Insight is a stat in Bloodborne. It governs the amount of inhuman knowledge you have acquired by exploring the game and defeating enemies. It is required to use the Beckoning Bell to summon other players into your game world. Please see Moon Phases to understand the "timezone" cycles, they are not related to Insight.

insight.jpg "The Insight stat represents the depth of inhuman knowledge. Needed to ring special bell, but induces frenzy."


Insight Unlocks & Effects

  • Each additional Insight reduces the Beasthood stat. Spending Insight alternatively increases the Beasthood stat.
  • Each additional Insight reduces the Frenzy resistance.
  • Insight cannot exceed a limit of 99.


  • Note: Not all world related Insight changes are instant, like the bath messenger, so you might need to reload the area for the change to take effect.
Insight Effects
  • Winter Lanterns can be heard singing in an off-key tone at a further distance
  • A baby's cry can occasionally be heard off in the distance in any area except the Hunter's Dream.


Insight Usage and Accumulation

  • Gain Insight

  • Note: Discovery related insight gains only happens once each playthrough.


Spend Insight



  • When you gain insight you will hear several, quick, faint whispers.
  • Gaining insight will reduce frenzy resistance, while losing it will increase it again.
  • Gaining insight will reduce beasthood, while losing insight will increase it again.
  • Gaining insight has known to drive some "mad" yet the knowledge they gain is considered a blessing, thus making you more susceptible to frenzy.


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  1. Insight unlock demonstration video provided by Tomasz Gop, producer of Lords of the Fallen
  2. Proven by video by Saechao Plus

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    • Anonymous

      04 Sep 2021 16:20  

      Don't let the insight distract you from the fact that there is a settlement that needs your help. I'll mark it on your map.

      • Anonymous

        19 Feb 2021 17:21  

        I think above 50 insight, the lever for the sealed gate in the Cathedral Ward (the one that normally requires the Hunter Chief Emblem to open) will be visibly surrounded by Messengers. When you use the Emblem, you can see they actually pull the lever for you.

        Another thing: I've always been convinced that higher insight also lowers your arcane defense?? Out of habit, I spend most of my insight before fighting certain bosses like Rom, Micolash, or Ludwig, and I've noticed a massive difference in the damage I take from their arcane attacks. Has anyone else ever observed this, or am I just being superstitious?

        • Anonymous

          13 Feb 2021 15:23  

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          • Anonymous

            28 Jan 2021 19:31  

            In everyday language, insight means that the properties, contexts and relationships of an object area are subjectively recognized with sufficient accuracy, mentally grasped and factually correctly understood. As a conscious result of the combination of perception and reflection, insight is the result of an analytical-synthetic knowledge process. In everyday psychology, insights that are obtained in other ways and then often “in a flash” are ascribed to a special mental faculty, namely “intuition”. Insight also describes, in relation to Bloodborne, the recognition of a deeply hidden, uncanny truth, the "Eldritch Truth". However, this insight and the information that goes with it exceed the human understanding to the highest degree and can therefore lead to madness and ultimately to massive cerebral hemorrhage, which is why Frenzy is promoted by high insight and is often triggered by otherworldly horrors.

            • Anonymous

              27 Dec 2020 22:40  

              I've added my own insight rules to Bloodborne: the Card Game, because it was strangely absent. Get some blue or white marblized tokens to represent insight (like the red marblized tokens represent blood echoes). When you confront a boss, before anything else, each player rolls the die. The player with the highest roll gains 1 insight. Also, the player that deals the final blow to a boss gains 1 insight.

              These can be used to purchase additional upgrades in the hunter's dream or spent ONCE at the beginning of a boss fight as a kind of "summoning" of another hunter for help which allows a random upgrade card to be drawn and resolved immediately. The insight could also be spent to increase the humanoid and kin trophy tokens along their track by 1, even if a death token is blocking progress. It cannot be used to increase a beast trophy token (as insight reduces beasthood in the video game).

              Oh, and any damage received from a brainsucker depletes 1 insight. If the brainsucker escapes it takes another 1 insight from each player. Yeah, they suck in the card game too.

              If you gain 2 insight your max health depletes by 1; 3 insight and your max health depletes by 2, etc. This is to give the "frenzy resistance reduction" effect that it has in the video game, and encourage players to not try and hoard insight.

              • Anonymous

                07 Nov 2020 18:38  

                There should have been Weapons/Spells that Scaled with this, Like how they did with Humanity and Chaos Weapons in DS1

                • Anonymous

                  24 Aug 2020 20:10  

                  Sekiro has charmless and demon bell hard difficulty. This is my first playthrough in Bloodborne but, if I understood correctly, 99 insight is the hard mode for Bloodborne? I'm in. Even if I use beast blood pellets.

                  • Anonymous

                    22 Oct 2019 23:29  

                    This is the double-edged sword Humanities needed to be. Considering Humanity gathers at the Abyss, imagine if having more Humanities (The counter) would turn you into something entirely different from Hollowing. Much like what it did to Artorias. It's done so much better here in Bloodborne.

                    • Anonymous

                      28 Jul 2019 21:26  

                      I was hearing Gerhman's voice while he was sleeping with only 11 insight. Has anyone had any similar experiences or an explanation for this?

                      • Anonymous

                        25 May 2019 22:08  

                        If your inaight meter near 99 or it is 99 dont use your mad mans. I lost 73 mad man because of the *****ng 99 limit. I didnt know anythgn about 99 limit and my 1 ng cycle and chalice runs mad mans *****ed up. God damn *****ng 99 limit!!!!

                        • Anonymous

                          21 May 2019 15:21  

                          "When you gain insight you will hear several, quick, faint whispers" I didn't realize there was a point where you don't hear several faint whispers. Why is the sound so damned chaotic in this one? It makes me way more jumpy than I need to be.

                          • Anonymous

                            16 Nov 2018 08:49  

                            I hear a baby's cry at 4, and a great way to farm insight is to use the resonant bell and help take down bosses, didn't use any insight and you gain insight and blood echos, don't lose blood echos if you die aswell, can only go up

                            • Anonymous

                              07 Mar 2018 08:10  

                              Is there any reliable way of farming insight? I know there are sporadic drops in the aqueducts....anything else?

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