beasthood.jpg "The higher this attribute, the closer you are to beasthood when temporarily transformed."

Beasthood is a stat in Bloodborne that determines your maximum physical damage multiplier while using a Beast Blood Pellet or the Beast Claw. A higher Beasthood attribute grants a longer gauge when active; as the gauge fills, your physical damage increases while your defense decreases. Beasthood will only increase physical damage, it does not boost arcane, fire, bolt, or blood damage. Beasthood build-up can be cleared by using a Sedative. This will instantly remove all effects of Beasthood, including the physical damage multipliers and defense reduction.

Increasing and Decreasing the Beasthood Stat

Beasthood scales with your Insight, similar to Frenzy. The more Insight you have the lower your Beasthood, and the less Insight you have the higher your Beasthood. It can be further boosted by attire and certain runes, and wearing attire with high Beasthood like the Ashen Hunter Garb or Brador's Set and equipping one or more of the Beast runes and the Beast's Embrace rune can make up for high Insight. Or it can let you run around with well over 600 Beasthood, which may be useful if you're using the Beast Claw and want its effects to last for several minutes before running out.

Activating and Building Beasthood

Simply having a high Beasthood stat is not enough to raise your attack. The Beasthood stat only determines the length of the "Transformation" gauge that appears when you use a Beast Blood Pellet or the Beast Claw. This gauge will slowly fill as you attack enemies with your weapon, stat changes are non-continuous, meaning, attack does not increase as the gauge fills and is instead tied to several "breakpoints" listed below:

0     Beasthood: no change to physical damage and defense
1     Beasthood : +20% phys damage, -20% all defenses
25   Beasthood: +30% phys damage, -30% all defenses
50   Beasthood: +40% phys damage, -40% all defenses
100 Beasthood: +50% phys damage, -50% all defenses
200 Beasthood: +60% phys damage, -60% all defenses
300 Beasthood: +70% phys damage, -80% all defenses

Note: the meter does not need to be completely filled before these changes take place. By simply having that much Beasthood in the gauge, you already have the boosted attack and reduced defense. For example, if your character has 350 Beasthood and uses a Beast Blood Pellet, then attacks an enemy to raise the gauge by 10, your character will already have the +20% physical damage and -20% defense. By attacking the enemy more until the 25 breakpoint is passed, your character will then deal +30% more physical damage. If the meter falls to 24 or below, your character's damage multiplier will go back down to +20%, so in order to keep the +30% damage boost you have to continue attacking so the meter doesn't fall. As such, using Beasthood effectively requires a very aggressive play style with a high degree of inherent risk due to the defense de-buff.

The amount of Beasthood gained from attacks varies from weapon to weapon, attack type (e.g., R1, L2), and the enemy being attacked. As a general rule of thumb, larger weapons will generate more Beasthood than smaller weapons, and heavy attacks such as R2s and L2s will fill the gauge faster than R1 attacks. Certain bosses will fill the Beasthood gauge noticeably faster than others when attacked, namely Father Gascoigne, The One Reborn, and Orphan of Kos. For example, a Ludwig's Holy Blade in greatsword form will build up more Beasthood with its R1s than a Threaded Cane  does, and its L2 combo will fill the gauge even faster still. If Ludwig's Holy Blade is used against Orphan of Kos, the 300 Beasthood breakpoint can be easily passed in a matter of seconds. Alternatively, since heavy attacks will fill a Beasthood meter faster than R1 attacks, it is also possible to rapidly fill it by using the Whirligig Saw's L2 and stunlocking an enemy until your meter reaches the +70% damage mark.

It is also worth noting that visceral attacks count as physical damage, and Beasthood will boost their damage as well. With high Skill, multiple Clawmark runes, high-grade physical gems, and a gauge with over 300 Beasthood, it is possible to deal a visceral attack with five digits of damage. That's enough to one-shot the Moon Presence, and most Chalice Dungeon bosses besides.

Beast Blood Pellets, Beast Claw, and Beast's Embrace

Beast Blood Pellets will activate the Beasthood gauge and allow you to build up the meter with any weapon, but they only have a duration of one minute, after which the meter will completely disappear and all damage boosts are immediately lost. For this reason, there is no need to have more than 350 Beasthood, as 300 is the final breakpoint and the extra 50 will let the +70% boost last for longer if you need to dodge or evade instead of attack. On the plus side, a Beast Blood Pellet will allow you to thoroughly abuse large weapons with high physical damage, such as Ludwig's Holy Blade and the Kirkhammer, and it's not uncommon for these weapons to deal 1,500 damage per hit against bosses when you have 300 or more Beasthood built up.

The Beast Claw weapon will activate the Beasthood gauge indefinitely when used in trick mode, but only attacks with its trick mode will build up the meter. Any Beasthood built up this way will not disappear if you switch weapons and the damage boost will carry over, however the new weapon will not be able to build the meter with its attacks and it will slowly empty until it disappears. For this reason, having a Beasthood stat of 600 or more can be beneficial as it allows the maximum damage boost to last for several minutes before you need to switch back to the Beast Claw and build it up again. Equipping the Beast's Embrace Oath Rune while using the Beast Claw will change its moveset and allow Beasthood buildup in both its normal and trick mode forms, and increase the amount of Beasthood gained in its trick mode. Unfortunately, this prevents you from using other Oath Runes such as Corruption or Impurity.

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    • Anonymous

      21 Mar 2021 15:13  

      Just saying, BoM with beast blood pellets is kinda underrated, you already need to be aggressive with blades, and it has a good transformation attack, which is usually the best way to stack beasthood on bosses, I skipped ebrietas second phase and my beasthood meter wasn't even that big at the time

      • Anonymous

        23 Feb 2020 04:44  

        Imagine if Beast's Embrace made you MUCH more weak to fire and lowered your def by 10%/20% right away, but you started with 20% extra damage and better dodging by a bit. same with milkwood but with it's respective weaknesses and strengths and having higher insight with milkwood would grant better buffs to it. A lot of missed DLC transformation effects that could've made them ever more insane while not being overpowered without a trade off.

        • Anonymous

          21 Jan 2020 11:14  

          Imagine in Bloodborne 2, if it ever happens, if could have this stat a long term build up, that we can then activate to transform into a beast dependent on the class we choose at the beginning, and for let's say 12 seconds can wreck everything and everyone while being more open to Hunter invasions for the period of it. Something like a rage build up in Darksiders series.

          • Anonymous

            22 Jan 2019 02:33  

            For those complaining about "no transformation," please remember that every 50pts in Beasthood extends the player character's eyebrows (texture will stretch toward the character's ears). As of Patch 1.09, eyebrow extension hard cap is 2 inches, or about 4 pixels at standard camera distance. This is extremely useful when sizing up invaders, provided they wear a hat which reveals their brow line. If you can get these opponents to bow, you'll have ample time to measure their Beasthood and change tactics.

            • Anonymous

              08 Oct 2018 21:56  

              Everyone here is just whining about how we don't get to be werewolves. Beasthood, the damage that it brings you, and the amount of stagger that you can get BECAUSE of that damage, is more of a rush than a lot of other things in the game. It's been really fun so far.

              • Anonymous

                12 May 2018 01:24  

                Why is thete no visual gauge? And why the hell dont you actually transform like the whole plan was? Just some dumb aura, they leaked so much false info, its just souls with guns and top hats.

                • Anonymous

                  Deeply confused05 Jul 2016 14:45  

                  People say that with Beasthood, all it does is increasing damage for short period of time. If so, why? Why did it say about being "temporarily transformed" in the discription? It couldn't just be for that beastly gloved weapon, could it?

                  • Anonymous

                    Beasthood05 Jul 2016 14:45  

                    Dang, how I would love to know more about this Beast Form or Beast Mode but there is so little information about it, save one small article about it and that Caryll Rune called the Beast.

                    • Anonymous

                      409 Beasthood05 Jul 2016 14:45  

                      Equaled roughly 50% dmg boost. The higher the beasthood stat, the longer the bar. The further you fill the bar up the more damage is granted.

                      • Anonymous

                        Testing and % bonus05 Jul 2016 14:45  

                        Here is the % increase, will do more testing later:

                        • Anonymous

                          Just a tip from experience.05 Jul 2016 14:45  

                          Eat a beast pellet, grab your Logarius's wheel +10. Transform it unto active state, strong attack 2-3 times. Bar full, SUPER DAMAGE!

                          • Anonymous

                            But there's 'Beastmode' in Dark Souls!05 Jul 2016 14:45  

                            Is this all there is? I really was expecting that there would be a beastmode in this know, like 'Altered Beast'. All the clues are there in NPC dialogue to item descriptions. It's especially surprising given that there's a beastmode in Dark Souls with the Dragon Head and Torso. Is it worth holding out hope that there's a hidden covenant or something like that? The Dragon covenant in Dark Souls was behind a hidden wall, behind a hidden wall after all.

                            • Anonymous

                              Woah, hold the *****ing phone05 Jul 2016 14:45  

                              So you're telling me this is a game where you get to turn into a wolf monster and go around punching the everloving ***** out of the lovecraftian monsters from just behind the veil?

                              • Anonymous

                                Need help with boss asap05 Jul 2016 14:45  

                                I've got a tone of blood echos that I dropped after being killed by the boss ''Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos'' I've been trying for hours to kill it, picking up my echos then dying again. I would love some help. PSN is JeffTheRipper93

                                • Anonymous

                                  Beast mode05 Jul 2016 14:45  

                                  So what I'm getting from all the comments on this page is that people want Bloodborne to be Devil May Cry? Just go play Devil May Cry and pretend you're a werewolf when you've got the Ifrit gloves on.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Beast Rune!!!05 Jul 2016 14:45  

                                    If you have the beast rune +100 equipped you no loner take any fall damage. Im sure this adds to the whole "beast mode" thing. Being able to jump down from any height is just awesome. Plus you get around so much faster, no more pesky ladders (except for going up them of course).

                                    • Anonymous

                                      blood05 Jul 2016 14:45  

                                      Is it just me or does the 'smoke' effect that appears when you use the beast claw get stronger the more blood you get on you? Perhaps part of this mystery mechanic (if it even exists) has something to do with being covered in blood? Isn't there an item description that talks about "blood spraying"?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Missed opportunity?05 Jul 2016 14:45  

                                        As much as I love Bloodborne I feel that Beasthood as it stands is a rushed and unfinished mechanic. I remember watching a video which stated that Beasthood would rise when you used impure blood to level up, causing you to gradually lose control of your character. I don't thinly an awful lot will change until DLC or a a patch. My opinion :-)

                                        • Anonymous

                                          beast cannon?05 Jul 2016 14:45  

                                          Since beasthood increases physical damage, and blood damage countsas physical, could you combine beast claws + cannon + bone marrow ash for a super op cannon?

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