Lower Pthumeru Chalice


A chalice that breaks a labyrinth seal.

But only a Root Chalice changes the shape of the old labyrinth when used in a ritual.

The old labyrinth was carved out by the Pthumerians, superhuman beings that are said to have unlocked the wisdom of the eldritch Truth."


Lower Pthumeru Chalice is a Chalice Item in Bloodborne. You can create this chalice dungeon by combining the materials listed below at one of the Tomb Altars in Hunter's Dream. This dungeon never changes Bosses, design, or loot.



Lower Pthumeru Chalice Information





Merciless Watcher (Layer 1)

Undead Giant, Club/Chain/Sickle version (Layer 2)

Rom, the Vacuous Spider (Layer 3)

Bloodletting Beast (Layer 4)



  • This is the first of the Pthumeru Chalices to have a fourth level.
  • Each level has a hidden wall but their locations varies.
  • There is a hidden wall in Layer 1's first off-shoot leading to a chest with a Sage's Wrist. - neomerdien neomerdien-
  • There is a hidden wall in Layer 2 that leads to a treasure room. - neomerdien neomerdien-
  • There is a hidden wall in Layer 3 that leads to a treasure room. - neomerdien neomerdien-
  • There is a hidden wall in Layer 4 (which leads to a Bath Messenger vendor that sells the Sinister Lower Pthumeru Root Chalice as well as uncanny and lost versions of some weapons you have). This wall is through the door left of the lamp, up the ladder and in the room with the tree, hounds, spiders and Keeper of the old Lords (just behind it on the right wall). It will look different than the rest of the room. If messengers not found on Layer 4, then its on either Layer 1, 2 or 3 behind a hidden wall. - neomerdien neomerdien- NOTE: you will find every DLC weapon you have as uncanny and lost in this bath messangers
  • If the player dies to Rom at the same time that Rom is killed Layer 4 will be unavailable to the player. (confirmed) *possibly patched? Just happened to me, and I was able to continue to Layer 4 with no problem.
  • After completing this dungeon Ritual Blood (2) and Tomb Mold (2) can be bought from the Messengers in Hunter's Dream



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    • Anonymous

      07 Mar 2021 00:09  

      You will only have 3 layers if you haven't killed Mergo's Wet Nurse. The door to the 4th layer will appear after it is dead.

      • Anonymous

        06 Jun 2020 14:42  

        Ugh, why is Rom here. That fight is a boring and infuriating slog. I'd rather drink a glass of vinegar than be reminded of that*****ty boss.

        • Anonymous

          01 Feb 2020 08:37  

          If you have trouble with bloodletting beast just call 1 or 2 old hunter they will distract the beast so much that you won't even take much dmg and kill it easily

          • Anonymous

            29 May 2019 19:22  

            Layer One is an excellent place to farm souls once you're somewhere around Levels 75-90, I always run through the side path on the right at the very beginning (getting somewhere between 3500-5000 Blood Echoes), then I go past the yellow lamps to the main part of the first layer. Run through this as quickly as possible (Go Up ladder and straight to the left. Kill that guy for like 1555 souls, then kill the CHime Maiden and the tall undead guy at the bottom of the final room where the boss switch is). I run through the entire Layer 1 area in maybe 2-3 minutes, and it nets me about 12k-13k souls, especially if I get extra blood echoes from using the run that boosts Visceral Attacks. This is a good place to level up or farm souls to stock up on items. It can be a bit tricky at times because of the damn spiders that the Chime Maiden conjures, but once you get a rhythm going, it's very rewarding. I've leveled up considerably doing this

            • Anonymous

              02 Feb 2019 22:59  

              I found the bath messenger, some reason he's not selling ANY weapons? I have all the regular ones pre-dlc...

              • Anonymous

                17 Aug 2018 00:18  

                The first time I went through here, I completely missed the 4th layer, and assumed that Rom was the last boss. It took me way too long to realize that there was a 4th.

                • Anonymous

                  22 Jul 2018 20:47  

                  Sure would be nice to have actual directions to these illusory walls that weren't so fucking vague and images that weren't busted. But hey, the half-assed, sloppy, lazy writing and complete lack of any fact checking on this wiki is just par for the fucking course around here.

                  • Anonymous

                    01 Jun 2018 03:33  

                    Is anyone able to lend a hand for Rom on layer 3? I can summon Prospector Olek, but he focuses ads instead of Rom.

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Apr 2018 23:27  

                      Do I have to do this whole damn dungeon again because layer 4 won’t appear??? I didn’t even know there was a 4th one until I started looking for more ritual blood.

                      • Anonymous

                        17 Mar 2018 12:17  

                        I have finished this freaking dungeon 9 fckin times, but no Defiled Chalice so far! Just wtf? Anyone know whats happening? I have Cursed and Defiled Root Chalice and Sinister Lower Pthumeru Root Chalice... I think my account is bugged or somethg,

                        • Anonymous

                          12 Mar 2017 10:42  

                          Content of a treasure room behind hidden wall in Layer 3: Sage's Wrist x2, QS Bullets x4, Ritual Blood (4)

                          • Anonymous

                            12 Mar 2017 09:54  

                            Content of a treasure room behind hidden wall in Layer 2: Tomb Mould + 4 creatures to kill with Tempering Gems

                            • Anonymous

                              27 Dec 2016 23:41  

                              I managed to defeat Rom in the Lower Pthumeru Chalice with a combination of Lake runes for arcane defense, some blood gems for fire damage, and a combination of oil urn, flamethrower and molotovs

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