Vileblood Queen Annalise

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Location Drops
Castle Cainhurst  4,200 Blood Echoes
Queenly Flesh

Vileblood Queen Annalise is a non-player character in Bloodborne.

"I am Annalise, Queen of Castle Cainhurst. Ruler of the Vilebloods, and sworn enemy of the church."


Annalise is the queen and sole survivor of the Vilebloods, vampiric aristocrats born from forbidden blood who once lived in Cainhurst Castle. With the exception of Queen Annalise herself, the Vilebloods were murdered during a genocidal invasion by Logarius and his band of Executioners; Logarius then sealed the queen in an illusionary prison and assumed the role of its warden, repelling any who ventured into the castle and threatened to break the seal.

Annalise Information


Annalise's Location



First time:

Visitor… I claim no subjects, but here lieth Our throne. Kneel afore us… …or get thee gone.

(Not kneeling) Such impudence. Defiled, are We, yet still Queen. We shall not give audience to an ill-mannered beast. Get thee gone.

(Kneeling) Visitor… Moon-scented hunter… I am Annalise, Queen of Castle Cainhurst. Ruler of the Vilebloods, and sworn enemy of the church. Yet, Our people are murdered, and We are prisoner to this wretched mask. What is it thou’rt in search of?

Swear Oath to the Vilebloods:

Well, well… An odd hunter thou art indeed… We’ve tired of these piteous nights… Share in Our plight, and take oath against the church. If thou wouldst this path walk… …I prithee partake of my rotted blood.

(Swear Vileblood Oath) Very well. Drink deep of Our blood. Feel the spreading corruption burn. Now, thou’rt too a Vileblood. We two, the very last on this earth. We await thy return. For the honor of Cainhurst.

(Refuse) "A wise choice...There is no more to be said...away from mine gaze.

(Leaving, then returning) "Speak thy mind."

(Not kneeling) Arrant fool. Vileblood or no, forget not; We are thy Queen. Bend the knee.

Giving Blood Dregs:

Closest of kin, last of Our kind. What is thy wish?

(Offer Blood Dreg) Thy gift pleases Us. Let this reward be thine. Indulge thyself in Our tainted blood.

(Leave) We await thy return. For the honour of Cainhurst.

Showing her the Ring of Betrothal:

Closest of kin, bearer of Our blood. What is thy wish?

(Propose Marriage) Speak not, those words. We have little need of a consort. Such a path would belike lead to further ruin. Thou'rt dear to Us. We would see no harm befall thee...

(Propose again) Ahh, still thy honeyed tongue... The thought alone sufficeth. Thy worth is too great. Now, speak no more in the matter.

(Propose again..again)Honestly!

(Leave) We await thy return. For the honour of Cainhurst.

When attacking her:

Enough. If only Our life was so easily forfeit... Grieve not, for Us.

How sad this is. If only Our life was so easily forfeit...

(Not kneeling) Kneel.

(Kneeling) Well, well. Thou wearest a second face. It matters not. Our flesh is undying. Speak thy mind.

After reviving her (killed by player):

Arrant fool. Vileblood or no, forget not; We are thy Queen. Bend the knee.

After acquiring and creating the Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice:

(Greeting) Closest of kin, last of our kind. I welcome thee. What is thy wish

(Leaving) We await thy return. For the honour of Cainhurst.

(Leaving if Blood Dreg was given) We await thy return... This chamber was made not for one alone... For the honour of Cainhurst.

Note: You must open the Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice with your ownmaterials. Using a glyph does not count.



Other Notes:

  1. If enough damage is done she will fall of her chair unconscious. She can also be killed by the player.
  2. Is killed at the end of Alfred's questline, but can be revived as normal.
  3. After being killed by Alfred, her remains writhe around in her chair
  4. While speaking to her, she extends her arm while the hunter "grabs" it and kisses it whilst being a few distances away from each other.
  5. Going up to Annalise and talking to her without kneeling will irritate her. She'll tell you to kneel.
  6. The Ring of Betrothal may be used to trigger special dialogue.
  7. In the banquet hall where the Noble Dress is found, there is a portrait of a woman in a crown holding a blonde infant, suggesting a connection between Annalise and Arianna.
  8. Lady Maria and Annalise are distant relatives.




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    • Anonymous

      I gave alfred the letter and then immediately killed him so now I get to simp and have a wheel life is good for jerks

      • Anonymous

        Is she being revived cannon, after Alfred kills her? Or is it just to be able to turn in blood dregs? I'm curious as she doesn't mention anything about it at all. Lol

        • Anonymous

          anyone else notice Annalise's helm/crown shares similarities with both Griffith from Berserk's helm and the character from the Elden Ring Trailer?

          • She's a siren. Just using everyone for her own amusement. And when your time comes and you aswell turn into a useless flea she will bewitch the next one to be her slave. Also pretty sure the mask was her own idea to prevent herself from bloodsucking and eventually joining the jumping, blood sucking peasants.

            • Anonymous

              I offered a lot of blood dregs and she said” this room was not made for one alone”, what is she trying to hint

              • Anonymous

                I remember it clear as day, helping some people get past Ludwig when another cooperative joined as "Annalise Vileblood Queen." I thought "Hey a role player, what fun," only to see the character model of Annalise with a Logarius wheel that smashed Ludwig into nothing in less than 10 strikes with 3 player health bonus. "Respect."

                • Anonymous

                  If look at the portraits in the castle, you can see her portrait, where she is a hot pale redhead, and now, she is a pale hot silverhaired.

                  • Anonymous

                    Great for seeing how much damage you can do with max beasthood. Seriously, her health is so high you could probably get to max beasthood without killing her to check how much damage you can do (depending on your runes, armor set, weapon's base damage, etc.) Only other reliable way to test it out is The One Reborn.

                    • Anonymous

                      In the section 'Other Notes', it says Queen Annalise and Lady Maria are distant relatives. Where does that knowledge come from?

                      • Anonymous

                        She is based around this vampiric Carmilla character. The whole castle is full of women proving that she is possibly lesbian. Another connection is that her name is countess Karnstein and guess what the place is called?Cainhurst.I strongly believe that on her missing seat there might've been sitting another woman. Hence why you get refused over and over again.

                        • Anonymous

                          She’s very similar to Count Dracula, especially his depiction in the 1992 movie Bram Stoker’s Dracula Portrayed By Gary Oldman

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