Red Jelly

Material used in a Holy Chalice ritual.

Stillborn infants born of a creature of unknown origin, of the type found in some corners of the old labyrinth.

Red Jelly is a Ritual Material Item in Bloodborne used to create a Chalice Dungeon.


Red Jelly Usage









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    • Anonymous

      07 Jan 2021 02:30  

      "Here honey have some jelly for your toast"
      Gives red jelly

      "Babe, what the **** is this"

      "Why its jelly sweetheart, sure it has some chunks but its still good"

      "Chunk? These arent chunks its a whole damn blob- wait, is that, IS THAT A ****ING FETUS!?!"

      "No its jelly, my buddy miyasaki said so, why would he lie to me?"
      "Are you serious? ARE YOU ****ING KIDDING ME, THAT IS A ENTIRE FETUS, I don't know why, but he gave you a fetus and lied and said it was jelly"

      "Well honey, I'm sure it was an honest mistake"

      "How the hell do you mistake a fetus for jelly, that guy is not your friend, HE'S CRAZY"

      "Now honey don't be rude, it certainly looks like jelly, and well, he's a good friend, so it had to be an accident"

      "Oh my god, I married an idiot"

      • Anonymous

        31 Jul 2020 03:53  

        Dear Diary, today I ****ed up by selling my red jelly because my idiotic ass never knew what to do with it

        • Anonymous

          22 Apr 2019 18:01  

          Its anoying i need to do a chalice ritual that requires red jelly that i don’t have to be to buy red jelly

          • Anonymous

            11 Aug 2018 01:42  

            Lets all take a minute to remember the days of gaming when featuring a miscarried fetus as a key item would be unthinkable. We've come a long way... but at what cost?

            • Anonymous

              16 Apr 2018 22:30  

              As someone who worked in the pathology for a few weeks this is uncomfortable to look at. Someone opened a can, grinning like it was christmas, and a fetus was inside a red jelly soupe. Head had the size of an orange so maybe 6 month old? Maybe 7? Quite developed. Will never forget the heavy, sour, oily stench of formaldehyd creaping into my lungs there everywhere. Almost collapsed once. Didn't know anymore where was up and down from the smell.

              • Anonymous

                31 Mar 2018 14:03  

                also has red jelly in the conference building on the 1st floor on the right side of the nightmare border door, in a room with a bau at the end of it

                • Anonymous

                  06 Feb 2017 02:35  

                  So, I decided to go back to Bloodborne after all this time, and I found a Red Jelly in the Great Pthumeru Dungeon, second floor, main area.

                  The chest spawns in a wall, but I guess the devs never noticed, and didn't remove it. This is NOT in a root chalice, so this isn't the result of faulty object placement in a random map. This will be here every time to make this chalice.

                  Since spotting a chest in the wall will be difficult, I'll give more precise directions.

                  Great Pthumeru Chalice Dungeon
                  Floor 2
                  Pass the Primary Area and go straight to the Main area [second lamp].
                  Proceed to the round room with a spiral stair case, and climb said stairs [beware of trap].
                  Go through the only exit at the top of the stairs, and proceed down the hall into the next room.
                  This should be on the upper most level of a large room. Remain on the upper level and go to the complete opposite side of the room.
                  Go through another hall into another round room, but this one is an elevator room.
                  Remain on the upper level yet again, and hug the left wall. You should get a prompt to open a chest after making a quarter turn around the room.

                  1 Red Jelly

                  • Lower Loran 1 RedJelly treasure location05 Jul 2016 14:39  

                    In Layer 2, immediately run to the right, go up the ladder, make your way outside to the first long bridge, immediately fall down to the bridge below and head back toward the way you came but you'll end up in a treasure room. treasure with 1 red jelly is immediately to the left hand wall, run to it (the beast will not be alarmed yet), grab the 1 red jelly and warp out. from there you can buy them for 5 insight.

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