Discovery is a Stat in Bloodborne.

discovery.jpg "The rate at which items will drop from enemies. The higher the number the more frequently they will drop."


How To Increase

You increase your Discovery points by increasing the Arcane stat up to level 50. You can also boost Discovery by equiping the Eye rune.

Discovery Usage

  • Increases Item drop rate by X% per point, X is number discovery


Gear with Discovery


Arcane  ♦  Attire Stats  ♦  Beasthood  ♦  Blood Echoes  ♦  Bloodtinge  ♦  Buffs  ♦  builds  ♦  Endurance  ♦  Insight  ♦  Skill  ♦  Stamina  ♦  Strength  ♦  Vitality


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    • Anonymous

      There is a glitch that allows you to get three Tier 3 Eye Runes, and it will only work only if you don’t have it already
      And yes, their effects stack.

      • Anonymous

        After YEARS of wondering i finally realized whats the point of this rune....and i cant help but think there are secrets this game hides....many frc and even in story there are enemies that rarely drop loot at all...for instance fire witches in dungeuns rarely drop anything and when they do its actually a pebble or ritual blood...but...BUT....i once killed one of those same fire witches and she drops me a circular gem with bolt and rapid poison as the stats....A CIRCLE GEM......i believe there are enemies that drop even rarer loot but because we rarely see them drop anything or maybe theyre difficult to kill we ignore them.....i unfortunately dont have time to rest this

        • Anonymous

          just in case anybody is wondering, with 99 arcane and the 3 eye runes you have a total of 439 discovery, and it doesn't seem to affect the quality of the drop but rather the possibility of getting a certain drop, specifically blood gems, this feature is most noticeable when farming gems from the bone ash hunter in the chalice dungeons, with no eye runes (even with the milkweed rune equipped) they won't drop the gems as often as they do with at least one rune.

          • Anonymous

            Like the wolves in upper cathedral. How does Discovery apply to them? They drop normal blood shards, twin, and chunks.

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