Threaded Cane


Imprints (Normal)


Imprints (Uncanny)


Imprints (Lost)

physical_atk.jpg blood_atk.jpg arcane_atk.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_atk.jpg
78 -- -- -- --
slow_poison.jpg bleeding_damage.jpg VS_kin.jpg VS_beasts.jpg durability.jpg
-- -- 100 100 200
Requirements & Scaling
strength.jpg skill.jpg bloodtingue.jpg arcane.jpg qs_bullet_use.jpg

Threaded Cane is a Trick Weapon in Bloodborne.


Threaded Cane Description

"One of the trick weapons of the workshop, commonly used by hunters on their duties. Sufficiently deadly as a rigid bladed cane, but also serves as a whip when its blade is split into many. Concealing the weapon inside the cane and flogging the beasts with the whip is partly an act of ceremony, an attempt to demonstrate to oneself that the bloodlust of the hunt will never encroach upon the soul."


Threaded Cane Information

  • This trick weapon transforms between a cane and a notched whip.
    • The cane form is considered a Righteous Weapon and has increased damage (20%) to enemies vulnerable to this subgroup.
    • The whip form is considered a Serrated Weapon and has increased damage (20%) to enemies vulnerable to this subgroup.




  • It can be acquired at the beginning of the game as a gift from the Messengers.
  • If not selected, it is later available for purchase from the blood fountain messengers after acquiring the Saw Hunter Badge in the tunnel with the giant pig (below the bridge to Father Gascoigne).

Uncanny Threaded Cane

  • Central Pthumeru Root Chalice
  • Glyphs: ydit83ur (Fetid, Layer 1 pre-area bonus room; Also has Uncanny Saw Spear in Layer 3 pre-area bonus room)
  • Glyphs: rtddmazf (Fetid, Layer 2)
  • Glyphs: 5x7i89es (Layer 3, side dungeon before boss room)

Lost Threaded Cane


Player Notes

  • The Threaded Cane is the suggested choice for new characters that chose a skill-based class.
    • It's not the only skill weapon that can be found very early in the game. You can find the Saw Spear fairly early if you wish to start the game with a different skill-type weapon.
    • This weapon consumes the least amount of stamina per swing among the 3 starting weapon selections.
  • It's currently the only known trick weapon in the base game that has both special damage modifiers (serrated and church), each one separately used by a different mode.
  • +0.15 Skill scaling for transformed attacks as well as untransformed L1. This gives the Threaded Cane +10 a total of 1.05 Skill scaling.
  • The normal mode (cane form) is useful when fighting single opponents.
    • It swings fast and has decent range while being able to use both regular and thrust attacks.
    • Since the transformed mode's R2 attack cannot be charged, you will need to use the normal mode to open up visceral attacks when backstabbing an opponent.
    • The cane form's attacks are faster than the whip.
  • The transformed mode (whip form) utilizes attacks that cover a wide and long area per swing.
    • It's ideal for crowd control or slicing up an opponent from a safe distance.
    • Remember that you cannot use a charged R2 attack while the Threaded Cane is transformed.
    • It can be useful for rally purposes if you're able to whip multiple opponents at once.
  • Visceral attacks do more damage in whip mode than in cane mode.



R: Rally/Regain. The amount of HP regained on an R1 attack immediately after taking damage



78 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 E C -- D 35


85 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 E C -- D 38


92 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 E B -- D 41


99 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 E B -- D 44


106 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 E B -- D 47


113 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 E B -- D 50


120 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 E B -- C 53


127 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 E B -- C 56


134 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 E B -- C 59


141 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 E A -- C 62


156 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 E A -- B 65



Average Physical Attack Increase

Strength Stat
Stat Range Damage per Point Estimated Attack Gained
8 to 25 1.17 21
26 to 50 0.64 16
51 to 99 0.14 7
Skill Stat
Stat Range Damage per Point Estimated Attack Gained
10 to 25 4.00 64
26 to 50 1.96 49
51 to 99 0.43 21



Movesets & Videos

Regular Moveset Data from aprl 5th
Move Damage Type & Modifier Stamina Effect
R1 Combo physical_atk.jpg 1.00x, 1.02x, 1.04x 17 Mostly horizontal slashes alternating from right to left and left to right. Slashes from the right hand side (apart from the first) move diagonally and may even strike the ground
Quickstep R1 physical_atk.jpg 1.05x 30 All quickstep directions yield the initial R1 attack after a short hop forward.
Backstep R1 physical_atk.jpg 1.05x 30 A left-to-right swing with the cane, very quick.
Dash R1 physical_atk.jpg 1.20x 30~45 (+run) Downward slash starting from overhead.
R2 Attack thrust.jpg1.35x 30 A straight lunge with a short startup.
Charged thrust.jpg1.90x 45 Identical to the R2, just with a charge-up time.
Backstep R2 thrust.jpg1.20x 35 Quick-steps backwards, then takes a quick hop to the left foot and step with the right. The thrust attack occurs while the right foot moves forward. Looks like the standing R2 but with a hop forward.
Dash thrust.jpg1.45x 45 The dash ends in a thrust very similar to the standard R2 except the character ends with his left foot forward and is lower to the ground.
Leap thrust.jpg1.40x 50 (+run) A short jump with the cane being thrust forward, almost to the ground.
Transform Attack physical_atk.jpg 1.28x 25 (+x) The cane is pulled to the left side of the character and behind turning it into the whip and brought down vertically in a slashing motion.
Transformed Moveset - Data from aprl 5th
Move Damage Type & Modifier Stamina Effect
R1 Combo physical_atk.jpg 1.02x, 1.05x, 1.07x 17 Alternating swings in nearly identical animation to the cane form. However, the wider arc is better at crowd control but can recoil off of nearby walls, which can result in failed attacks.
Quickstep R1 physical_atk.jpg 0.96x 25 All directions use the same animation of the character hopping forward and bringing the whip horizontally from right to left. The arc of the whip is shorter than similar attacks for this weapon, but are also faster.
Backstep R1 thrust.jpg 1.07x 27 The whip is brought to the left side of the body and lashed out directly forward to "stab" with the tip.
Dash R1 physical_atk.jpg 1.18x 25 (+run) A right-to-left nearly horizontal wide-angle slash
R2 Attack physical_atk.jpg 1.34x, 1.34x 32 Alternating swings starting from left to right. The swings are more horizontal than the R1 combo, but each swing has the character reach over their head and loop the whip behind before the swing.  Very wide swathing attacks, but the whip must return to the retracted state after each swing, slowing the combo down.
Charged -- -- The Threaded Cane doesn't have a charged attack in whip form.
Backstep R2 physical_atk.jpg 1.28x 35 Similar to backstep R1 except with a much more exaggerated startup with the whip floating backward in a grand coil shape before taking a long step forward and throwing the tip straight out. It has amazing reach but very slow startup.
Dash R2 physical_atk.jpg1.39x 40 (+run) A nearly vertical overhead slash that moves slightly from right to left. High reach but the whip is cast backward first.
Leap physical_atk.jpg 1.39x 50 An overhead vertical slash. Has a bit of reach to it. Efficient to hit enemies in a straight line, since the vertical strike is unlikely to hit a wall and rebound. Also useful for enemies low to the ground.
Transform Attack thrust.jpg1.28x 25 (+action) The whip is slung to the left side of the body and then thrust directly at the enemy as a cane.


  • This trick weapon is used by Iosefka, Last Scholar Yurie and the Frontier Church Hunter.
  • Gehrman carries a generic cane in the Workshop instead of the Threaded Cane.
  • This trick weapon is possibly inspired by the sword used by Jean-Fran├žois de Morangias in the climactic battle of French action-horror film Brotherhood of the Wolf (which bears many other similarities to Bloodborne), or the sword used by a bandit leader in the anime/manga series Claymore. Both these weapons act as a straight, double-edged sword that can transform into a segmented, bladed whip.



  1. Tested on PvP, naked character, BL 120 max weapon
  2. Tested on PvP, naked character, BL 120 max weapon

    • Anonymous

      20 Aug 2017 04:05  

      Canne du combat was a concept introduced in France in the Victorian Era. Basically men were being taught to use their canes as defensive weapons in the instance of assault, sometimes concealing a sword within the shaft of the cane. The idea was to be safe while still appearing classy, hence it was a practice favored among the bourgeoisie. Though, I don't recall any of their canes transforming into urumi blades, lol.

      • Anonymous

        22 May 2017 04:15  

        So basically this thing is a skilled-long-ranged weapon. In whip mode, it's all about maintaining your positions apart from your opponents (more useful with players). A Skill+Bloodtinge build is suitable.
        Whip the heck out of opponents and shoot them with Evelyn in mid attacks or healing to perform visceral attacks. Dodging and timing attack well will lead user to the level of "You Can't Touch This".

        • Anonymous

          30 Apr 2017 06:26  

          I made my character look like Joseph Joestar from part 4 and I used this in whip form with the shock paper to make it look like Hermit purple

          • Anonymous

            02 Apr 2017 23:02  

            Kind of weird how so many NPC hunters use this. There's false Iosefka, Yurie, one of the Nightmare Frontier Hunters, one of the 3 Yahar'Gul Chapel hunters, the Blacksky Eye spammer right after Ludwig, the doctor in the Research hall, and the summonable Mensis Scholar Damien. Not that I'm complaining, since the transformed form is incredibly easy to parry. Just weird how many of them there are.

            • Anonymous

              24 Jan 2017 01:37  

              Definitely the most classy weapon in Bloodborne, but also one of the least effective. The stagger chance is very low, but the visceral is pretty good. I recommend Ludwig's Rifle plus Threaded Cane on a character with high Bloodtinge, Vitality, and Dexterity.

              • 31 Dec 2016 15:23  

                I will break this weapon down for people, It's base damage is way too low AND it's modifiers are a lot lower than other weapons'. Those two combined makes it the reason why people do not like it. ''But Kirkhammer has same scaling but swapped with str it can't possibly be bad???'' Kirkhammer also has around 33% better base damage and it has god tier damage modifiers on it's attacks. Scaling also is based on base damage so it gets even more damage from it's scaling.

                It's upsides are it has both serrated and righteous weapon boost but we can honestly skip righteous damage boost because that is a terribly implenemented mechanic because only enemies weak to it are in cainhurst and they sometimes appear in chalice dungeons but rare. Serrated mechanic is fine like 70% of enemies in the game are beasts and 25% kin, the other 5% are weak to righteous. You can also use saw cleaver for serrated though and it has much superior damage in that aspect.

                2nd upside is you can play slow and methodically with the whip form attacking from range but this is the exact reason that makes it so unpopular. If you have played this game a couple of times and got used to how to play the game well this upside is completely useless to you and you will feel like you are gimped just because this weapon is much weaker than others.

                3rd upside is apparently this weapon is good at hitting big enemies and if they are bosses like amelia/watchdogs etc that you wanna hit their specific parts with and break them for staggers and viscerals it's pretty good but like I said if you know what you are doing already and played the game a few times you can already do these with almost any other weapon.

                This is why I only recommend this weapon to people who play for the first time or you are doing a cosplay build or something.

                • Anonymous

                  28 Dec 2016 07:32  

                  This combined with the Flame Sprayer, (since it looks like a cup) will be the weapons of my RWBY Ozpin Character

                  • Anonymous

                    28 Nov 2016 21:32  

                    This was my first weapon. I just saw it, and since I start every Souls game with a strength build, wanted to switch it up a bit. Beat the game, cane level 10, no regrets to be found.

                    • Anonymous

                      Threaded Cane + Blundebuss?16 Jul 2016 18:14  

                      I always use the threaded cane and the hunter pistol but now i switch to the blunderbuss and so far i love it been visceral attack left and right and the crowd control helps in whip form but is it an effective build?

                      • Anonymous

                        Threaded Cane possible hidden damage boost in whip form?05 Jul 2016 14:51  

                        I just one shot two unhooded beasts in Old Yharnam on two different occasions. What I noticed was that both times they were in groups, I was using R2, I wasn't locked on to the one I one shot, the one I was locked on to only had one hit left, and I noticed that I hit it the one I one shot with tip of my whip. Keep in mind though that when I one shot'ed the one I only did 88 damage which should be less than half, but more than a quarter of his health. This could be a possible glitch because I did have only one hit left on the one I was locked on too. It may have confused the programming in the game making it seem like I had one hit on both enemies. Or- The Threaded Cane may have a hidden damage boost when you hit an enemy with the tip of your whip which would make sense since the tip of the whip would hurt the worst in actuality. Idk. I'm not going to do studies on it, but I thought I'd throw that out there for everyone else to know and see their thoughts on it. Here are my stats in case you'd like to see them (I'm running a new character atm) Level 22 Vit. 11 End. 11 Str. 14 Skill 13 Bldtng. 14 Arc. 9 Threaded Cane +3 with 2 blood gems that both bring the physical ATK up .7%

                        • Anonymous

                          Updating05 Jul 2016 14:51  

                          I missed threaded cane lv 1, but as I go, it'll be my primary weapon, so I'll try and provide updates as I go. Good hunting!

                          • Anonymous

                            VERY strong and underrated05 Jul 2016 14:51  

                            It was, and probably still is popular to put this weapon down as useless and just for flash but having gotten a build to 100 using mostly this weapon I think it's actually very powerful. No other weapon boasts the same combination of speed and insane range. Half the enemies in this game can't outrange you, specifically the annoying melee enemies designed to hurt you upon counter attack, and against other players this can make things very hard for players to get in. Hasty Chikage builds love to rush right now to finish things as fast as possible and a combination of this weapons' range and speed, and your gun being available since it's a one handed weapon can create a lot of difficulty for that kind of player. The L1 transformation from whip mode to cane mode (whip should be the "norm" and cane the "backup" incase things get close for a moment because of this imo.) is extremely good if things momentarily get really close range, although you should dodge out asap. It's a primarily defensive. You're gonna be using poke and dodge tactics a lot, trying to hit at the absolute furthest limit sweet spot the whip is capable of hitting at, but that's where it really shines. Hitting manually, without targetting, is often good too especially for multiple mobs or turn and burn tactics.

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