Game Progress Route for Bloodborne is a guide for players to find a recommended path to complete the game. If you are new to souls games, we recommend reading the New Player Help and Combat pages so that you can understand the game's mechanics better. Further Guides are available here.

Bloodborne Game Progress Guide

Location Required Steps Optional Steps
1. 1st Floor Sickroom
  1. Progress to Central Yharnam
  1. Die to first enemy or find the Lamp and enter Hunter's Dream
  2. Kill first enemy with visceral attack.
2. Hunter's Dream
  1. Use tombstone to warp back to 1st Floor Sickroom or if you ran past the Wolf Beast warp to Central Yharnam
  1. Collect starting gear from Messengers on the stairs
3. Central Yharnam
  1. Progress to Tomb of Oedon
  1. Find Gilbert and begin his quest line
  2. Meet Eileen the Crow atop the sewers
  3. Find Viola's Daughter and get the Tiny Music Box
4. Great Bridge Optional area
  1. Defeat Cleric Beast
  2. Just encountering this boss will give you 1 Insight, which is enough to buy a Small Resonant Bell from the upper Messenger's shop.
  3. After defeating the Cleric Beast, you will be able to buy the Kirkhammer and the Repeating Pistol in the shop.
5. Tomb of Oedon
  1. Defeat Father Gascoigne
  2. Progress to Cathedral Ward
  1. Obtain Blood Gem Workshop Tool
  2. Pick up Red Jeweled Brooch
6. Cathedral Ward Two options for how to proceed.
  1. Progress to Old Yharnam (optional, step 7)
  2. Purchase the Hunter Chief Emblem from the Lower Bath Messengers for 10,000 Blood Echoes and proceed to boss Vicar Amelia. If you chose to go to Old Yharnam you do not need to purchase the emblem. Note: If you do not purchase the emblem and therefore do not unlock the cathedral ward gate to the circular area using the emblem, you will not be able to summon any help for the fight with Vicar Amelia.
  1. Talk to Eileen the Crow  just outside the front door to the left (only after unlocking the shortcut with the Hunter Chief Emblem, including the shortcut leading to the Cathedral Ward lamp), then head back to the Tomb of Oedon (you can't awaken there, you have to walk back), once there you will be confronted by Henryk, a blood mad hunter. Help Eileen defeat him (but avoid hitting her too much, as this will cause her to aggro).
  2. Talk to the Oedon Chapel Dweller  near the Cathedral Ward lamp
  3. Meet Alfred
  4. Return to Gilbert and receive Flamesprayer
  5. Return to the Lonely Old Woman  and direct her to the Cathedral Ward (you must first talk to the Oedon Chapel Dweller near the Cathedral Ward lamp).
  6. Return to Viola and either give her the Red Jeweled Brooch or send her to the Cathedral Ward (She won't actually show up, but the story arc will continue.)
  7. Obtain the Monocular
  8. Defeat Vicar Amelia
  9. Proceed to Old Yharnam
7. Old Yharnam This area and boss are entirely optional; however, they are highly recommended for the items and content they unlock.
  1. Enter from the Cathedral Ward, evade Djura's gatling gun, and continue through to the boss. Killing Djura now will get you the Powder Keg Hunter Badge; however, if you wait until later, you can obtain a gesture in addition to the badge.
  2. Defeating Blood-Starved Beast will open the way to the Healing Church Workshop, thereby getting to Vicar Amelia without buying the Hunter Chief Emblem. However, doing so will not enable any summoning for the fight until the Cathedral Ward gate is unlocked with the emblem or by activating the lever on the opposite side of the gate.
  3. OPTIONAL (Step 12): In order to get both the gesture and the badge from Djura, enter Darkbeast Paarl arena (you do not need to defeat him in order to approach Djura) in Hypogean Gaol (you cannot access this area until after defeating the Blood-Starved Beast and then get killed by a Snatcher) and open the shortcut to Old Yharnam. From Blood-Starved Beast lamp or Darkbeast Paarl lamp, approach Djura without aggroing him or atttacking any monsters and answer "spare the Beasts". This will grant the gesture, the badge, and he will be friendly. Feel free to kill him after this for access to the Ashen Hunter Set.
  1. Defeat Blood-Starved Beast  and receive Pthumeru Chalice
  2. Get killed by a Snatcher, decide whether to defeat Darkbeast Paarl, then talk to Djura (details to the left).
8. Healing Church Workshop Optional area if you went to Old Yharnam and defeated Blood-Starved Beast.
  1. The previously closed door near the Cathedral Ward  lamp will now be open.
  2. Fall down the rafters to the bottom to access the shortcut back to Cathedral Ward  so you don't have to buy the Hunter Chief Emblem.
  1. Obtain Radiant Sword Hunter Badge at the top
9. Abandoned Old Workshop Optional area if you went to Healing Church Workshop
  1. Obtain One Third of Umbilical Cord
10. Cathedral Ward revisited Get here from step 6 or 8 and defeat Vicar Amelia to get the password for the Forbidden Woods by touching the altar behind the boss arena. You can receive the Tonsil Stone from 4 different NPCs with red lanterns once you open the door to the Forbidden Woods.
  1. The suggested ones are either in Healing Church Workshop or Forbidden Woods.
  1. Obtain the Black Church Set
  2. Once you have beaten 3 bosses find Arianna and direct her to the Cathedral Ward. This is important for getting One Third of Umbilical Cord later.
  3. After telling Arianna to go to the Cathedral Ward tell the Skeptical Man to go to Iosefka's Clinic (you must first talk to Iosefka). He actually goes there if you tell him to head for Oedon Chapel.
11. Hemwick Charnel Lane Optional area. To get here you must go left of the Grand Cathedral when facing the front of the cathedral from the outside.
  1. Defeat Witch of Hemwick
  2. Obtain the Rune Workshop Tool
12.Hypogean Gaol
  1. Optional area. To get here you must face one of the Snatcher enemies and let it kill you without it enraging, just let it attack and kill you without hitting it. It will look like you die but a cutscene will play and you will lose your Blood Echoes. You will have to pick them up where you died.
  2. This is a good place to farm Blood Echoes, Blood Stone Shards, and Twin Blood Stone Shards by killing the 2 Snatchers and the 2 Giant Boars outside. Nets around 12,000 Blood Echoes per run.
  3. Go into boss room where the Darkbeast Paarl is, and either defeat it or let it kill you (if you kill it, proceed to unlock the shortcut to Old Yharnam). As soon as you reach the shortcut ladder leading to where Djura is, DO NOT run, roll, OR sprint. Casually climb up the next two ladders and WALK towards him to talk to Djura and receive both the badge and the gesture.
  1. Obtain Tonitrus weapon
  2. Defeat Darkbeast Paarl
  3. If you send Adella the Nun to the Cathedral Ward, refrain from accepting blood from Arianna  afterward if you want the "good" ending.
  4. Obtain badge and gesture from Djura.
13. Lecture Building 1st Floor Optional area. To get here you must have the Tonsil Stone in your inventory and get picked up by the invisible Lesser Amygdala that is at the dead end to the right of the Grand Cathedral when facing the front of the cathedral from the outside. You will actually have immediate access to this area upon defeating Rom, the Vacuous Spider.
  1. Obtain multiple runes
  2. Obtain Augur of Ebrietas
  3. Obtain Red Jelly
14. Nightmare Frontier Optional area. Leave the lecture building through the large doors at the end of the hall. Can be quite difficult right now, suggested to return later. Beware of the poison water.
  1. Defeat Amygdala  and receive Ailing Loran Chalice
15. Forbidden Woods
  1. Defeat the Shadow of Yharnam
  1. Take hidden path to rear entrance of Iosefka's Clinic
  2. Find the Suspicious Beggar  and kill him, do NOT send him to safety (see his page for strategies)
16. Iosefka's Clinic (Rear Entrance) Optional Area.
NOTE: If you intend to use Iosefka as a source for one of the One Third of Umbilical Cord, do NOT kill her now. Return here after killing Rom, The Vacuous Spider in order to get One Third of Umbilical Cord. The catch here is that killing her now would let you obtain a rune. This makes her the best candidate to sacrifice, since the other three cord sources don't require you to give up anything. The choice is yours.
  1. Obtain Cainhurst Summons
  2. Open front door
17. Castle Cainhurst Optional Area. To get here you must have the Cainhurst Summons in your inventory and approach the large obelisk in the graveyard near the Witch's Abode, there are two executioners in the graveyard. The Witch boss must be defeated for this to work.
Area can be quite difficult.
  1. Defeat Martyr Logarius
  2. Gain access to Cainhurst Vilebloods Covenant.
  3. Complete Alfred's quest line.
18. Byrgenwerth Find the Lunarium Key and defeat Rom, The Vacuous Spider
NOTE: This will permanently change the game world.
  1. Hypogean Gaol lamp will no longer work; however, there are shortcuts into here from Yahar'gul, Unseen Village
  2. Any NPCs that can be "saved" (ask you about a safe place) and have not been saved will be lost. Make sure Arianna is saved to get One Third of Umbilical Cord.
  3. Amygdalas will become visible.
  4. Many Hunter NPCs quest lines can be completed now such as Eileen the Crow, which she will be found at the top of the steps leading to the Grand Cathedral.
  5. Iosefka can no longer be fought to obtain the Oedon Writhe rune. After killing Rom, she will then provide One Third of Umbilical Cord instead.
  1. Kill Master Willem for a rune
  2. Obtain Empty Phantasm Shell
19. Yahar'gul, Unseen Village
  1. The Upper Cathedral Key can be found in the building where the laser-shooting Amygdala is located.
  2. Defeat One Reborn
  3. Inspect the Mummy after One Reborn to gain access to Lecture Building 2nd Floor (step 22).
  1. If you did not defeat Darkbeast Paarl  in Hypogean Gaol  you can defeat him here.
  2. Obtain Tonitrus weapon (if you didn't during your first optional visit here)
  3. Obtain bloodgem that adds +18% Physical ATK.
20. Upper Cathedral Ward
Optional area.
  1. GetOrphanage Key
  1. Obtain the Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge
  2. Obtain Make Contact gesture
21. Orphanage Optional area.
  1. DefeatCelestial Emissary
    to gain access toLumenflower Gardens
  2. Defeat Ebrietas, Daughter of Cosmos
22. Lecture Building 2nd Floor Exit the area to access Nightmare of Mensis
  1. Open shortcut to Lecture Building  1st Floor
23. Nightmare of Mensis
  1. Defeat Micolash, Host of the Nightmare
  2. Defeat Mergo's Wet Nurse and receive One Third of Umbilical Cord
  1. Pull lever and drop theBrain of Mensis
  2. ObtainBlood Rock
  3. Obtain tier 3Moon Caryll Rune
  4. KillBrain of Mensis
    and obtain theLiving String
24. End Game - Hunter's Dream There are three endings and how you proceed will decide which ending you get.
NOTE: Once you trigger the end game boss(es) you can not continue in the open world so finish everything you want to before triggering the end.
  1. Ending one - Consume no more than 2 One Third of Umbilical Cord and then talk to Gehrman. Let him kill you, no final boss.
  2. Ending two - Consume no more than 2 One Third of Umbilical Cord and then talk to Gehrman. Fight him as final boss.
  3. Ending three - Collect and consume 3 or more One Third of Umbilical Cord and then talk to Gehrman. Fight him as the penultimate boss before the Moon Presence - the true final boss.
  1. Complete Arianna's quest line to receive One Third of Umbilical Cord
  2. Complete Iosefka's quest line to receive One Third of Umbilical Cord.

Tonsil Ston

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      Transposed a letter in Flamesprayer (spelled it as flamepsrayer) and because of that it links to a dead page. I can't change it since I'm not registered.

      • Anonymous

        25 Sep 2017 11:18  

        For the listing for Lecture Building 1st Floor, it says "Obtain multiple runes." The problem is that there are no runes on the first floor.

        • Anonymous

          28 Mar 2017 12:07  

          You should progress Forbidden Woods before Nightmare Frontier and Hypogean Gaol. That'll have your weapon +6.

          • Anonymous

            04 Feb 2017 18:24  

            Is there any where to find a similar guide for The Old Hunters? If not I'd like to request adding it to this page.

            • 10 Jan 2017 21:18  

              Fun Fact!

              The Cleric Beast or the Blood Starved Beast are not, both, optional. You have to kill one of them to access the closed areas of Cathedral Ward or there is no possible way to progress the game. Killing the Cleric Beast gives you access to the Hunter Chief's Emblem to open the gate or you have to open the door inside the Chapel by killing the Blood Starved Beast to come up through the lower levels into the back way to open the gates.

              • Anonymous

                22 Dec 2016 23:54  

                "If you do not purchase the emblem and therefore do not unlock the cathedral ward gate to the circular area with the emblem, you will not be able to summon any help for the fight with Vicar Amelia."

                This is not true...
                I did not buy the emblem (opened the gate from the other side instead) and I could still summon Henriett (the Old Hunter NPC). I had to open the three gates in that area before her summon sign would appear though.

                • Anonymous

                  04 Dec 2016 17:31  

                  Hey guys, I just discovered this page and the game Bloodborne, I'm having a ton of fun with this game but atm I don't know how to progress and I find the progression page pretty confusing. Can somebody help me? I have defeated: Cleric Beast, Blood Starved Beast, Father Gascoine, Vicar Amelia, Witch of Hemwick, Shadow of Yharnam and Darkbeast Paarl. My open paths are currently Byrgenwerth (struggling to defeat the hunter in the house), also I've opened the Lecture Building and Nightmare Frontier in which I'm struggling.

                  • Anonymous

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                    Why is it that i Can't trigger the buggy? I killed the witches, got summons, and went to oblisk. Nothing. I'm on NG+ and killed mergo's wet nurse.

                    • Anonymous

                      Alfred Summon04 Sep 2016 19:24  

                      You should at least put in a note that Alfred's summon disappears from the blood-starved beast if you kill Amelia or put Old Yharnam before Cathedral Ward.

                      • Anonymous

                        the last boss after wet nurse05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                        the first last boss is located at the hunters dream world, where u start the game. There is that gate that was closed up until you kill the wet nurse.

                        • Anonymous

                          Blood Starved Beast and Grand Cathedral.05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                          You don't need to kill the Blood Starved Beast to enter the Grand Cathedral. I killed Vicar Amelia before killing the Blood Starved Beast. It's actually an Optional Boss.

                          • Anonymous

                            Amygdala/Nightmare Frontier05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                            You can actually enter Nightmare Frontier before killing Rom. The difficulty is also way too easy at the point you're listing it tbh (compared to the other areas around that time)

                            • Anonymous

                              Djura05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                              To meet Djura without aggroing him, you actually need to kill Blood-starved Beast and then Darkbeast Paarl. While visiting old Yharnam you should avoid any contact(dont deal damage and dont climb up to the tower) to the hunters there. Only AFTER THAT you can visit him, and probably you don't even need black church set of armour.

                              • Anonymous

                                Think im bout close to finish.05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                                Okay so ive been up and over about majority of bloodbornes locations, took me a while to find out about cainburst, but now my next stump is finding out where this nightmare of mensis is? Does anyone know how to go there? If its in nightmare frontier i must be blind

                                • Anonymous

                                  "Speed Run"05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                                  Fastest way to beat the game without exploits or glitches, only killing the bosses you have too. 1. Father Gascoigne 2. Vicar Amelia 3. The Shadow of Yharnam 4. Rom, The Vacuous Spider 5. The One Reborn 6. Micolash, Host of The Nightmare 7. Mergo's Wet Nurse Finshed Optional Final Bosses at End Game. 8. Gehrman, The First Hunter 9. Moon Presence (If the requirements are met the fight will start after beating Gehrman.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Clinic05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                                    The clinic should not be put before the boss fight against Rom, because if you go before fighting Rom you lose a third of umbilical cord that won't drop from the owner of the clinic....

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Number 705 Jul 2016 14:49  

                                      I don't understand 7 you can't get snatchers to appear before you kill the blood stained beast. How do you get to that 2nd entrance?

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