Orphan of Kos

General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
19,217 60,000 Fishing Hamlet Coast Kosm Parasite
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
183 183 183 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
183 274 205 228
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
999 999 No No

Orphan of Kos (ゴースの遺子 Gōsu no ishi lit. "Orphan of Gos") is a Great One Boss in Bloodborne. It was added with The Old Hunters DLC. He is the son of Kosm.

"Mercy for the poor wizened child, mercy."

Orphan of Kos General Information

The boss will not be visible before or while entering the boss room, only after the initial cutscene will the boss be present, back turned to the player. Orphan will never aggro when entering the boss room, and will only aggro once the player is about 1/3 of the way towards him.
This boss has two noticeable phases:

  • Phase 1:
    • Once engaged, the orphan will turn to the player and attack immediately.
    • Has a significant amount of moves with varying ranges and speeds.
  • Phase 2:
    • The Orphan will bite into the placenta-like weapon and transform.
    • Becomes slightly larger and gains a new set of moves, as well as keeping and enhancing some previous ones.
    • Is far more mobile making it harder to keep track of and stay in control.








  • Stick to his left side (right for you).
    • Mid range will be dangerous and hard to avoid attacks. Hugging his left is the place where you want to be. Circle him while attacking and quickly close any distance when he backs away. The second phase will make it easier as avoiding the jump attack lets you get some free hits in.
  • Parryable in both phases.
  • Augur of Ebrietas works well when he uses his jump attack in the first phase.
  • When he summons electricity by screeching, quickly move to the entrance of the boss arena. Alternatively, look toward the large corpse of Kos, where the bolt of lightning strikes the ground. "Waves" of electricity will move outward radially from this point. These "waves" have sharp demarcations and can be rolled through and/or walked/ran around.
  • Once he enters the second phase by performing a shockwave, he will stay in the ground for a couple of seconds. This is your chance to backstab him.
    • The Orphan is immune to backstabs during this animation, as well as the lightning attack screech, but timing your charged attack to hit at the very end of said animations can score a backstab.
  • The boss area for this fight is large, circular and made up of two parts; the beach and the water.
    • Don't be afraid to go out over the water, as you can't actually fall in and it doesn't slow you down.
    • The beach is sloped and uneven with a few wooden branches sticking out of the ground that you can get stuck on.
    • The water area is flat and even and provides a great amount of space.
      • Eventually, however, you run into an invisible wall that prevents you from going further, so be aware.
  • In phase one, you can easily run under his forward leaping attack and then turn around for a charge attack followed by an easy backstab, plus a quick follow-up jab before he dodges away. Quickstepping or sprinting will carry you too far to attack him before he recovers. You can also bait his forward leaping attack consistently to quickly get through phase one. Get far away from the Orphan so he is out of range, be careful though, he might throw his projectile towards you, but this can easily be avoided by rolling or keeping the Kos corpse between you and the Orphan to block it. Eventutally, the Orphan will start running towards you, from here, he will either do one of two moves: his forward leaping attack or an uppercut swing from his placenta blade. 
  • In phase one, he can be easily staggered by most heavier weapons, or several consecutive hits of a lighter weapons.
    • Be mindful of the stagger since it will reset his animation and he can easily punish you with one of his quicker attacks.
  • In phase one the Orphan has a very tricky attack which starts off with him reeling back his weapon with one hand a bit and doing a slam while taking a step or two towards the player. This attack can easily be dodged, however, it kicks up some dust from the beach, covering the follow up which is a quick dash towards the player with an uppercut.
  • His aerial dive attack in the first phase can be dodged by timing a dodge straight at him. This will result in you ending up behind him for a free attack with a quick weapon.
  • Dodging this boss in the first phase can be very easy as long as you pay close attention to which attack he is using. A number of his attacks sweep from one side to the other, and dodging properly into the attack can completely avoid any damage. Dodging in the direction the attack is being swung can result in you taking minor damage or the entire damage from the attack depending on whether you'te hit by the weapon or just by the strand attached to it..


General Player Tips (NG+)

  • He becomes extremely tough in NG+
  • Fishing for backstabs with a heavy weapon works best for the first phase (even if you miss the charged R2 will stun him, at least for LHB, making the fishing relatively safe)
  • On both phases, but especially the second, try to keep close to him at all times, using the tactics mentioned in item 5
  • For the second phase, try to fight him on the water (less things to get caught on)
  • For the second phase you may try to fight unlocked, basically circling him with rolls when he's in melee range and attacking on any openings, and just evading his ranged stuff
  • For the second phase, when he flies up to do a slam attack, roll to one side and then the opposite side, it'll usually make him miss
  • For the second phase, when he does the lightning attack it's easier to just get some distance then walk in the gaps between the waves
  • For the second phase, HEAL CONSTANTLY, it's very easy for him to dish out a ton of damage, so try to stay at full health at all times
  • Due to the above, favour healing over getting a hit in on the second phase (aka play cautiously)
  • Use Communion Runes, hell eat up your blood vials and you'll need many in the 2nd phase (starting with 27 vials, in the end of the fight I had 3, NG+)
  • Use a Clawmark Rune, it'll help get you through the first phase quicker and therefore save blood vials
  • For the oath use the Hunter of Hunters if you can, you'll need the stamina


Parry Guide

Most, if not all, of the melee attacks this boss does can be parried for visceral attacks, even those that involve him jumping. Some attacks are easier to parry, some are almost impossible. Here is a list of the easier ones:

  • In the first phase the easiest to parry is the slow overhead smash. Fire your weapon when he has lifted his leg to ready the heavy attack.
  • When he does a 180 degree clockwise swipe and continues swiping the opposite direction with 180 degree counter clockwise swipe, the second swipe is easy to parry if you stayed just far enough to avoid the first swipe without dodging, then fire your weapon when the second swipe is about to start.
  • One of the safest parry opportunities is when he screams, shakes his upper body like he is really mad and slams the ground in front of him, pauses for a second and continues with 2 fast swings. The range of those two last swings aren't far and it is pretty safe to shoot immediately after dodging straight back to avoid the first swing. It's tricky to hit but you are safe from any counter attacks.
  • In the second phase there aren't any really safe parry opportunities. The least dangerous one however is fairly easy to spot. Once Orphan calms down and starts to simply walk towards the player staring him/her down, boss is actually preparing one of his short ranged attacks. It really doesn't matter which attack it is going to be, since he always has to move his weapon to his side before an attack. That is the time to fire your gun, once you see his weapon at his side and not in front of him. It is a small window and requires good reflexes but can be done consistently.
  • In the first phase the Auger of Ebrietas is a very easy way to get back stab viscerals on him. Particularly during his AoE red burst attack and his quick dash to upper cut. On the dash upper cut dodge into him and you'll be able to fairly consistently get the backstab with the Augur. If you couple this with the Odeon Writh rune you don't even have to expend bullets. This rune also seems to give more bullets in the first half of this fight. (Using Oedon Writhe +2 in the first half of the fight, I have gotten a COMPLETE refill from 1-20 bullets on a single visceral. Needs confirming).



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Attack Name Attack Description & Counter
Charged spinning attack (1st phase) He will start a fairly slow windup, bringing his weapon to the left of his body before swinging the weapon around twice in a circular overhead swing. If you decide to get close after the first swing he will switch up his attack with the ground vertical attack or the low weapon swing. This attack can be parried.
Ground vertical swing (1st phase) He will slam his weapon to the ground before swinging it upward and having it land near the back left side of his body. For this attack, dodge to the left of him as dodging right may inflict the partial damage of the weapon coming back on the landing.
Charged overhead slam (1st phase) He will raise his weapon with both hands over his head and wait near 3 seconds before slamming it down and inflicting a small AoE physical attack. This attack can be parried.
Bomb (1st and 2nd phase) He will pull out slime from his weapon and will plant it in the ground, forming a bomb that explodes with a medium AoE.
Projectile (1st phase) From a range, he will reach into his weapon and throw a ball at the player. This projectile incredible range, decent tracking, explodes on impact or upon reaching wherever your character was. It is recommended to dodge to the side about a second before impact, as the ball turns in flight, but slowly. If it connects, there is a knockdown effect, and Orphan will follow it up with a leaping attack or a vertical swing.
Leaping vertical attack (1st phase) This is his version of a dash. He will jump backwards and slam his weapon hard to the ground to gain some distance away from you. Most of the times he will either follow this up with a charged spinning attack, blood projectile, or may use the time to change into his second form.
Shockwave Once he is around 50% of his health, he will stick his left hand into his weapon and will slam it on the ground, causing a huge shockwave, which will knock you off your feet, but not damage you.
Lightning Waves (2nd phase) He will sound a long screech, which will summon waves of lightning, originating at the corpse of Kos, that will travel at a great distance across the boss arena.
Aerial Projectiles (2nd phase) He will fly up in the air, and shoot out a multitude of projectiles, which will have shorter range compared to the single projectile he shoots in the first phase.


Notes & Trivia

  • Once slain, attack the black spirit on top of Kos to get "Nightmare Slain", and complete the DLC.
  • If one is having trouble dodging his ranged attack (reaches into placenta and throws part of it at you), the loch shield can be used to great effect to mitigate it's damage. It will still damage you, but you won't be stunned when it connects, unlike if you got hit without the shield, and it'll only deal 20-15% the damage it normally does.
  • Blood Rapture (visceral attacks restore health) and Oedon Writhe (visceral attacks grant Quicksilver Bullets) runes are enhanced during the first phase. It will restore a far greater amount of health than it should (about four times the amount). Might be a bug.
  • The Plain Doll will have special dialogue after slaying the black spirit of the Orphan of Kos.
  • The first and second forms are NOT kin, so kin related gems do nothing.
  • After defeating the Orphan and slaying the black spirit—the "Sweet Child of Kosm"—floating atop the corpse of Kosm, the rain will stop and the moon will disappear.
  • His body does not disappear if he is slain via visceral attack in his first form.
    • This is caused by the fact that the first form does not seem to have a death animation or dead state as a whole. You can kill him before going into phase 2 without a visceral attack.
  • There are many snail women facing the boss gate in a prayer position.
    • Killing them does not grant any Blood Echoes or Items.
    • They have no health. If you touch them while rolling, you will kill them.
  • The placenta he wields looks a lot like a giant cursed blood gem. This suggest that "Kosm" may have been cursed.
  • The Orphan has a connection to Gehrman. After you defeat The Orphan, The Doll will say: "Oh, good hunter. I can hear Gehrman sleeping. On any other night, he'd be restless. But on this night, he sounds so very calm. ...perhaps something has eased his suffering"
  • Lore theories exist under Orphan of Kos Lore.






    • Anonymous

      08 Nov 2018 00:35  

      The old hunters impregnated her which is why Maria was disgusted. She died due to pregnancy complications.

      • Anonymous

        05 Nov 2018 00:50  

        There is something about his first phase that enhances visceral runes (I think), I have two runes equipped (the one that restores HP and Bullet vrom VA's) and they seem massively more potent in his first phase. Using these strategically (Visceralling instead of healing via blood vial) is a risky but rewarding strategy for his 2nd phase (which does not have the rune enhancement) leaving you with more bloodvials and bullets to work with.

        • Anonymous

          27 Oct 2018 05:14  

          For phase 2: - keep calm - use old hunter bone - get on the water - don‘t lock on him - don‘t chase him too far - roll into him when he does his jump attack

          • Anonymous

            17 Oct 2018 01:30  

            The only thing I hated about this boss fight was: How every time I walked into his boss room I was like "Do your Worst!". Then he does...

            • 11 Oct 2018 22:12  

              A raggly ass old man, squaking like a crazed parrot while swinging a giant grubby ass shrimp for a weapon... and jumping around like a howler monkey... what a fine challenge... -__-

              • Anonymous

                23 Sep 2018 07:13  

                He can combine attacks and change them in middle of a fight im not surprised he is the hardest boss in the game

                • Anonymous

                  13 Sep 2018 18:15  

                  I just did this fight on NG+2 laat night and he was able to stop his attacks and switch halfway through. For instance he would do do the first round of the double swing he does when he swings his weapon out pretty far and then switch to his upper swing midway through and wreck me. I also noticed him using some feints in phase 2 such as starting his xharge attack and quickly changing to one of his jumping projectile attacks. I didn't experience this on previous playthroughs, and im not sure if some of these might be bugs or what but they made the fight more difficult than it had been before

                  • 10 Sep 2018 00:19  

                    Took maybe 30 tries to get him into the second phase, while learning his moveset. Very first time I got him to second phase, I killed him by having read tips here prior. Just kept rolling in thru his attacks and R2'n with moolight sword+6. Had max HP +25% & Vials +5. ROOOOAR!

                    • Anonymous

                      09 Sep 2018 15:07  

                      Have you try a backstab after he runs towards you, jumps and slam the placenta to the ground during his first phase? If you walk from below while he is in the air, he will land with his back exposed, and you have plenty of time to charge even the transformed Ludwig's Holy Blade while pointing to his back. This is the one i use kinda often against him and it's not risky.

                      • Anonymous

                        07 Sep 2018 00:01  

                        I must say, I've tried all these tips and i've noticed they're effective, but boy do you need an extreme amount of focus & skill to pulll it off. Even after having tried it all out countless times, I never succeeded in finishing, only got close. In a mood of complete indifference and feeling a need to be creative I wondered if mimicing Lady Maria to a certain extent might help me out in this fight. Lorewise she was after all a pinnacle figure in the undoing of this village. I donned myself with Henryk's outfit (decent physical resistance, mediocre blood & arcane resistance, great lightning resistance), Maria's rakuyo & Old Hunter Bone. And I must say it did wonders for me. My aim was simply to try and be even more aggressive than Kos. After dodging his first attack I nearly emptied my stamina bar slashing him while slowly circling around him avoiding most of his counters. The remaining stamina used to timely dodge his next attack and create some distance to heal and activate Quickening once again. I didn't need to change my fighting pattern for the 2nd phase. Though the one small difference in phase two is to remain close to him and never be the one to distance yourself from him even if your health is nearly depleted. His moves cover a lot more ground in the second phase and there'll be plenty times that he'll distance himself from you through his big leaps. Use that time to replenish everything and ready yourself to get in his face/side again. Ofcourse without all the tips above and gradually getting used to his reactions, this probably wouldn't have gone as well as it did. The only requirement is to get a feel for how to dodge against him to make sure you don't waste Quickening by lying flat on the ground half the fight. I hope this helps those with mediocre BB skills. Since I was so astonished it actually payed of instantly (tried about 28 times before with LHB & Brador set, Augur of Ebrietas & fire paper --> dead). Though if you really prefer to feel the suspense & pressure, I'd recommend following the wikia guidelines.

                        • Anonymous

                          28 Aug 2018 23:03  

                          The Augur is essential for backstab fishing if you have any investment in arcane. Works best to the left side of his back

                          • Anonymous

                            23 Aug 2018 21:04  

                            Seems I was right about how this game is easier once you learn how to avoid attacks it was less frustrating once I learned you can stay on his left side to dodge his attacks

                            • Anonymous

                              16 Aug 2018 08:11  

                              Oh man, the Orphan is brutal at BL4, but after 101 deaths, I managed to kill him. In phase 1, I went for only backstabs. I think the safest one to go for would be the attack where he shakes, then spins his weapon around twice. If you run through the second spin, then it's pretty safe to go for a backstab. But, sometimes, instead of going for another spin, he'll do a slam instead. So watch out for that. And if he doesn't kinda shake before spinning his weapon, it's not the right attack. If he does his jumping attack, you can try getting a backstab, but I never really tried to, so... yeah. Don't go for any R1s, unless you're sure you won't get hit. Phase 2. I only got here twice, so this part won't be very detailed. I didn't attack the Orphan at all during this phase except for backstabs, and only went for backstabs after he did his charge attack. (You can also stop him mid-charge if you shoot him, just in case you need to.) When he summons lightning, run away from the shore, and go in between the gaps in the lightning. You might be able to get a backstab, but I never tried it. Other than that, don't be too aggressive, stay out in the sea,and always do a charged R2 backstab instead of a visceral, if possible. This was done on a BL4 character with a +10 Saw Cleaver, with gems from winter lanterns outside of the Orphan's room. (I also probably got some godly RNG, as this was the second time I killed the Orphan.) I hope this helps if you are having trouble with him.

                              • Anonymous

                                13 Aug 2018 15:17  

                                The weapon he wields, does not look like placenta to me. It looks like an embryo, or a fetus. Not in its best days however. It looks like it has been dead in the stomach for a while and started to decay. And why does the orphan have those bracelets, if he just born?

                                • Anonymous

                                  21 Jul 2018 03:45  

                                  Riddle me this...I mangaged to beat the orphan in NG+4 (I didn't play old hunters the other 2) in about 5 attempts most probably because of muscle memory but I'm still trying to kill Laurence...

                                  • Anonymous

                                    19 Jul 2018 06:02  

                                    Is anyone willing to help a fella out? Its not necessarily the boss itself thats giving me difficulty, i'm just absolute trash.

                                    Psn: Jo_lo29

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