Powder Keg Hunter Badge

powder keg hunter badge

Badge crafted by the Powder Kegs, the heretics of the Workshop.

The Powder Kegs adoration of complex design and big booms culminated in weapon designs that contrast with those traditionally of the Workshop.

The late Powder Kegs, bless their souls, had a motto: "If a weapon ain't got kick, it just ain't worth it.'"

Powder Keg Hunter Badge is a Key Item in Bloodborne.




Powder Keg Badge Usage





  • If Djura falls off the roof, the Powder Keg Hunter Badge may become unattainable from where he falls. Fortunately, the item will reappear by his Gatling gun if the player reloads the area by exiting the game, dying, or visiting the Hunter's Dream.
  • Djura must also be killed to be able to buy his Ashen Hunter Set. Obtaining the Badge will only unlock weapons.



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    • Anonymous

      This thing bugged away from me after ng+. At least it must have cuz u could buy ashen hunter set. Now i wanted to get 100% tropys and i couldnt buy rifle spear etc.

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