A Call Beyond

Requirements & Scaling
Bullet Use
S 40 7

A Call Beyond is a Hunter Tool.


A Call Beyond Description

"One of the secret rites of the Choir.
Long ago, the Healing Church used phantasms to reach a lofty plane of darkness,
but failed to make contact with the outer reaches of the cosmos.
The rite failed to achieve its intended purpose, but instead created a small exploding star,
now a powerful part of the Choir's arsenal. At times, failure is the mother of invention."


A Call Beyond Usage

  • Using this Hunter Tool summons a small nova which fires multiple homing projectiles.
    • It takes several seconds for the casting animation to be completed.





  • This Hunter Tool is very effective when dealing with multiple opponents at a time, or when nuking a target from a distance.
    • However, it can be tricky to use in PVP because human targets can get knocked down after only a small handful of projectiles collide. Therefore a majority of the attack can miss them due to i-frames.
    • Furthermore, beware of attacks/abilities from opponents that can stagger you since it's possible for the spell to be canceled during the casting animation.
    • Since the casting animation takes a handful of seconds, you are vulnerable during this time period and therefore must plan carefully.
  • A Call Beyond has the highest arcane requirement in the game (40), but as a result it can inflict very high arcane damage.
  • Since using A Call Beyond requires a great deal of Quicksilver Bullets, it's recommended to use Formless Oedon runes if you wish to use it multiple times.
    • Alternatively, you may use Oedon Writhe runes to replenish QS Bullets.
    • Usage of Blood Bullets can also help alleviate the cost.
  • The QS Bullet requirement was reduced to seven as of Patch 1.04.
  • It can be extremely devastating when used against large opponents, for example:



  • Micolash, Iosefka, Forgotten Madman and Hostile Choir Hunter uses this hunter tool.
  • Ebrietas and certain Celestial Emissaries have unobtainable versions of this spell. Ebriets fires three barrages seperately, where the Emissary conjures about 3 stars and fires them in rappid succession, in a manner not unlike the homing soul masses from the Dark Souls series.





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    • 16 Apr 2021 19:17  

      Be aware that while this is a great weapon to use, it has some issues. 1. You should make a build with 50+ arcane to do good damage as 50 or below arcane will make this tool not worth it. 2. Be aware of your space, the projectiles can be mostly if not completely nullified if you are using it with obstacles near you or in front of you for the projectiles to hit. 3. Don't spam it in PVP, you should be using it to catch your opponent off the guard, and is best used in tandem with other arcane tools. 4. You can be stunned out of your casting if an opponent hits you with anything upon you using it, so be aware of your timing.

      Overall it's a very satisfying tool to use IF you remember and accept its drawbacks and use it efficiently. Happy cosmic nutting your way to a flying sperm victory.

      • Anonymous

        12 Sep 2020 12:13  

        Man I love this thing. 99 ARC, still hard to hit but rewarding to do so, it's a little easier to hit in pvp of you apply pressure via other means, such as executioner gloves. I love to combo this with the Kos Parasite AoE though. Looks badass af too.

        • Anonymous

          18 Jun 2020 23:35  

          Such a fun tool to use. Mastering it can be tricky (timing is everything), but man this eats most bosses for breakfast (especially if you have a summon for distraction purposes).

          • 31 May 2020 15:49  

            This thing is surprisingly good, I just made my first arcane build and this thing rarely does less than 700 per projectile. Even with the base 40 to use it, it hits a good 400-500 per projectile.

            • Anonymous

              07 Apr 2020 01:08  

              In my opinion (the devs won't see this, I know) A Call Beyond is a decent weapon to obtain after you farm for so long to achieve the absurd requirement of arcane. To me, it fairs well against large bosses and very few PvE enemies, but in PvP it is useless to me, the walls and sharp corners that are very hard to avoid in PvP make the item a burden to carry with you to other worlds, but that's only my opinion.

              • Anonymous

                07 Jan 2020 02:01  

                You realize this was invented basically from the Choir pocket-dialing a supernova right? Totally safe to use

                • Anonymous

                  31 Dec 2019 03:30  

                  Im not sure what the general consensus on it is but it just helped me beat ebrietas and I fully intend to try it during the DLC Takes awhile to cast and a few of the missiles just smash into the ground. However the ones that connect hit like a nuke. Even ebrietas with higher than average arcane resistance saw her health plummet when I set it off I don’t PvP but I imagine it’s not that great for it

                  • Anonymous

                    11 Aug 2018 15:42  

                    Tbh I never found it that useful for PvP on account of all the walls it will probably hit before reaching the target, but it's a huge boon against big boss enemies like Paarl, Laurence, Bloodletting Beast, etc. Small targets will usually only get hit by one or two comets, but standing far away from a big boss while they charge up an attack or AoE of their own allows you to land all of the homing comets for massive damage, about as much as the cannon when buffed with BMA, if not more--for less bullets, too. If you're right under them when they're stunned by a limb break/etc., you can rack up even more damage as non-homing comets strike at all angles. It's pretty awesome when used in this context.

                    • Anonymous

                      14 Jul 2018 22:43  

                      The research hall patients in the area where celestial emissary is in the main game can also use this spell. I think they summon 2 projectiles. Can someone add this to the trivia?

                      • Anonymous

                        23 Mar 2018 13:40  

                        I just got this spell and it's worth it in the and can be used in pvp I did 2 grand to one enemy and at least a thousand to two others on my third use never done less than 600 with it

                        • 24 Sep 2017 06:30  

                          The damage is not worth the bullets. The hostile NPC versions are superior. Even as I play my 50 Arcane build I hate this tool mainly because the damage is mediocre while taking up almost half of my bullets.

                          • Anonymous

                            14 May 2017 21:52  

                            Stop saying this is a tool for taking out groups of enemies. It's not. It sucks even at that, and the version enemy hunters use easily one shot players, so that's why it's so underwhelming. Unfortunate.

                            • Anonymous

                              25 Jan 2017 13:50  

                              Damage per hit is PITIFUL and the tracking is atrocious. Not worth it.
                              Thank god I mainly use the burial blade - at least it wasn't a TOTAL waste of echoes.

                              • Anonymous

                                05 Jul 2016 08:49  

                                I invested many hours of farming in order to get my arcane to level 40, just so I could use this attack. and It seems really really underwhelming and useless. It seems like a giant middle finger to the player. I dont understand why they would make the requirement so absurdly high, just for this.

                                • Anonymous

                                  05 Jul 2016 08:49  

                                  I think this is "supposed" to be an AoE spell, useful if you are being ganked as an invader. And then you have the Choir Bell which also is best used if you are co op ganking. This isn't intended to be used in a 1v1 duel. It still might not be powerful enough but if you have enemies or other invaders (not sure if that's possible) helping you out and doing damage this could be useful. The problem is whose going to equip it to an item slot for what's so far a very rare situation.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    05 Jul 2016 08:49  

                                    I feel like there should be another item on the stat ladder right before this... like one that requires 30 arcane or so... the gap is just too massive tiny tonitrus only requires 25 arcane. then a call beyond is 15 more? I know they wont see this or anything but I would suggest a fire spell. perhaps made from the horn of a beast possessed soul. Its the only element of the three the spells dont do XD

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