Rune Workshop Tool

Runesmith Caryll, student of Byrgenwerth, transcribed the inhuman utterings of the Great Ones
into what are now called Caryll Runes.

The hunter Who retrieves this workshop tool can etch Caryll Runes into the mind to attain their wondrous

Provost Willem would have been proud of Caryll's runes, as they do not rely upon blood in any measure.

Rune Workshop Tool is a Key Item in Bloodborne.


Rune Workshop Tool Usage

  • Unlocks the Memory Altar located in Hunter's Dream.
  • The Memory Altar allows the player to memorize Caryll Runes, which give benefits to the player character.







  • If you already killed the Witch of Hemwick but didn't pick up the Rune Workshop Tool, you can travel to the Witch's Abode lamp. It is in the room near the lamp.
  • If you have previously picked up the item in a previous run, and thus already have access to the Rune Workshop, a Kin Coldblood will replace it. Kin Coldblood (12) in NG+, unsure in later playthoughs.




  • The actual tool appears to be a brand in the shape of the hunter's symbol.










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