Insight is a stat in Bloodborne. It governs the amount of inhuman knowledge you have acquired by exploring the game and defeating enemies. It is required to use the Beckoning Bell to summon other players into your game world. Please see Moon Phases to understand the "timezone" cycles, they are not related to Insight.

insight.jpg "The Insight stat represents the depth of inhuman knowledge. Needed to ring special bell, but induces frenzy."


Insight Unlocks & Effects

  • Each additional Insight reduces the Beasthood stat. Spending Insight alternatively increases the Beasthood stat.
  • Each additional Insight reduces the Frenzy resistance.
  • Insight cannot exceed a limit of 99.


  • Note: Not all world related Insight changes are instant, like the bath messenger, so you might need to reload the area for the change to take effect.
Insight Effects
  • Winter Lanterns can be heard singing in an off-key tone at a further distance
  • A baby's cry can occasionally be heard off in the distance in any area except the Hunter's Dream.


Insight Usage and Accumulation

  • Gain Insight

  • Note: Discovery related insight gains only happens once each playthrough.


  • Spend Insight



  • When you gain insight you will hear several, quick, faint whispers.
  • Gaining insight will reduce frenzy resistance, while losing it will increase it again.
  • Gaining insight will reduce beasthood, while losing insight will increase it again.
  • Gaining insight has known to drive some "mad" yet the knowledge they gain is considered a blessing, thus making you more susceptible to frenzy.


  1. Insight unlock demonstration video provided by Tomasz Gop, producer of Lords of the Fallen
  2. Proven by video by Saechao Plus

    • Anonymous

      16 Nov 2018 14:49  

      I hear a baby's cry at 4, and a great way to farm insight is to use the resonant bell and help take down bosses, didn't use any insight and you gain insight and blood echos, don't lose blood echos if you die aswell, can only go up

      • Anonymous

        07 Mar 2018 14:10  

        Is there any reliable way of farming insight? I know there are sporadic drops in the aqueducts....anything else?

        • Anonymous

          05 Nov 2017 06:51  

          Not sure if this a Chalice Dungeon thing or insight caused Chalice Dungeon thing, but whenever I kill all enemies on a floor and round back to the floor lamp there is usually a Bloodlicker waiting for me and it is a very heafty one that does massive damage and has a ton of health. I have been at a minimum of 40 Insight(normally around 60 except for encounters with Brainsuckers).

          • Anonymous

            15 Jan 2017 11:21  

            I like how this is World Tendency from Demon's Souls, Humanity in Dark Souls, and a sanity mechanic common in H.P. Lovecraft inspired games all in one stat. Cleverly done From.

            • Anonymous

              13 Jan 2017 09:55  

              Hi... I am on a NG++ cycle of Bloodborne and now it costs me two insights to summon assistance when impurity rune is equipped. (Valtr being one example). Is this correct?

              • Anonymous

                Mergo's lullaby in central Yharnam?30 Jul 2016 12:15  

                I heard Mergos Lullaby playing in central Yharnam (near the spot where you can summon Gascoigne, or basically near his house) in new game+. Had 73 Insight.

                • Anonymous

                  50 insight snd baby crying28 Jul 2016 00:00  

                  I had 50 insight but when I was in Nightmare Frontier, I herad baby cries and whispers, wtf fextralife?

                  • Anonymous

                    14 insight triggers first set of changes26 Jul 2016 23:55  

                    All of the things that this page says are at 15 insight happened to me at 14 insight. Not sure about any other category of stuff though.

                    • Anonymous

                      Insight and boss05 Jul 2016 14:40  

                      If some one can correct me. I've went to the second boss and got the insight for seeing him. Second time. I had an allies and we both die. When I spawn back to the lanterns insted of bein at 6 insight I was back at 7. Is the insigh regiven when you duo fail the bosses?

                      • Anonymous

                        Insight and Day/Night Cycle05 Jul 2016 14:40  

                        How does Insight interact with the Day Night cycle? How do the changes when its night interact with the difficulty increase?

                        • Anonymous

                          Insight changes the Rom fight.05 Jul 2016 14:40  

                          While attempting the Rom fight with some 40 insight and giving up I came back with 75. Before the bodyguards only had two attacks, but now they additionally spat acid, had a new leaping attack, would leap backwards, had a new flurry atatck, and an odd-chain leap.

                          • Anonymous

                            Affects of insight05 Jul 2016 14:40  

                            When I was farming The Bag Carriers for twin blood stones at 0 insight they were doing both the aoe stun and the cone shaped move with the same effect.

                            • Anonymous

                              Confirmation about 40 Insight and 50 Insight effect.05 Jul 2016 14:40  

                              I tested 40 Insight and it's true that you can see Lesser Amygdala in the place that you need access to Lecture Hall 1st floor but 50 Insight effect however it's false because you'll get that effect after moon turn red by killed Rom.

                              • Anonymous

                                20 insight mistake05 Jul 2016 14:40  

                                "Church Giant in Cathedral Ward sits down, and Fork-stick enemies gain red glow around their weapons." I can confirm that this happens at 15 insight.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Affects of Insight05 Jul 2016 14:40  

                                  "Tested in the Hidden Village, at 20 insight the bag carriers will start doing a stagger move, a cone of air that suck you toward them with their palm. At 30 insight they begin doing an area-of-effect dome attack that staggers." This occurs below 20 or 30 insight. I don't think this is insight related at all, unless it's 'cumulative' insight, i.e. insight memory.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    amgdyla05 Jul 2016 14:40  

                                    I dont know if this is a normal thing but amgdyla ripped his hands and used them as a longer reach weapon , had over 50 insight while fighting him

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