to Hunters dream, then back again and rinse repeat for over 15000 per 3 mins ish run. If you have more time, kill everything in the level making sure to visceral attack the ogres and odd shadow beast things that spawn out of the floor. I levelled a lot in this area. Hope this helps.

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