Imprints (Normal)


Imprints (Uncanny)


Imprints (Lost)

physical_atk.jpg blood_atk.jpg arcane_atk.jpg fire_atk.jpg  
92 92 -- -- --
slow_poison.jpg rapid_poison.jpg VS_kin.jpg VS_beasts.jpg durability.jpg
-- 30 100 100 120
Requirements & Scaling
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Chikage (千景 Chikage lit. "A Thousand Views") is a Katana/Sabre hybrid in Bloodborne. There are 3 versions of this weapon: Normal, Uncanny and Lost. The only known differences being the Gem Imprints and the locations in which they are found


Chikage Description

"Foreign-made weapon wielded by the royal guards who protect Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods at Cainhurst Castle.
When the intricate, rippled engraving that spans the Chikage's blade is imbrued with blood, the sword sings in scarlet hues.
However, the rite eats away at the wielder's very essence."



Chikage Information

  • Transforms from a sword to a two-handed 'Bloodied' sword.
  • To perform a leap attack, input forward on the left stick as you press R2.
  • To perform a transformation attack, press L1 while performing another attack or dodge.
  • The Lost Chikage has a circular blood gem imprint, like guns.
  • The Uncanny Chikage has a waning blood gem imprint.





Uncanny Chikage

Lost Chikage



Player Notes

  • The Chikage deals physical damage while one-handed and blood damage while two-handed, not both types at once.
  • Transformed form innately causes rapid poison with each attack. The base poison damage is 30 as can be seen on the weapon info screen, and one can increase the rapid poison buildup with Dirty Blood Gemstones. If one installs dirty gems then they will also deal rapid poison damage in the normal form.
  • Blood gems that boost physical damage will increase both the physical and blood damages of this weapon.
  • The extra damage when transformed comes from the higher Bloodtinge scaling (S). When the user transforms this weapon, they are essentially boosting the scaling of the weapon by changing the damage type from physical to blood, thus increasing its damage in exchange for some HP loss. Moreover, If you do not have any investment in Bloodtinge, this weapon's transformation is effectively useless.
  • When transformed, the Chikage consumes approximately 0.85% HP/s.
  • During the one-handed-to-two-handed transformation (while the sword is sheathed), pressing R1 or R2 will cancel the rest of the transformation animation and initiate a quickdraw attack.
  • The HP drain in the transformed form takes place after every full second spent in transformed form, meaning that cancelling it before a full second has elapsed will not cost any HP.
    • The above can be abused by using a transform attack immediately after a quickdraw attack. This combo takes little under two seconds, costing only a single tick of HP.
  • The Chikage's transformed R2 attack drains 200 to 400 HP from its user depending on how long it is charged for. Thankfully, this can be bypassed somewhat by using R2 attack during the transformation, which halves the amount of HP drained in addition to speeding up the attack (while this does not inherently decrease the amount of time needed to pull off the attack, it splits some of that time into the neutral transformation, which can take place before the engagement and at a safe place). As such, it is recommended that one only uses the transformed R2 attack this way.
  • The Chikage's transformed R2 attack causes the hunter to dash a short distance (increasing the longer the button is held down), making it useful for reaching and poking enemies at a distance.
  • Move sets (except R2 and L2 behaviours) when wielded one-handed or two-handed are identical, although two-handed attacks consume slightly more stamina per swing.
    • L2 when transformed is a thrust attack, identical to the one handed R2 attack, albeit it cannot be charged. One can follow this up by pressing L2 again, which is a diagonal slash with surprisingly long range.
  • Any enemy that can be knocked down by a firearm (dogs, spiders, etc.) will also be knocked down by the transformed form of this weapon.
  • The Chikage cannot be buffed with fire paper, bolt paper, or empty phantasm shell.




R: Rally/Regain. The amount of HP regained on an R1 attack immediately after taking damage



92 92 -- -- -- -- 30 100 100 E D C D 40


101 101 -- -- -- -- 30 100 100 E D B D 42


110 110 -- -- -- -- 30 100 100 E D B D 44


119 119 -- -- -- -- 30 100 100 E D B D 46


128 128 -- -- -- -- 30 100 100 E D B D 48


137 137 -- -- -- -- 30 100 100 E C A D 50


146 146 -- -- -- -- 30 100 100 E C A D 52


155 155 -- -- -- -- 30 100 100 E C A D 54


164 164 -- -- -- -- 30 100 100 E C A D 56


173 173 -- -- -- -- 30 100 100 E C A D 58


184 184 -- -- -- -- 30 100 100 E B S D 60



Move sets & Videos

Results from testing on an unarmored level 120 character with a +10 Chikage with no gems. Numbers are rounded to the nearest 100th.

Regular Move Set

Move Damage Type & Modifier Stamina Effect
R1 Combo physical_atk.jpg1x, 1x, 1.05x, 1.10x, 1.10x (5 hit combo) 23 A relatively quick flurry of slashes. The first slash is on a downward diagonal from right to left, followed by an upward diagonal from left to right, an upward diagonal from right to left, horizontal from left to right, a horizontal from right to left (that drifts somewhat down). If you have stamina to continue at this point, the series repeats starting with the second attack. If you can get an enemy caught in this series, this is a great combo to just not let up on.
Quickstep R1 physical_atk.jpg1.05x (frontstep), 1.10x (sidestep) 30 There are separate moves for each direction, albeit two are very nearly the same. Stepping to the right leads to a right to left downward diagonal attack. Moving left is a left to right horizontal slash that drifts upward slightly. Moving back or forward leads to a mostly vertical slice from the ground to overhead. The windup is shorter on the front step, as the back moves forward a greater distance before attacking.
Backstep R1 physical_atk.jpg1.00x 30 A horizontal slash from right to left after a short hop forward.
Dash R1 physical_atk.jpg1.10x 30 (+run) Right to left horizontal slash with a slight downward trending path. This attack and the backstep can be relied on for crowd control (as best is possible with this weapon).
R2 Attack thrust.jpg1.27x 40 A thrusting attack straight forward after a short pause.
Charged R2 thrust.jpg1.85x 60 After extending the windup of the R2 by drawing the blade further behind the back, the blade is stabbed forward and down.
Backstep R2 physical_atk.jpg1.25x 50 The sword is raised overhead and brought straight down into the ground.
Dash R2 thrust.jpg1.17x 50 (+run) A surprisingly quick forward thrust caps off this running attack. Very useful for getting a quick strike in.
Leap physical_atk.jpg1.45x 50 The sword is placed on the right shoulder during the leap and slashed into the ground vertically.
Transform Attack physical_atk.jpg1.42x 35 (+x) The sword is sheathed and brought out in a slashing attack from left to right with a downward diagonal. This is the move, regardless of the prior action.

Transformed Move Set

Move Damage Type & Modifier Stamina Effect
R1 Combo physical_atk.jpg0.95x, 0.98x, 1x, 1.02x, 1.07x 25 This combo is very similar to the normal mode R1 combo, except the sword is used with both hands. There are slight variations to angle (most prominent with upward diagonal slashes) but the attacks are roughly the same and in the exact same order.
Quickstep R1 physical_atk.jpg1x (frontstep), 1.04x (sidestep) 35 As with the R1 combo, the moveset is the same as the regular mode, except the weapon is used with both hands.
Backstep R1 physical_atk.jpg1.02x 35 Another small change of angle here. The regular mode drifts slightly up with it's horizontal slash, while this attack does not.
Dash R1 physical_atk.jpg1.17x 40 (+run) A nearly vertical downward slash, that travels somewhat from right to left.
R2 Attack physical_atk.jpg1.50x 55 The sword is sheathed and the attack is from the draw. It is from left to right on an upward diagonal. This is accompanied with a quick loss of health.
Charged R2 physical_atk.jpg2.25x, 1.92 (follow-up) 60 The animation starts similarly to the standard R2 with the weapon being sheathed. However, the sword is drawn up and then down and to the right. The health loss is the same as the R2, as it occurs during the initial sheathing process. The additional windup time has no effect or increased health loss.
Backstep R2 physical_atk.jpg1.29x 60 The blade is raised overhead as the hunter hops back. The left hand comes off the handle and touches the back of the blade, then snaps back to the handle to bring the weapon down vertically into the ground.
Dash R2 thrust.jpg1.15x 60 (+run) An even faster forward thrust than the standard mode attack.
L2 thrust.jpg1.15x, 1.27x 55 The sword is cocked back with the blade parallel to the ground. The left hand comes up near the tip and the weapon is thrust forward. A second attack is a downward diagonal slash from left to right.
Leap physical_atk.jpg1.47x 60 Another move very similar to the standard form. The strike is more diagonal (from right to left) than its counterpart but also slashes into the ground.
Transform Attack physical_atk.jpg0.95x 20 (+x) A quick left to right slash that throws the blood from the blade and reverting the weapon back to regular mode.
  • R1: Vertical slashes.
  • R2: Forward Thrust R2 (transformed): Quick-draw Slash.
  • L1: Coats the blade with blood, inflicting a constant 0.85%HP/s debuff, and switches your damage type to "Blood" and inflicts Rapid Poison, which comes with an increased scaling bonus. The weapon will be kept in the sheath for a couple of seconds and the first R1 attack in this time will inflict double damage.




  • The Chikage isn't actually a katana - it is a katana/european sword hybrid. Its short crossguard resembles the one of an early viking sword, or the one of a xiphos (greek sword). The closest european crossguard shape with  this sword is the one of a Karabela (a polish sabre). In other hand, the  hilt and pommel resemble the ones of a longsword (a bit longer, to get easier katana traditional jutsu swings), while the blade shape and the 2-handed fighting style is very similar to a katana. A possible explanation for the origin of this hybrid is that the katana's design was imported to Cainhurst, where some modifications were made to create a sword similar to that commonly used by their knights.
  • The Chikage is an allusion to a particular 'breed' of Katanas in the Souls games. While it is similar to both the Hiltless and Chaos Blade from Demon's Souls and Dark Souls respectively, the Chikage bears a stronger resemblance to the Magic Sword "Makoto" (also from Demon's Souls). The Makoto is the only one the bunch to actually DRAIN the user's HP over time, rather than decrease it with each successful swing.
  • Chikage (千景) literally means "Thousands Views", however if you separated the word into Chi Kage (血影), it means "Blood Shadow". This could be correlated to the fact that Shadows Of Yharnam wield a similar katana with a slight  crossguard, however without using the bloodtinge.
  • The transforming attack has the hunter sheathe the Chikage before unleashing a strike. This is a reference to Iaijutsu, a traditional Japanese sword technique that focuses on quick-drawing. At its finest, Iaijutse allows the warrior to unsheathe and strike at incredible speeds.
  • The name seems to be a tribute to Chikage Yamamura (mentioned as a "special thanks" in credits)
  • The name may also be a reference to the work "1000 Plateaus" by Giles Deluze and Felix Guattari, a famous philosophical essay about fluidity and functionality, maybe dirrectly tied to the esoteric nature of the weapons function.  


Concept Art


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  1. Tested in PvP with naked characters, BL120 with maxed weapon
  2. Tested in PvP with naked characters, BL120 with maxed weapon

    • Anonymous

      01 Feb 2018 04:33  

      I saw a youtube video ( where the guy got it off a desk in Cainhurst Castle (presumably, given the decoration). This would mean that there is another way of obtaining it than buying it from the bath messengers? I have tried to find something on it but there is no mention of it anywhere else.

      • Anonymous

        10 Jan 2018 12:27  

        I've a question for Chikage users (especially Lost Chikage users). Does the Pulsed Blood Gem (hp regen) of the highest rank stem well the vampiric effect or not completely?

        • Anonymous

          31 Oct 2017 02:39  

          For those interested on a Bloodtingue build. Skill 50 and Blood 50, Chikage 10(no gems):
          PhyAtk 184+103= 287
          BloAtk 184+172= 356
          Since it has S scaling in Blootingue I guess it could still get bonus up to 60 or 70, but the level up screen doesnt preview Chikage blood bonus but normal damage.

          • Anonymous

            30 Sep 2017 20:55  


            • 18 Aug 2017 10:20  

              I think the reason why Chikage can inflict Rapid Poison is because it's drenched by Queen Yharnam's blood. So, by using the Chikage in the transformed mode, you are essentially splashing someone with the Pthumerian Queen's blood.

              • Anonymous

                04 Jul 2017 03:44  

                Can I kneel to get the Cainhurst badge and then give unopened summons to Alfred to get wheel badge so I can get Chikage and Wheel?

                • Anonymous

                  21 May 2017 02:27  

                  I'm not calling it bad by any means, I've seen its power, but any weapon that comes with negative attributes such as HP drain to use its full potential just come off to me as unnecessary. There are so many more weapons you can use transformed for no penalty and are just as good or better. Just my mind set, I'm sure it's a decent weapon.

                  • Anonymous

                    05 Feb 2017 02:27  

                    I first used the transformed version yesterday and believe I noticed that I could regain the health it drains through the rally mechanic. Is this true?

                    • Anonymous

                      11 Jan 2017 07:52  

                      I know it is useless if you only have just the 12 bloodtinge to use it, but I like the fact you can abuse the rapid poison on low level to medium level builds without any big level investment provided you use rapid poison gems.

                      • Anonymous

                        Missed transformed opportunity, methinks.01 Aug 2016 07:47  

                        Anyone else think the transform system would have been a nice opportunity to have a dual-wield weapon with the sword in one hand and the scabbard in the other?

                        • Anonymous

                          Chikage or dark souls chaos blade29 Jul 2016 18:06  

                          this MIGHT be a referance to the chaos blade "when the blade cuts flesh it'll not heal" -vaatividya the chikage takes your life/health as you weald it with both hands, like the cursed katana

                          • Anonymous

                            YES!05 Jul 2016 14:39  

                            You have no idea how happy I am that we have a Katana! My Dark Souls build revolved around the Great Scythe and the Iaito while wearing Chester's trench coat. In other words I can pretty much recreate my favorite build! I literally went to a different room just to fist pump and celebrate.

                            • Anonymous

                              Chikage how transform works.05 Jul 2016 14:39  

                              The untransformed (no bloodied blade) it uses the Dex scaling and damage. When you hit L1 and transform it, the Dex DMG and scaling isn't added to the damage anymore at that point, it then uses bloodtinge damage and score. To be clear, when you transform the weapon it is not like using fire paper, there is no mix of damage. There is a physical weapon that uses Dex scaling, then the transformation side only does bloodtinge damage and scales off of bloodtinge. So far with my testing I haven't found many monsters that have a high bloodtinge defense.

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