Bloodletting Beast

General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
2998 1710 Lower Pthumeru Chalice Defiled Chalice
24287 155473 Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
106 127 106 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
106 68 68 120
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
999 999 X -

Bloodletting Beast is a Boss in Bloodborne.

Bloodletting Beast Information

  • There are two versions of this boss: Headed and Headless.
  • The Headless form can shoot bugs from the gash in its back (inflicts rapid poisoning).
  • The Headed form can grab the player when he/she's underneath him.
  • Bloodletting Beast is weak to Fire & Serrated.
  • Bloodletting Beast is strong to Bolt.






Combat Information

  • Very weak against serration. Recommend weapons Saw Cleaver and Saw Spear in their short range mode, or threaded cane in whip mode.
    • If you have the Beast Cutter or Whirligig Saw, they will work very well against this boss. The transformed R2 of the Beast Cutter will let you consistently damage his head, while the held L2 of the Whirligig Saw can be devastating when used on his legs while he is repairing broken limbs.
  • Hitting his head deals more damage than hitting the rest of his body, as well as providing more chance to stagger him. Because of that, the  Hunter Axe's long reach can become very handy against him. The axe's 2H R1 second swing and 2H R2 are both vertical swings, capable of hitting his face repeatedly. 
  • Patience. His first phase is simple: dodge backwards, and when he does the head bite forward, hit his head. 2h sword L2 attack works great. Will stun him eventually.
  • Watch out for a quick follow up attack he throws in sometimes after his normal swing, swing, bite. That attack is a quick swipe and a bite. If you dodge you can get another hit.
  • His final phase is annoying. Do not lock on. You need to dodge roll out of the way of his non stop attacks until he smashes the ground. You need to stay relatively close to him however. Roll, roll, roll...and when he slams ground, get him.
  • A method that works throughout the entire fight (with patience) is to not lock onto the boss, and dodge/walk around the boss' left leg to get behind him. You have a lot of time in between his swings to get a couple hits in on the legs. Make sure to keep the camera focused up so that you can dodge his attacks.
  • Don't be defensive: if you keep at range he will mess you up with it's powerful swipes and punches. Try to be aggressive.
  • Hit him in the face when possible, that way you can Visceral Attack him to the ground.
  • Be warned in some boss rooms he can fall on you due to small elevation in the terrain causing you to pancake but take no damage. His attacks will still hurt you while you are on the ground in this situation.
  • If you concentrate on one limb, leg or hand, it will eventually start to bleed, staggering the boss for a while. From that point on that limb will take additional damage until the boss calms down, descends his hands to the floor, yellow lights appear and the boss heals the wound. After that the limb will take normal damage. The calm healing phase is an excellent opportunity to attack another limb and stagger the boss to interrupt the healing.


Attack Name Attack Description & Counter
Charging Claw Swipe Briefly rears back before charging forward while swiping with its hand. Typically performed when at a distance from the beast. Stay close if you want to avoid this move. Otherwise, dodge to the side just before the charge reaches you.
Claw Swipe Two consecutive claw swipes directly in front of itself. Depending on the distance to the hunter, it may only swipe its' hand once. Followed by a Forearm Smash if the hunter is in range.
Ground Pound Pounds fists into a ground four times in a row. Dodge forward between the third and fourth pounds to open up an attack opportunity.
Backhand Swipes back of hand along flank and rear. Dodge backwards to avoid this attack.
Grab Picks the hunter up, bites them, then smashes them to the ground. Does substantial damage. Hunters directly beneath the beast are vulnerable to this attack. Keeping to its rear or sides to avoid being grabbed.
Forearm Smash Smashes forearm into the ground. Often follows the second Swipe.
Double Forearm Smash Triggered when below 50% health. Smashes both forearms into the ground. After the smash, it briefly presents its head and arms for attack.
Palm Smash Triggered when below 50% health. Smashes palms to the ground: first the left, then the right. The second smash is preceded by an extremely long wind-up where the creature lifts its right leg high into the air. While the first palm smash is abrupt and can be difficult to avoid, the second is clearly telegraphed.
Stomp and Jump Stomps foot into the ground before jumping away from the player. Keep your wits about you as some of the beast's most powerful attacks are triggered at range.
Punch Pulls fist back before thrusting it forward. Be wary of its deceptively long reach and tremendous power.
Blood Rain (Headless Version) A shower of blood erupts from the gash in the back of the beast. These projectiles have tracking properties similiar to A Call Beyond, dodge sideward to evade the rain.

Worm Jab (Headless Version)

Triggered after Hateful Maggot emerges from neck when its health reached 50%. The transformed beast thrusts its worm forward from one to three times. Inflicts Rapid Poison. Keep to its flanks or rear to avoid this hard-hitting attack.

Ground Search

The beast will perform this attack when it loses track of the player, it will claw nearly every inch in it's radius. With enough space it can be avoided completely, however, any movement will re-alert the beast to the player's location




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Baiting Strategy (Headless)

The recommended weapon for this boss in this strategy is the burial blade. Other weapons can be viable though. The main strategy employed for this boss is to bait his attacks and once recognizing the attack pattern; reacting accordingly. This guide is accompanied by a video that is included in the videos section. Keep facing the boss and the following attacks can come out:

  • A series of downward stomps followed by either a longer range slash or a larger body stomp. Where you move during this combo actually determines which move he will use at the end:
    • If you back away for the first three strikes he will most likely end the combo with the longer range swipe. After the third stomp dodge below the swipe and connect some hits.
    • If you dodge below him during the first two stomps then he will end the combo with a large body slam. In this case you need to dodge away from him and then dash back to him as you should have time for at least a single attack.
  • The boss will sometimes keep approaching you and will do one of two things:
    • The boss will walk to you and then stomp with his leg and back away. In this case you need to dodge back to avoid the stomp and then close in the distance quick and return to be facing and in front of him and continue baiting.
    • The boss will do a larger body stomp and will not be able to attack for a small period of time. dodge back to avoid the stomp then dash forward and connect some hits.
  • Two long hand swipes. The first swipe will come from the players left side (the right hand of the boss) and the second swipe will be from the other side but have longer range. The optimal reaction to this is to dodge diagonally below his first swipe and then dodge in the other diagonal side between his legs. This will leave you behind the boss exactly and you can connect some hits (this is shown in the video included in the videos section). You can also dodge the first swipe by dodging backwards and then simply dodging forward will leave you below the boss for a hit. However in this case, the boss might do a body stomp sometimes.
  • At any time you are below, on the sides of the boss or behind him. The boss will sometimes raise one of his hands slightly from the ground. This is an indication that the boss will swipe that hand towards you, you need to dodge under it and connect a hit.
  • When the boss jumps away from you, he can do one of multiple things:
    • Keep walking towards you and use the usual attack patterns. In this case bait as usual react accordingly to the attack.
    • The boss can start shaking his body and blood will splash around, the blood will attack like ranged arrows , just rush his head in this case and keep attacking him till he stops this attack.
    • The boss can stop and take a stance. This signifies that he will do a body charge attack and is a very dangerous attack. It is possible to dodge below one of his arms as he charges but the timing can be tricky sometimes. It is may also be possible to just run sideways but that option has not been studied in this guide.
  • Sometimes he will do a quick single arm swipe to catch you off guard. I have not figured what triggers this attack but it should not be too hard to dodge.
  • After about 50% of the hp of the boss is gone, a parasite worm like head will stretch out from the head area. Most attacks remain unchanged. The only change is that when you are in front of the boss the head can stretch and attempt to attack in a straight line or in an arc. Dodging these attacks isn't very hard. However If you have been hit by the boss and retreated to heal. Be very careful from the parasite head attacks as they can finish you if you are low on health. In this stage the boss goes berserk sometimes and keeps stomping around his position. Going under the boss is safe during this attack and you can connect some hits before going back out.
  • Attacking the boss sufficiently can stun the boss for a little period of time. You will see the boss stop moving and on all four limbs. Keep attacking until he gets up again.


Between The Leg Strategy (Headless)

  • When the boss finishes his attacks and before the next series of smashes start, walk straight towards his legs without target lock. If you are not too close or boss is already walking towards you this will bait the boss to either smash with both hands or punch the floor two times and then smash. If he only smashes with both hands roll between his legs to avoid the smash (timing needs practise), turn around and slash the leg. If the boss punches the floor two times and then smashes walk through his legs and wait behind him until the smash is over before attacking.
  • After you R1-attack 1-2 times roll away, wait for his attacks and after them walk towards his legs again.
  • There is a chance that the boss will do "stomp and jump" attack instead which is hard to dodge. The stomp however does way less damage than the smash so concentrate only on identifying the smash and try dodging the stomp only if you are sure it is coming and not the smash. If you want to play it little saver walk towards his left leg (your right) instead.
  • After the worm pops out try to avoid being directly in front of him when walking towards the boss because worm likes to lunge straight forward.
  • This strategy will try to create some predictability on his attacks but is not easy to execute


Bow and Arrow Strategy (Headless)

  • Create your ultimate weapon, Simon's Bowblade.
  • Learn how to dodge and avoid this boss's attacks. First of all you will be constantly running around. Secondly, you will want to be able to use your blood vials for extra blood bullets instead of needing them to heal.
  • Stay just out of reach and always use the strongest Bowblade attack you have time for (to do the most damage per arrow)
  • Use his ranged missile attack to your advantage. Strafe side to side and shoot in between his ranged attacks. Often this boss will attempt this move 5 or more times in a row which allows you to get in some free ranged attacks, heal, or create blood bullets.



Notes & Trivia

  • His japanese name (獣血の主) means "Host of the Beast Blood".
  • Because of the skull in The Grand Cathedral, the Headless Bloodletting Beast was once speculated to be Laurence, an apprentice of Master Willem and the founder of the Healing Church. This theory is still controversial (see page comments).
  • The gash on his back looks almost identical to the horns of Manus, Father of the Abyss (dark souls dlc).
  • The gash is also very similar to the split in the Nightmare Headstone.
  • The Headless form shoots blood projectiles, which are in fact small flying bugs .


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    • Anonymous

      02 Aug 2020 13:30  

      1,000's of hours of locked on combat and suddenly it's "Don't lock on". It's like learning to fight all over again. Not sure I can be bothered.

      • Anonymous

        28 Jul 2020 08:21  

        I took 2 attemp to beat him but wtf was that thing with the work, was really disgusting.
        I lost much health trying to understand the thing that i was looking

        • Anonymous

          20 Jul 2020 03:50  

          If anyone asks, Pungent Blood Cocktail does not work on him (at least the headless, did not try the headed one).

          • Anonymous

            19 Jul 2020 17:33  

            3,000 HP in defiled chalice is tricky at BL4. 24,000+ in Ihyll is just impossible for mere mortal like me! He can 1 shot you easily so getting any practice for phase 2.... Nope :( Please go on in my stead

            • Anonymous

              21 Jun 2020 18:50  

              First impression of this boss: this beast looks so cool this is going to be a epic battle Right away gets one shot by his palm Lasted time: half of a second.

              • Anonymous

                19 Jun 2020 03:02  

                Call Beyond is a great tool against this bastard. If you constantly sacrifice health for bullets and have enough viles, should be easy enough

                • Anonymous

                  14 Jun 2020 14:08  

                  miyasaki literally never thought someone would be demented enough to play this far so no one tested this to see where the camera was locking on... you cant hit him if you are directly below him and you cant see anything other than his balls...

                  • 26 May 2020 21:32  

                    For Ihyll layer 2 i just dodged his hits and blood projectiles, and spammed the gloves. Refilled the bullets, spammed some more, rinse ad repeat until he was gone (99 arcane build)

                    • Anonymous

                      23 May 2020 12:44  

                      If you're having trouble with the headless version an easy strategy: Transformed Burial Blade and attack between his legs. He will get stun and you can keep beating the***** out of him. A Call From Beyond also is very effective.

                      • Anonymous

                        17 May 2020 15:18  

                        I find it interesting how ape-like this guy is compared to the other beasts (with the exception of maybe the abhorrent beast.) And its face looks really similar to the beast's embrace face, and while this boss certainly isn't Laurence, I wonder if there is a link between them, as the beast's embrace rune is dropped by Laurence. Though it could just be coincidence

                        • Anonymous

                          13 May 2020 01:07  

                          This battle in Ihyll was really hard and frustrating until I started being super aggressive and just dodging towards him instead of trying to dodge back and constantly hitting the walls. Keep a close distance and when he starts swiping, quickstep between his first attacks and diagonally towards his left leg (or below him) and immediately unleash your attacks. This was especially effective during his second phase because you will avoid getting bit by the parasite. If you get hit, you might prefer to rally some health back instead of healing. Being aggressive pays off! Don't give up!

                          • Anonymous

                            09 May 2020 05:45  

                            I noticed a small detail on the Headless Bloodletting Beast. When he backs up from you to a distance, sometimes he can't see you. He will start looking around his vicinity if the Hunter is nearby. It may not be an important note but it is a cool detail nonetheless.

                            • Anonymous

                              19 Apr 2020 04:37  

                              Seems like the prescence of the hateful maggot should be in the notes, since it kind of creates a link between the Chalice Dungeons and Cainhurst outside of the Healing Church.

                              • Anonymous

                                10 Apr 2020 05:49  

                                Best strategy I found for the normal version was to lock on and wait for him to try and hit you. Dodge to his left (your right) and then unlock and slash his leg a few times then back up to avoid his swipes/stomps. Re-lock on, then rinse and repeat. It works for both phases. You’re going to take some damage no matter what, but just try to not get greedy, stay patient, and you’ll be fine.

                                • Anonymous

                                  03 Apr 2020 12:58  

                                  lmao @ the skill-less scrubs complaining about how the headless beast is unfair. i literally killed it on my first try with more than half of my blood vials left. just get two semi-decent summons and take turns drawing its attention, letting others heal when necessary... gamers are such babies these days i swear. you all need to lern2gitgud seriously

                                  • Anonymous

                                    26 Feb 2020 20:43  

                                    Regular form: Dang you poor thing, I'm going to put you down for mercy. Headless form: GEEZ! You poor thing! Let me end your suffering. Vermin head: "Vermin writhe deep within all filth, and are the root of man's impurity. All vermin are to be crushed. The League exists to expunge all vermin, ridding us of any trace of human corruption. And so, until we are rid of all vermin, you must continue to hunt and kill. This bloody fate is ours alone. Do not expect the world to grasp our work..."

                                    • Anonymous

                                      02 Feb 2020 23:36  

                                      Doing the chalices for the first time and I died to him so many times trying to use Beastcutter +8 with fire gems, thinking it was the best way with his serrated and fire weaknesses. Gave up and went back to my +9 Axe and killed him first try. To be fair, by that point I was getting much better at dodging his attacks, but I feel like if enemies/bosses are going to have weaknesses, using weapons that exploit that weakness should be a bigger advantage. Instead it was holding me back. Maybe it was just the Axe being faster to swipe with though...

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