Patches the Spider

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Lecture Building 5453 Blood Echoes
Great One's Wisdom

Patches the Spider is a recurring non-player character in the Souls games (called Patches the Hyena and Trusty Patches in previous games), who makes an appearance as a Nightmare Apostle in Bloodborne.
He is voiced by William Vanderpuye, who also voiced Lautrec of Carim in Dark Souls as well as the Male Aged player voice in Bloodborne.

Patches the Spider, like all his Souls counterparts, is an NPC that promises the player character some form of treasure, only to betray them and put them in extreme peril. Once the Hunter escapes that peril (or dies), and confronts Patches, he will beg for forgiveness, and become a merchant.

" Remember: no matter the circumstances, there will always be people willing to push you down a hole."


  • Patches can be first discovered after defeating Vicar Amelia and having entered the Forbidden Woods at least once. He will replace the regular inhabitant of any of the red-lantern windows in the Frontier or Yharnam. The quickest method to meet him is to simply use the Central Yharnam lampstand and speak at the window several paces away (if, however, you wish to meet this NPC for the first time after defeating Rom, seek the window formerly containting Young Yharnam Girl or the area beneath Healing Church Workshop in Cathedral Ward, which contains the only inhabitant who stays alive even after the Blood Moon appeared). Meeting him will prompt him to offer you the Tonsil stone, which unlocks the Lecture Hall, 1F if the Hunter allows themselves to be grabbed by the Lesser Amygdala above the door to Yahar'gul, the Unseen Village. Speaking to Patches again will get him to repeat his suggestion that you go to the right of the Grand Cathedral to discover something grand. Note that after the player zones out of wherever they spoke to Patches, he will be gone and the real inhabitant of the residence will return.
  • This character can then be found at Lecture Hall (1st floor) where you may talk to him through the door immediately outside the room with the lamp.
  • Then, in the Nightmare Frontier, Patches will set a trap by dropping coins and a glowing treasure above a poison pit. Approaching this will trigger a cutscene where a POV Patches will watch the Hunter from some grass, then scurry out and push them into the pit, laughing. (You can spot him on the rock wall above the item, and if you throw an object like a pebble at him he will fall, but there is no safe way to reach the item without triggering the animation and being pushed.)
  • Finally, you may have a face to face encounter with him via Lecture Building 2nd floor. To find him, you must access from a ladder on the second floor, kill the giant with flaming hands and go down the ladder, he will we blocking the door of this room.


After this conversation, Patches will appear in some Chalice Dungeons and offer you the Consumables sold at the Bath Messenger, albeit at exorbitant prices.


Behind a lantern( Any house w a resident will be temporarily replaced, see location information):

...Oh, a hunter of beasts, are you? Glory be. You know not the value you possess.

...But, more's the pity...

The hours of the night are many, and the beasts more than I can count. A veritable hunt unending!

Not even death offers solace, and the blood imbibes you. Ha, a most frightful fate, oh my.

But I'm willing to do you a kindness.

Step lightly round to the right of the great cathedral, and seek an ancient, shrouded church.

...The gift of the godhead will grant you strength...

Yes, I'm unquestionably certain, heheh...(gives Tonsil stone)

Talk again:

Not even death offers solace, and the blood imbibes you. Seek you the ancient, shrouded church hidden to the right of the main cathedral. ...The gift of the godhead will grant you strength...


Cutscene in the shrouded church:

Heh heh heh heh...Oh Amygdala, oh Amygdala...

Have mercy on the poor bastard...Hah hah hah!


Behind the door in Lecture Building 1F:


What a joy it is, to behold the divine.

It must be such a pleasure. You're in my debt, you know.

You're in nigh on a beast of the field, but here you are, treading a measure with the gods.

Talk again:

Heh heh...Are your feet as fat as your wits?

Oh, cease this dithering! Take the plunge! Throw yourself to the wolves!...Heh heh heh...

Talk again:

Hah hah hah! Don't dally, you lucky scamp! The gift of the godhead

cometh! Heh heh heh... yes... Ha hah!

When confronted from behind after being ambushed by him and killing Amygdala <Even if still alive he says this>:

Oh, this cannot be, you cannot be... No, you didn't... ...How did this come to pass?

Hmph! Now, wait just a moment... Do you think ill of me, me?


Indeed, I should think not! I shared with you a thing most secret. Now you're witness to a miracle, and all the stronger for it! You should appreciate it, if you've a grain of gratitude in you! Heh heh... yes, appreciate it! Hah hah hah!

"Of course I think ill of you!":

Oh, it pains me to hear it. You've made yourself a misreckoning. I shared with you a thing most secret. Now you're witness to a miracle, and all the stronger for it! It's plain as a pikestaff. Now, say in my heart, you were as a lamb to my God. Well, you weren't to know, and it wasn't for you to know. All's well, that ends well, I say. laughs

Either way he gives a Rune as a peace offering of sorts:

No matter. Such details are trifling. We're fast friends by now. Let this express what words cannot.*gives Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis rune*Oh, doubt me not, sweet compeer. What is friendship, but a chance encounter? laughs

Ah, well met. My apologies, but I feel a profound thought occurring... On the good grace of a certain god, and the way he meted out his love. *laughs*


After killing Amygdala new dialogue appears:

Ahh, well met. This is a most pleasing encounter. You see, I must depart

erelong. My god is lost to me, so I must away to find another.

If the fates are kind, out paths may cross again. Sooner still, if you were

to take the leap... Heh heh heh... Hah hah hah!

Talk again:

Oh, think not of poor Amygdala. Upon that piteous bastard, you

bestowed salvation. Heh heh... All's well, that ends well... Heh heh heh...

Talk again:

Oh, think not of poor Amygdala. Upon that piteous bastard, you bestowed salvation.

Upon Dying:

Ergh, that was uncharitably done... That was uncharitably done, dear friend...

Encounter in Chalice Dungeons:

Aah! The sight of you is as balm to my eyes!

Truly, you are an indubitable, irrefutable friend!

And, my dear compeer, I vow once more to ease your burden!


The time has come again I fear. But if the fates smile upon us, we'll soon meet again.

Farewell, dear friend.


  • Could be based on Atlach-Nacha, a giant spider with a human head


Other Notes:

  • Random bug where Patches will commit suicide for no apparent reason. Selected "Not at all" dialogue option, exhausted his dialogue, opened door beside him, and then proceeded up the ladder. Once the top of the ladder was reached I received blood echoes. Went back down and Patches was gone and a Great One's Wisdom was in his place. A few stories have surfaced confirming glitch. No information on how or why it happens. (This happened to me selecting the other dialogue option, too. Although the Great One's Wisdom didn't appear in his place....)
  • Another random bug seems to occur when you enter the frontier before speaking to patches. (Needs comfirmation) When I first spoke to patches after entering the frontier, he "begged for my forgiveness" before I fell into the trap. (However I did receive the tonsil stone and spoke to him through the window of the first floor lecture building)
  • Male Aged Voice is the same voice as Patches.



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    • Anonymous

      17 Aug 2020 21:36  

      I talked to him, killed the Amygdala, Went to the spot (He wasn't there), and came back to him and he gave me the gesture

      • Anonymous

        15 Aug 2020 15:28  

        What happens if i dont go to lecture hall 1 and i just meeting for the first time through lecture hall 2?

        • Anonymous

          31 Jul 2020 08:24  

          Patches the Spider is what I picture the Furry Little Thing as when reading HPL's The Dreams in the Witch House. Probably just a coincidence that he's the one who sends you to the Nightmare Frontier, but a pretty cool one.

          • Anonymous

            26 Jul 2020 18:55  

            I accidentally killed him on sight and I’m pissed at myself for it. There’s no way to get him back is there

            • Anonymous

              19 Apr 2020 18:14  

              if you kill amygdala before meeting patches from the second floor of the lecture building he will not leave there and then no matter how many times you reload. Instead, he leaves after you defeat a boss. Killing Micolash triggered his leave dialogue for me however I had already completed upper cathedral ward before reaching patches so my best guess is that it doesn’t strictly have to be Micolash but rather any main game bosses (I did kill chalice bosses after meeting patches but before defeating Micolash, nothing changed) I hope this can help someone in future because I have read about people having him stuck in the lecture building without knowing a fix.

              • Anonymous

                13 Apr 2020 19:29  

                Just had a super weird thing happen with patches. I've killed patches in my game, got to nightmare frontier and seen him, the cutscene for the trap did not play. I just finished.invading someone's world, ended up foolishly falling off the ledge but before I got sent back to my world, the patches pushing the character into the poison cutscene played only it was a weird mix between my character and the host character. The first half of the cutscene it was the host's player in the scene. But the last part was my character. It was really odd.

                • Anonymous

                  12 Apr 2020 20:26  

                  Started talking to him. Put the controller down to get up for a moment. Started walking away, hear some scuffling sounds and the spider calling me ungrateful, turned around to find my puppy on the controller, he'd inadvertently killed the spider due to the ps4's unreasonably sensitive l and r triggers, came here to see what I'd missed only to find out the spider was actually patches, praised my puppy dog and called him a good boy.

                  • Anonymous

                    20 Mar 2020 03:21  

                    If you kill him in the lecture hall before heading to the frontier, you can still see him by the ledge but he won't push you off.

                    • Anonymous

                      28 Nov 2019 23:44  

                      If you kill him after you've befriended him, in the lecture halls, he will call you very ungrateful, and then you'll feel bad, and now every spider in the game has his face and wants to murder you

                      • Anonymous

                        19 Nov 2019 15:34  

                        When I found him I started attacking, then I realized he was a npc, only one more attack and he would be dead, I'm glad I didn't kill him.

                        • Anonymous

                          15 Oct 2019 17:49  

                          I obtained the Tonsil Stone, then later found Patches in the Lecture Building via the Advent Plaza (not the Shrouded Church) and killed him when he spooked me. After reading information about him, I decided to try the Shrouded Church path to the Lecture Building. Despite the fact that Patches is now dead by this point, the cutscene is the same, meaning that you can hear him talking to the Amygdala and requesting mercy on the hunter. Not really a bug, but more of an inconsistency in the story line. I'm surprised no one else has mentioned it yet, at least not that I've seen.

                          • Anonymous

                            03 Oct 2019 04:14  

                            Rotted Isz [yn25ttgu] (F/R/-) Patches the Spider will appear in main room of L2. L1: Great Deep Sea+150 (first side area) L2: Great Lake+5% L3: Lost Kirkhammer

                            • Anonymous

                              06 Sep 2019 12:33  

                              You know, playing this game for a long time kinda desensitizes me... Like***** like this in this game or games like this are just business as usual. And with Bloodborne's "grossness" made me think this guy's kinda cool so when I saw him I was like "Ow that's cool! Let's be friends!" while half-expecting for him to like, attack me... Suprisingly and luckily he didn't and I was very grateful he gave me something very useful! I mean, it's kinda rare that things don't attack you in the game, soo seeing this guy is a nice change of pace... Even if he does betray you, but he does seek redemption after all sooo, that's good...

                              • Anonymous

                                23 May 2019 09:02  

                                I'm quite glade they got rid of him in sekiro. I know he has his fan base, but I never found him charming.

                                • Anonymous

                                  19 Jan 2019 22:13  

                                  i want to *****ing die. i killed this dude because he's a god damn spider on the wall. little did i know he can give you a rune that boosts your stamina up to 15%

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