Blade of Mercy


Imprints (Normal)


Imprints (Uncanny)


Imprints (Lost)

  blood_atk.jpg arcane_atk.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_atk.jpg
60 -- 30 -- --
slow_poison.jpg rapid_poison.jpg VS_kin.jpg VS_beasts.jpg durability.jpg
-- -- 100 100 200
Requirements & Scaling

Blade of Mercy is a Trick Weapon in Bloodborne; it's one of two skill/arcane hybrid weapons.


Blade of Mercy Description

"A special trick weapon passed down among hunters of hunters. One of the oldest weapons of the workshop.
Splits into two when activated. The weapon's warped blades are forged with siderite, a rare mineral of the heavens. Most effective swift attacks,such as after a quick-stepping."


Blade of Mercy Information

  • Requires Blood Stone Shards and Blood Echoes to fully upgrade.
  • This is one of two skill-based weapons in Bloodborne that has direct scaling with arcane for damage output.




  • Can be purchased from the Messengers for 40000 echoes after obtaining the Crow Hunter Badge from Eileen the Crow's quest line.
  • Killing Eileen is also a way to get the weapon early in the game.
  • While progressing through Eileen's quest, it's possible for her to be killed by Henryk and thus drop the Crow Hunter Badge as a result, although the quest line will end.

Uncanny Blade of Mercy

  • Lower Ailing Loran Root Chalice - Fetid/Rotted (unknown whether these Offerings are necessary)
  • Sinister Lower Loran Root Chalice
  • Glyphs: 5f7nv9uy (Layer 1), kg2gu4ht (Layer 2)
  • Rotted Fetid Lower Loran ( 2erutqky ) - Inside cask in loot area before 1st boss after opening gate.
  • Sinister Lower Loran Root Chalice Glyph: v77hfp2e, layer 1 side area before boss.

Lost Blade of Mercy



Player Notes

  • The normal form of this weapon is a curved sword with a standard and versatile move set. Very standard.
    • Despite what its small size may imply, it deals decent damage per attack in addition to having fast swings.
    • As such, it has a higher than average DPS but suffers extremely short range in the mean time.
  • On the flip side, the transformed mode utilizes dual mini-curved swords that have a faster attack speed; this comes at the cost of disabling a normal left-handed weapon and less damage per individual strike.
  • R1 attacks in the transformed form slowly speed up as you continue attacking, capping after the fifth strike.
    • In PVP, if you believe you can win a battle of attrition, it can be used to bait an opponent into overextending a skirmish, especially if the opponent is unaware of the wind up attack speed.
    • Be careful not to spam this tactic; smart opponents will unleash visceral attacks if they realize what you're trying to accomplish.
    • Appropriately enough, this is good for fighting most NPC hunters, though. If you can get in close and get their back to a wall, you can stab them until your stamina runs out since they'll flinch with about every hit and be unable to retaliate. Just remember to leave them no space to backstep away; they'll be able to do it that way. Practice it a bit, then get in there and get an early start on the sky burial the next time you're fighting an NPC hunter.
  • The Blade of Mercy is best suited for fighting individual targets rather than a group due to its move set; this is due to the weapon's kit favouring sidestep thrusts and quicksteps that are difficult to retaliate against in a battle of speed when your opponent is alone.
  • Rally is somewhat low due to the weapon's fast attack speed. Combos with this weapon can potentially alleviate this issue, but take care not to exhaust your stamina in the process. Disengage at low stamina with a backwards dodge or an L2.
  • This weapon lacks the ability to do a charged R2 attack in transformed mode but has a 2 R2 combo.
  • Due to its fast attack speed, it can be useful for inflicting Rapid or Slow Poison.
  • L2 attacks in the transformed mode causes the hunter to attack and hop backwards simultaneously.
    • This is useful as a defensive mechanism since it grants you breathing room from your opponent.
    • It's also useful as a finisher to any combos you unleash on an opponent, dealing considerably high damage and distancing yourself so that you can recover stamina.
    • Make sure you are directly in their face for this, as it has one of the lowest ranges in the game.
  • Think like a rogue/assassin/thief from a traditional RPG when using this weapon. You will typically not win battles by brute force, but rather through speed, patience, positioning and dedication.
  • The blade lacks decent heavy attacks to stun heavier foes but the transformation attacks can be used as heavy attacks.
  • This weapon has many similarities to the Burial Blade.
    • Both weapons have a direct scaling with arcane towards their damage outputs.
    • They cannot be buffed by external sources.
    • Furthermore, it's impossible to modify their damage type into Fire/Bolt/Arcane through blood gem fortification.



R: Rally/Regain. The amount of HP regained on an R1 attack immediately after taking damage



60 -- 30 -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- C -- D 30


66 -- 33 -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- B -- D 31


72 -- 36 -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- B -- D 32


78 -- 39 -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- B -- D 33


84 -- 42 -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- B -- D 34


90 -- 45 -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- A -- C 35


96 -- 48 -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- A -- C 36


102 -- 51 -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- A -- C 37


108 -- 54 -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- A -- C 38


114 -- 57 -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- A -- B 39


120 -- 60 -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- S -- B 40



Move sets & Videos

Moveset testing done by - Castielle Castielle.

Regular Move set
Numbers were tested on a level 120 player with no armor using a +10 Blade of Mercy.
Move Damage Type & Modifier Stamina Effect
R1 Combo physical_atk.jpgarcane_atk.jpg1.00x, 1.02x, 1.04x 15 There are three moves in the combo consisting of horizontal slashes. The first is right to left followed by left to right with the third being right to left with a slight upward motion as well. The even attacks (2, 4, 6) are all the left to right slash. All right to left slashes (odd numbers) except the first use the motion that includes the slight upward trajectory. This has very little stamina cost and can create very long combos. In addition, since all of the attacks are basically the same, pacing and consistency make this an easy combo to utilize.
Quickstep R1 physical_atk.jpgarcane_atk.jpg1.50x 25 There are three quickstep animations. Stepping right or back creates a quick forward hop and slash from right to left. The left step is reversed with the slash animation. Stepping forward leads the character to drag the blade from the ground to the side of the left foot and up on a diagonal, ending at about shoulder height. The front step is the only one that doesn't have a hop forward, instead taking only a short step.
Backstep R1 physical_atk.jpgarcane_atk.jpg1.50x 25 The backstep R1 has a quick forward lunge which includes a horizontal slash from left to right.
Rolling R1 physical_atk.jpgarcane_atk.jpg1.50x 25 The blade is quickly slashed from the ground near the left foot, up and to the right ending at just above shoulder height.
Dash R1 thrust.jpgarcane_atk.jpg 1.40x 15? (+run) The hunter ends the run with a step and forward stabbing motion.
R2 Attack physical_atk.jpgarcane_atk.jpg1.25x 30 The hunter reverses his grip on the blade and brings it behind his body, then quickly slashes forward right to left and returning the grasp to the standard position.
Charged physical_atk.jpgarcane_atk.jpg2.00x 50 The charge starts off with the same grip change as the R2, but drags the weapon a little further behind the body. Instead of slashing from right to left horizontally, the blade is brought up in an uppercut motion ending above the head.
Backstep R2 thrust.jpgarcane_atk.jpg1.80x 35 Following the backstep, the right foot takes a quick step forward followed by a longer step with the left. The blade is then brought forward with a stabbing motion out and up (as if aiming for a human opponent's neck) and is twisted as it moves forward
Dash R2 physical_atk.jpgarcane_atk.jpg1.80x 30 (+run) As the hunter runs, the blade is brought in front of the stomach while the body begins to rotate (right foot drifts behind the character). The hunter uses the momentum to lean forward while finishing the rotation of the body and slashing from left to right horizontally. Despite the short nature of the weapon, this move has a larger arc of attack and can be used to wade into a group of enemies and hit multiple foes.
Leap physical_atk.jpgarcane_atk.jpg1.50x 35 The leap is fairly consistent with other weapons, with a jump forward and a downward diagonal slash from right to left.
Transform Attack physical_atk.jpgarcane_atk.jpg1.20x 15 (+15) The first (backstep into transformation) has the hunter bring the weapon to the right hand side. As it's brought forward in what looks like a normal horizontal slash, the two daggers come apart. The blades appear to be magnetized and hold together at the tip, with the second blade whipping around the tip of the first in a circle. Meanwhile, the left hand has stored its weapon and catches the handle of the second weapon to go into the two hand stance.
The second animation (following an attack) is similar to the first, except the blade starts at the left side of the body. The weapon is cast out and again the left hand dagger separates and whips out from the right hand dagger (connected by the tips) and comes back to the left hand.
Fun fact: the standard transformation (not attacking) has the left hand stowing its weapon and simply grabbing the handle of the second dagger. Both hands raise up and separate the blades. A shower of sparks are created from the two tips unlocking which suggests this is where they're primarily joined.
Transformed Move set
Numbers are rounded to the nearest 100th.
Move Damage Type & Modifier Stamina Effect
R1 Combo physical_atk.jpgarcane_atk.jpg0.90x, 0.90x, 0.90x, 1.25x, 1.10x, 1.12x, 1.18x, 1.18x 12~ for first 3, then 15 each hit after A basic combo involving a flurry of attacks with both hands wielding the transformed blades. They are: Right hand downward diagonal right to left, left hand left to right horizontal, right hand uppercut slash, both hands from overhead slashing down and then out, right hand forward stab, left hand (with reverse grip, blade held down) slashing to the right and up, right hand mirroring the last move (reverse grip slash to left and up), left hand forward stab. At this point moves start to repeat (right hand stab, then left hand reverse grip slash). At the fifth attack (right hand stab), the combo speeds up dramatically. All attacks are mostly in front of the player making this best used for one on one combat.
Quickstep R1 physical_atk.jpgarcane_atk.jpg1.40x 30 All four quickstep animations are a rapid lunge forward with the hunter bringing both blades to the front in a thrusting motion.
Backstep R1 physical_atk.jpgarcane_atk.jpg1.40x 25 The hunter hops forward with the right hand knife near the stomach. It is drawn forward in a left to right slash.
Rolling R1 thrust.jpgarcane_atk.jpg 1.40x 25 The hunter quickly stabs both blades directly in front at about abdominal level.
Dash R1 thrust.jpgarcane_atk.jpg1.40x 25 (+run) The hunter lunges onto the right foot and stabs forward at about stomach height.
R2 Attack physical_atk.jpgarcane_atk.jpg1.50x, 1.60x 45 (follow up is 50) The R2 attack is actually a short (two hit) combo. The first has the hunter bring both blades to the side at about shoulder height and slash them both front and across (right blade ends on left side and left on right). The follow up attack has a quick hop forward and both blades are brought back out again (out and up symmetrically). The second attack slashes at about leg height.
Charged None none  
Backstep R2 physical_atk.jpgarcane_atk.jpg1.70x 35 Both blades are brought to the low and into the body (across the stomach). The blades are both slashed outward, with the right hand moving out and up and the left hand moving out and down.
Dash R2 physical_atk.jpgarcane_atk.jpg1.70x 30 (+run) This is similar to the dash R2 of the other mode. The right hand is brought into the stomach as before while the hunter rotates in the same direction (right foot drifting behind). However, instead of simply leaning into the attack, the character does a short leap forward and slashes with both blades as the left catches up with the spin.
Leap thrust.jpgarcane_atk.jpg1.50x 45 The hunter leaps forward, reverses the grip of both daggers and stabs them into the ground.
L2 physical_atk.jpgarcane_atk.jpg1.50x 45 The hunter raises both blades overhead and brings them down and out to the sides creating an "x." The character also hops backward. This move is well suited as a final strike following an R1 combo as it will set you away from your enemy after slicing.
Transform Attack physical_atk.jpgarcane_atk.jpg1.30x 15 (+15) There are two animations that are functionally identical for this move. In every instance, the grip is reversed on both blades. They are brought overhead and rejoined and brought downward and to the side in a stabbing motion that ends at the hunter's side. Attacking prior to the transformation leads to a slash toward the right side of the body. An evasive action (quickstep, backstep, roll) will result in the stab heading to the left.


  • The Blade of Mercy was originally named as "Warped Twinblades" during the Alpha test, and it was the tool of choice for the "agile" hunter.
  • Both the Burial Blade and Blade of Mercy make mentions of a mineral known as siderite in their descriptions.
    • is the real-life alternate name for an iron meteorite, and it seems to be the reason why arcane power has direct scaling with both blade's damage output. Due to its extraterrestrial origins, that may explain why it cannot be buffed by an external source of any sort.
  • It loosely resembles the Eleum Loyce from Dark Souls 2, a sword with two blades at the front.




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  1. Please note that the developers used the concept of magnetization (probably the siderite allusion) liberally, making some of the moves of this weapon hard to describe. Please see the moveset video if the following descriptions are confusion

    • Anonymous

      03 Oct 2018 22:36  

      Seeing so many claims of simply R1 spamming is the best way to use these, despite that being the truly worse way anyone could use these. As the description suggests, it is best to use ones dash attacks to weave in and out from the enemy in a hit and run style. Kinda a similar but more effective version of the Beasthunter Saif. The dashing L2 is by far it's most powerful attack, and it can be used multiple times with little risk of being hit if one dashes with good timing.

      • Anonymous

        14 Aug 2018 23:47  

        can get your enemy in a fatal stunlock takes so little stamina can spam for days all in all a great weapon my personal favorite and you can cheese elien by charging r2 in the back dont punish while shes recoveing r2 and punish run to the raft which the sun is highlighting stand there when elien tries to hit you she will fall to her death if she isnt jump down and finish the job dont worry you can survive the fall

        • Anonymous

          23 Jun 2018 21:23  

          The Blades have it pretty tough in this game. It'll never have the sheer DPS and ease of the Saws, and the Rakuyo offers a lot of the same idea but with more range and versatility. That's not to say they're bad though, the extremely low stamina cost could offer an interesting way to play the game for some people and I'd imagine it must work well with a poison build.

          The key to using these things too is the sidestep or backstep attacks, they're fast, marginally better range than just R1'ing it up, and surprisingly damaging. Thanks to those attacks and the low stamina consumption of the weapon overall I'd be tempted to say it's one of the few weapons in the game that has great synergy with the hunter's bone. I made a straight Skill build that took Arcane up to 15 for the Bone, and also was one of the only builds I've ever made where I bothered to take Endurance past 20, and it worked out quite well.

          Won't lie about it's shortcomings and the shadows of other weapons its kind of stuck in, but it has some tech to itself and they're a fun way to play the game. Challenging.

          • Anonymous

            31 May 2018 03:30  

            Anyone know a 100% way to get uncanny? I’ve already made two ailing lower loran chalices and neither had the blade.

            • Anonymous

              02 May 2018 15:00  

              If you perform a Dash R1 attack, but keep holding down on the circle button throughout the attack animation, you can actually perform another Dash R1 as soon as your character's legs start moving again without having to regain your momentum. You can do this with any weapon, but it works much better with the BoM on account of the low stamina cost, higher speed, swift attack bonus, and interruption bonus. Not sure if it's wise to use in PVP, but it works pretty well against larger, faster enemies and bosses. You can also change direction if you need to without losing momentum, or even perform a Dash R2 instead, but this costs more stamina and has a longer cool down.

              • Anonymous

                14 Mar 2018 02:41  

                I've just recently got this game and I have this blade and I dunno if I should keep using it? I'm currently in the prison at level 28 and don't know if I should swap or not? And if so what should if swap too??

                • Anonymous

                  17 Jan 2018 15:13  

                  Literally wanted to kill myself while trying to get through Paarl with these. Theyre are so *****ing short its literally impossible to consistently hit the leg you want, on top of typical Paarl problems like him being another camera boss etc., AND the dmg output is so***** compared to ie. cleaver.

                  • Anonymous

                    26 Dec 2017 08:48  

                    but suffers extremely short range in the mean time? these articles need to quit being written in the group homes.

                    • Anonymous

                      25 Dec 2017 00:46  

                      It may not seem ideal for larger bosses like Cleric Beast or Vicar Amelia, but considering how quickly it can dish out successive attacks, I've found it's a great weapon for breaking their limbs in succession to keep them from fighting back, allowing you to deal surprisingly severe combos.

                      There's also a dash-L2 attack in transformed state that's not mentioned here. It's not that different from the usual L2, but I thought it deserved mentioning since it initiates with the hunter performing a power slide, lmao.

                      • Anonymous

                        23 Dec 2017 19:11  

                        i have a bug where my wrist while dual wielding this or the rekuyo bends out so the left blade is parallel to the characters body

                        • 19 Dec 2017 08:21  

                          Alright, who the ***** wrote the moveset descriptions for this page? Hm? Because in that section i'm pretty sure you're supposed to be briefly describing the general attack animation, what the move is most useful for, properties like armor, invuln, projectiles, ect, not giving a three paragraph lecture on goddamn magnetism. All of that should be cleaned up and moved to Trivia. It's not gameplay-relevant.

                          • Anonymous

                            04 Dec 2017 02:37  

                            Do not bother putting anything into arcane for using this weapon or burial blade, it's not worth it at all. You get about +40 Arc damage at 99 Arcane. Just go for high skill and physical gems.

                            • Anonymous

                              01 Dec 2017 06:32  

                              At first glance, this weapon does seem to have a lot of glaring weaknesses... low per-hit damage, low stagger, low rally potential, low range. But when you transform it and get a good sidestep in against an enemy, damn does this thing do work. Sidestep + R1 is just fantastic, R1 combo utterly shreds anything that stays nearby, L2 is a great aggressive disengage, etc. I love it.

                              • Anonymous

                                07 Sep 2017 03:09  

                                I recently bought this weapon before fighting amelia and I have to be honest, the damage is somewhat lackluster. I've got it to +3 as of now and I just wanted to know at which upgrade does the weapon become good. My skill is 25 and I'm BL 35 btw

                                • Anonymous

                                  25 Aug 2017 05:00  

                                  tfw you go to shiv some filthy ass manbeast but your magnetic blade flies out of your hand and gets itself stuck to the wrought iron fence beside him

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